15 thoughts on “Put in a full effort”

  1. This reminds me of something our Mum used to say..
    “Good , better best.
    Never let it rest,
    Until your god is better
    and your better, best!”

    Where did I read that we are always at the “standpoint of perfection ” ??
    … how can we go wrong? ;-}

  2. Hi Farida,
    who is P.T. Barnum?

    Thank you Evan for that true quote!
    That quote is true because in Christian Science we learn that God, Good is Perfection. And I think, an honest Christian Scientist wants to demonstrate his reflection of God`s qualities, to which also perfection is belonging.

    So, I think if we do everything 100% with our might as God`s outcome to His glory, we do everything right!

    Hi Karen Neff,
    if you read this; I thank you for presenting us your wonderful testimony with the Daily Lift of this morning! I also read it in one of our CS periodicals where it is explained more comprehensive. And you also told us about your healing here at SpiritView. Very good, thanks again 🙂

    1. Good morning Ute and thank you! Yes,it all began right here with our wonderful Spiritview family. Because it was so warmly and gratefully received by all of you I was encouraged to share it more widely. You are so dear to comment again on it!

      1. Wow, Beatrice, how comprehensive is that info about P.T. Barnum and very interesting, will read it later after all my doings today; thank you very much! 😉

    1. it is very ok Karen. I think your testimony is so helpful for others, giving thoughts which helped you. And it matches very well with yesterday`s SpiritView. Love to you 🙂

  3. It feels like my heart
    is trying to break
    the shackles
    of olden times…
    It’s bigger than
    I thought…
    More powerful
    than I dreamed
    Now that I’ve
    released it from
    my own hand…
    And what I thought
    it means….

  4. …to reach the eternal land,
    where shackles not known
    by our dear God,
    on whom we can trustfully lean !

    Hi Maximo, would you like my little further ending of your poem?
    I hope so. Excuse me, but I like that, as sometimes I get thoughts for completing y o u r ending.

  5. Dear Evan and all SpiritView friends – I am late in getting to my laptop today, but now, in addition to the excellent message, I get to read all of your lovely comments. And how good to hear from Karen Neff, too. From that I was led to read her lovely article in the Journal. I love the interaction that goes on between the SV followers, it’s like having another family!

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