Refuse to be a medium for disease

December 18, 2023 | 43 comments

Mary Baker Eddy writes,

“Man thinks he is a medium of disease; that when he is sick, disease controls his body to whatever manifestation we see”
(Christian Healing, p. 6).

In spiritual truth, man is never a medium for disease. He reflects God’s perfection. There is no disease in God, and no disease in God’s image.

If we feel like we’re a medium for disease, we can reverse that impression with an understanding of spiritual reality.

God’s man is not a medium for disease! God’s man reflects the eternal health and harmony of God.

Refuse to be a medium for disease. Enjoy being God’s reflection instead.

43 thoughts on “Refuse to be a medium for disease”

  1. Hello All
    Sorry this is not about today’s topic.
    I was away from home without internet access and am just catching up on last week’s posts when, in the post of 13Dec, I came across Rose From New York’s comments on how to donate.
    Rose thank you for sharing this. I hadn’t realised it is possible to donate but now I will be doing so – although Evan’s wonderful daily blogs/vlogs are priceless!
    Happy Christmas to all dear SpiritView family and thank you Evan for your wonderful daily gift.
    Love to all

  2. I would appreciate some specific steps on exactly how to refuse being a medium for disease. It is very difficult for me when faced with physical pain and its resulting mental anxiety. Where do I begin this journey to spiritual understanding? I need building blocks to start progressing. I was raised in Christian Science and have read Science and Health cover to cover a few times but still struggle. Thank you.

    1. Hi Cynthia- sounds like you could do with a little ‘support’ to get your thinking on the right road (we all need this from time to time – it’s part of Eddy’s wonderful loving provision for her
      Students ) have you contacted either a practitioner – or a really experienced Christian Scientist who you can talk to . ? It’s amazing how quickly we can regain light when we are facing the right way – don’t let personal sense argue that you are a lost cause just because you have a temporary
      ‘Blockage ‘ there are lots of loving , willing Christian Scientistswho can hold your hand a bit to help you find your way . I’ve bee§n there -as have many others on this site . That’s why Evan has give us this wonderful gift – it’s for us all to share and help each other – get your copy of the Journal out and get to work – happy Christmas xx

    2. How beautiful that you raised this question ..
      Mrs. Eddy’s chapter on Foot Steps of Truth certainly confirms we all need to grow spiritually step by step..
      I find it helpful to use the model of the painter in my spiritual journey..
      What is the model before my thought..
      Is it a mortal who is subject to disease, sin and failure?
      Or am I immortal and protected, cared for, and immune from disease, suffering, and pain..
      As I hold the immortal in thought it become my reality and my experience..

      1. Thank you, Evan, John, and all for such inspiring messages.
        John.. your painter reference reminds me of Pablo Picasso’s saying…
        “To draw you must close your eyes and sing”. It is also like Michaelangelo’s
        way of sculpting where he says he chips away at everything he doesn’t
        want to be there and is left with the perfect thought model of, as CStists
        would say, are Spiritual ideas, representations of God, not inflicted by pain
        or anything else that would keep us from seeing God’s child in our innocent,
        pure, whole and complete selves.
        mortal mind would see us as limited, needing, always searching for something
        to fulfill our lives, influenced by society’s norms and material whims and fads
        of the day. But with Spiritual thinking, we are always in perfection, regardless
        what the mortal picture may Appear to be.

        1. Thank you Evan. A very Happy Christmas to you and your family! And
          Thank you Carol for this message to Cynthia– and all of us!.
          I too can benefit from it.
          I would add –NO FEAR!!!!!!!!
          God is ALL and is taking loving care of each one of His children! Yes!!!
          As the hymns # 72 , and 81, and 208 speak gently to us—-
          Specially Hymn 208==

          With love from Joy in BC Canada
          Peace on earth. A happy Christmas to you and all you love.

          1. So Beautiful and Thank You dear Joy!!! Love those hymns! A
            lovely and happy EveryDay Christmas to you, too!! : )

    3. Dear Cynthia, I read your comment regarding the difficulty that arises when faced with physical pain and the mental anxiety that results from it.
      I think perhaps the order is different, and the former follows the latter. I think it is the thought, the mesmerism, that results in the belief of pain. You may find one of Dan Jensen‘s talks helpful if you’ve not heard it before. It is called “to begin rightly” (actually that may not be the full title) if you cannot find it online, I know that it is available on That website has a library of historical CS talks. There are at least two Dan Jensen ones there. His talks are in the “human voice“ section (there are some synthesized voice talks as well.) You may find it helpful. As MBE said, a spiritual idea of God has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive (that may not be an exact quote, but if not, it’s close). As I understand it, that truth does not remove actual pain, a material growth, or whatever the problem may seem to be, but the knowledge of that truth, it’s understanding, removes from thought the false belief of its actual existence. Hope this is helpful.

        1. Thanks Gregg for the reference to, I had seen this site a while back but had forgotten about it, I just checked and did find it. I think that Cynthia (and certainly all of us) can find inspiration there.

          I would also love to recommend Daniel Jensen’s excellent talk at Arden Wood called, “Improving Our Models.” I’m not sure if it is posted at the above site but here is a link directly to the page on the Arden Wood site.

          1. Thank you, Rose, for the link again of the Arden Wood version that Gregg so kindly shared with us. I love the flowers (roses especially)
            that beautified while Daniel Jensen was speaking. I haven’t finished the
            talk yet, but it is very lovely to hear and see again. And Thank you,
            Gregg, for the “Begin Rightly” talk.

        1. Rose and Paul, I agree, the Arden wood talk is also excellent. I don’t believe it is posted on the other website I referenced. As to the Dan Jensen website, I don’t believe you have the ability to listen to them as you do the other talks posted on the Christiansciencect and Arden wood websites if anyone wants the option to listen.

    4. Hello Cynthia..
      In Science and Health pg 306 Mrs Eddy says : “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle,—is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.”
      On this platform and among the numerous articles and lectures you can access , at any time , you will read or hear something that truly helps your progressive spiritual understanding. Just like a light bulb turning on! . Don’t worry about ‘getting it’… for , whatever the material picture , you have everything you need right now! Worse than any pain we endure is error trying to separate us from our Father/Mother God…Put God and all you know about Him first in your prayers and remember you are His expression…never born, never dying, wrapped in eternal Love. B.x

    5. I have found that talking to Evan is very helpful — he is a Christian Science Practitioner and that is what he does for a living — guiding people on the journey. I sent him my Zoom address and we had very inspiring meetings.

  3. Dear Cynthia, Only God’s thoughts govern you, not the suggestions of a so called mortal mind, with its beliefs in pain and suffering! You are spiritual made up spiritual qualities of health and harmony. These cannot pain you or cause suffering. You can affirm and insist on this! Let Love care for you and Love you! Hope this is helpful!
    Thank you Evan for your always wonderful messages and a joyous Christmas to all!

  4. I normally read Evan’s message and other’s comments early in the morning, but never go back later in the day to read additional comments. I will today! Cynthia’s question of needing a boost in her understanding is just what I’m struggling with as well. Looking forward to reading other helpful comments. Thank you all.

    1. Martha, Cynthia and all of us–
      There’s nothing tougher than declaring the truth when the body is screaming for attention and asserting its control. The shift in thought that is required is neither trivial nor easy, nor is it often just a flip of a switch (gratefully, sometimes it is!). Staying with the impossibility of life in matter is the goal, but a diligent insistence and persistence from spiritual sense is the key. Repetition of a single statement does not make that statement more true, but steadfast declaration of it calms mortal mind, erodes the fear and dissipates the claim. Because we are actually living in the realm of Spirit, God, Mind, means that consciousness “constructs a better body” (p. 425) than matter. The realm of matter, with its “laws” and causes is fictional, or it we couldn’t be awakened from it. A severely stooped over woman, a contagious leprous man, an only son being carried in a funeral procession, a withered hand, a hungry five thousand person audience, a Lazarus dead for days, and an adult blind “from birth” are impacted by the Truth because it is true, not, as referenced in last week’s lesson, because Spirit “occasionally…sets aside these laws.” (p. 83) They are not law.
      I was healed the night before Thanksgiving, going in and out of consciousness on the bathroom floor, by staying with true declarations during lucid moments. There is power in refusing the claim, declaring we live not in body but in thought, and staying with it in the face of ugly claims that seemingly predominate. I was well by morning.

      1. Thank you, Evan, and thank you, William for your post and sharing your healing. That was a wonderful demonstration of Truth that heals. I’m starting to understand that just in declaring the Truth, turning our thought to the Truth of being is healing. We don’t have to make Truth true. It just IS! Like 2+2=4, it just is true, we don’t have to work at making it true. Our job is to recognize it, declare it, know it, trust it. I am so grateful to all of you who share and especially to Evan for providing this daily resource. It’s a wonderful gift. Thank you, thank you1

        1. And William, I especially liked that you acknowledge that it can be challenging to turn from the material picture that is screaming at us. That seems to be my challenge too, to even declare the Truth when my physical body is hurting. But I’m learning. And I KNOW that we are spiritually made because I have had two instantaneous healings of severe pain! There is no way humanly possible those two healings could have taken place from a material point of view. Only spiritual Truth brought about those healings. I’m learning to stick with what I know to be true.

  5. I am new to Spirit View and have added it to my daily study of the lesson. You often reference the book “Christian Healing”. I do not have this book in my CS library. Can you please provide me with a complete description of this book?
    Thank you for these inspiring messages.

    1. Christian Healing is found in Prose Works. It is a sermon delivered by Mrs. Eddy in Boston. If you have Prose Works, the tab marked “HEA” is the third from last, just before “The People’s Idea of God” and “Miscellany”.

  6. Oh my dearly beloved SpiritView, family, led by Evan all these precious postings are such gorgeous expressions of love, reflecting Love! Dear Cynthia, I trust you feel this love coming through to you~ just imagined what Infinite Love is! Infinite! All power, all presence, All & Only Good.
    How grateful I am for this, dear dear community of loving Christian Scientists who willingly, eagerly and openly share their understanding and experience of healing. Deepest Blessings to each & every one.
    God has indeed blessed Her children, loves us, and guides us.

  7. Oh my dearly beloved SpiritView family, led by Evan all these precious postings are such gorgeous expressions of love, reflecting Love! Dear Cynthia, I trust you feel this love coming through to you~ just imagined what Infinite Love is! Infinite! All power, all presence, All & Only Good.
    How grateful I am for this dear dear community of loving Christian Scientists who willingly, eagerly and openly share their understanding and experience of healing. Deepest Blessings to each & every one.
    God has indeed blessed Her children, loves us, and guides us.

  8. I wanted to get a clearer meaning of the word ‘medium,’ since today’s topic and the quote above from Mrs. Eddy tell us that we are not to think of ourselves as a medium for disease.

    The definition I found that most closely fits is: “A substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses; A means by which something is communicated or expressed; A habitat, atmosphere or environment.” (from Oxford Languages via Google)

    Using the above definition: We are NOT the substance through which error can convey impressions to the senses, we are NOT the means by which error is communicated or expressed. We are NOT a habitat, atmosphere or environment for the demonstration of error’s lies. We are spiritual and therefore the opposite of all the above. We are the substance through which only Spiritual Truth is expressed.

  9. Cynthia, Dwell on the ideas in Science and Health, pages 368 through 369 in Christian science practice. one statement, online 24 “because matter has no consciousness or Ego, It cannot act; its conditions are illusions, and these false conditions are the source of all seeming sickness.” also Mary Baker, Eddie in a journal article published in 1883 states “every time you declare you are perfect in God there goes through the body a health giving power” …. “ let me urge you. however difficult it may seem to declare times without number that you are perfect, joyful, triumphant, and complete Say often, God is my strength, God is my life, God is my health, God is my understanding

  10. When the body is speaking so loudly that I cannot focus on the truth of God’s being All… When the Bible’s “Do not I fill heaven and earth, saith the Lord?” doesn’t feel true, though I know it is… I find it helpful to go to and listen to hymns until my thought is calm, and I feel loved and safe. Then I can go back to praying with conviction and expectancy and joy. The songs “I am holding you” and “Here and now” were especially helpful this year… dozens of times, as I rose up out of a very dark place to feel again the all encompassing light of Love I always knew was there.

  11. My deepest gratitude to each and every one who have responded
    with such helpful suggestions. We are all blessed by these
    discussions. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  12. During the day I didn’t yet think of commenting. Reading this week’s lesson about Christ Jesus and doing some needed errands. Now in the late Evening here in Germany I sit peacefully and study today’s SpiritView and the many very inspiring and helpful comments!

    Thank you Annie for your heartwarming and loving comment which embraced us all in the all room filling healing divine Love! It does so good!!

    Dear Rose, thanks a lot for your explanation of the word “medium”. I also pondered it and asked myself how can I understand that word in the context of today’s SpiritView topic. I also got the Oxford Dictionary.
    But I love the spiritual interpretation of the 3 explanations from that Dictionary, you wrote here, very much. Thanks very much, Rose!!♡

    However what I want to comment to above topic is the last passage of this week’s lesson on p. 227 of our textbook which reads:

    “Christian Science raises the Standard of liberty and cries: “Follow me! Escape from the bondage of sickness, sin and death!” Jesus marked out the way. Citizens of the world, accept the “glorious liberty of the children of God,” and be free! That is your divine right.”

    I love this passage, it is so freeing, and helpful.

    We actually cannot be a Medium of desease as God’s man (we all) reflects the eternal health and harmony of God, as Evan says so wonderfully. And Christ Jesus lived and proved that for us – such great Love he expressed!

    Dearest Evan and dearest SpiritView friends, I am very thankful for the very enriching and loving inspirations I have the previlege to receive all day, and specially today from you. Lots of Love to you all for it!! ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you very very much dear “J” for your comment up here and thank you beyond measure for always presenting us so lovingly all the many links to the very helpful and healing articles! I do enjoy reading them all! Lots of Love!♡

      1. I agree, dear Uta and today in particular was sort of a spiritual
        “binge” (in a Good way), with so many great articles and
        Sentinel watches and links shared. Leaves little time for
        anything else. LOL But it is a great way to “stand porter at the
        door of Thought”. That’s for sure! … And I still didn’t get to
        finish them all!

  13. Polio is like a dress i kept wearing then with Christian Science, I threw the dress out, seamless Spirit worn In Truth and with vigour. Made in Gods Image and Likeness…Ta Da.. Infinite Light and gratitude, meekness especially immeasurable selflessness. That Christ is like the friend you’d want to move in, but he’s already ‘here’.
    A real Space saver unlocking the prison doors and the Truth set us free.
    Unconditionally..Universal Love is complete, fulfilling, puriftying, reforming, refining.. .
    Divine rhapsody of Hues, the Holy Once over from cover to cover ..
    He sent the Comforter.
    Walk in the Light on the Right path, God only makes Original Ideas perfectly..
    .Blessed..this neighbourhood of SpiritView, thank you Evan and everyone,..
    harmony on cruise control…makes Her-day

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