Grow and bear fruit

February 28, 2024 | 29 comments

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.

~ Christine Caine

God is always with you. Depend on God. Grow. Prosper. Bear fruit!

29 thoughts on “Grow and bear fruit”

  1. Thank you Evan. This is beautiful. Therefore man must never stand ion the same spot with the notion that there is no way out, but rather give a right thought to the situation.

  2. Dios es Luz y no hay tinieblas en él…… Este pasaje bíblico nos da la seguridad de que vivimos por siempre en la luz divina del Espíritu, donde no hay mal de ninguna clase, solo el bien y la Armonía es nuestra realidad. solo las creencias de la Mente Mortal nos engañan en la oscuridad, pero la Verdad nos libra de todo mal. el estar conscientes de nuestra verdadera identidad nos hace libre y fuertes para enfrentar la oscuridad que es nada.

    1. Translation
      God is Light and there is no darkness in him…… This biblical passage gives us the assurance that we live forever in the divine light of the Spirit, where there is no evil of any kind, only good and Harmony is our reality. Only the beliefs of the Mortal Mind deceive us in the dark, but the Truth frees us from all evil. Being aware of our true identity makes us free and strong to face the darkness that is nothing.

  3. This Bible citation came to my thought:-

    Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If …

    “If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me. Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.” (Psalms 139:7, 8 (to 1st If), 11, 12)

    Plants need the light that they may grow and bear fruit, and we have the Christ light within us
    that enables us to bear spiritual fruit in abundance, while we are watered by holy water that
    never runs dry, neither does that spiritual light ever go out.

    We are children of light, as the Bible tells us, we are not of the darkness.

    1. Thanks a lot Maggie, they are very comforting Psalm verses! And I love your really lovely and healing truth thoughts!

    2. Thank you for these helpful thoughts, Maggie, and everyone else, too.
      A similar quote to Evan’s that I have seen:
      “Those people who tried to bury you, didn’t realize you were a seed” – Author Unknown
      In going through some paperwork today, I came across an email someone had
      written years ago that was very cruel and unnecessarily vindictive. It had been
      disturbing at the time, but I realize I need to continue to see them as siblings of God
      and not as mortal mind would suggest their actions to have been. We all need to
      see ourselves as that seed of Truth, regardless what the false appearance seems to be.
      Love meeting no response but still remaining Love. Sometimes throughout our lives,
      we can not understand Why people do what they do (mortally thinking), but we still
      have to see them in their true, spiritual light and shine ourselves, even if we seem to
      be the only ones knowing about it.

      1. Thank you, Angel – a very good quotation which accords with this topic very well.
        And also “Love meeting no response but still remaining Love.” I think of that often –
        it is such a perfect solution to meeting unloving thoughts and action that we sometimes
        seem to be a victim to. I ent through a very bad experience years ago, and instead of
        just “remaining Love”, I spent too much time feeling self-righteous, instead of
        recognising Love as the only power governing.. Years after this I could distance myself from it and realise that these actions against me and what they seemed to have achieved, had never been any part of Love’s creation, and had never touched my
        true being. I was able to forgive and feel free. To be always alert to being governed
        by Divine Love alone is our protection for ourselves and our fellow man.
        free, putting us all into Love’s care.

        1. Maggie – Thank you so much for these thoughts. Really appreciate them and
          hearing how you demonstrated your true being.

  4. Oh, could someone translate this by Albis, please? DIOS is God as I know!♡

    Thanks Evan, that’s a very beautiful verse, and a very loving SV.

    Thanks Grace for your good and true words!

    1. February 28, 2024 at 2:41 am
      God is Light and there is no darkness in Him…… This biblical passage gives us the assurance that we live forever in the divine light of the Spirit, where there is no evil of any kind, only good and Harmony is our reality. only the beliefs of the Mortal Mind deceive us in darkness, but the Truth frees us from all evil. Being aware of our true identity makes us free and strong to face the darkness that is nothing.

  5. Thanks Evan and to everyone for sharing their uplifting ideas. So true, we are always in our loving father mother, God’s care and never outside of His care and allness.
    Gods love is unconditional and always dependable. So grateful for the teachings of Christian Science, which explains our relationship with God… who is all powerful, all present, all loving, takes care of our every need, and is with us every step of the way, forever.

    1. Thank you very much Nergish, for your loving and heartwarming truth thoughts! Yes, our dear God loves us very much and is everpresent with us, guiding and caring for us and healing us!♡
      Dear Nergish, I am glad to hear from you again, and so very comforting words of Truth and Love!♡

      Thank you Evan for your utmost comforting SpiritView here today! Am joyful working and praying to let God guide me to fruitful prosperity !♡
      Thanks for the translation and for all your helpful and loving comments, dear SV friends!♡♡

  6. Thank you! This is how I was feeling but I did turn it around to support my nephew. I wanted to keep him going when he was experiencing some physical problems. He didn’t think he could participate in a major event that was part of his life but I pushed back and started making plans to attend. But more importantly I kept praying and knowing he could attend! I wouldn’t accept the false belief that he could be denied the ability to attend!
    It has worked out he is attending and I am, too! Because God knows, he is in always in his right place! My nephew has to push error out to be in his right place.
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts to prove God is in charge always!

  7. This is so very beautiful and I love the graphic, with the pristine beauty of the snow,
    soaking in the warmth of the sun and the awesomeness of the flowers. So lovely,
    like the emergence of a butterfly from a caterpillar. Wonderful steps to heaven…
    ( “harmony… the atmosphere of soul” ) – Mrs. Eddy.
    “When you Like a flower, you just pluck it. But, when you Love a flower, you water
    it daily. One who understands this, understands life” – Buddha
    “Flowers are the music of the earth”.
    We are so very loved by our dear Father/Mother God who IS Love, and cared for
    like precious flowers in the garden of Life.
    Thank you, Evan and all for helping us bloom with such inspiration and love.

    1. MBE says, beautifully, poetically, “The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity” (p. 240) Actually I love the whole paragraph providing context and the prompting to see in nature its progenitor, Mind. God is always present and the amazing abundant evidence surrounds us, encouraging us to look beyond the surface beauty to the cause of all beauty and goodness. It is a daily lesson, a huge comfort and a reminder to feel God’s presence. We “bear fruit” (thank you Evan) as we embrace being embraced, forever loved and cared for. We can contribute joy and gratitude to world thought, and we should.

      1. That is a really lovely and expressive verse you mentioned, William. Thank you
        so much. Yes, it is the beauty within us that emanates the spiritual goodness of
        our innate Being. It is a daily recognition of God’s ever-presence that radiates
        through our thoughts, thereby helping to express Mrs. Eddy’s statement, “Man is
        the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light.”
        Pg 266 (S & H) Even through online, this presence can be felt, as it is here.

  8. This verse from Hymn 600 came to thought regarding today’s topic:
    Christ is the Light with which we shine
    Lit from within by this Love divine
    Step out with courage, dare to go
    Give from the heart the Love you know.

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. Wishing all of us a blessed day.

    1. Dear Rose. Thank you so much for reminding me of these words…a little verse that I will write up and put in my hand luggage this summer! Sometimes the thought of long journeys can be daunting (dark ) but this will hold my hand as God does…..B.x
      Thank you soo much Dear Evan for all your constant inspiration and the resulting comments here on SV.❣️

    1. Thank you, Sue! That’s a good and helpful inspiring article, not so very long! So I can think about that truth a while. ♡♡

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