Trust what you wish to follow

December 19, 2023 | 21 comments

What are you putting your trust in today? It’s important to know because we follow what we trust.

If you are seeking advice, and several different people offer you their opinion, you will settle on listening to the person you trust the most.

All day long, voices speak to us from several directions and with several different messages. Some messages we hear are encouraging, uplifting, joyful, filled with spiritual truth. Other messages we hear may be the opposite. Voices of despair and discouragement, promoting disease, expecting doom. You will follow the voices you trust.

If you want to stay happy and healthy, trust messages that take you in that direction. Trust messages of spiritual truth coming from God. They will lead you aright!

Messages of spiritual truth take thought to heavenly places, to states of Mind that bring health and healing.

Messages of mortal mind lead to erroneous conclusions and suffering. Heed them not!!

Trust messages of Truth. Listen to God and thrive!

“Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust” (Psalms 16:1, NKJV).


21 thoughts on “Trust what you wish to follow”

  1. I wish to apologize for my critical comment last Friday regarding a quote by Mary Baker Eddy. I was trying to be helpful but was misguided in my judgment. I, like you-all, love Christian Science because it brings spiritual truth into our life. And I, like you-all, love the daily ideas from Evan which bring light and comfort. Also, I don’t think I could make it in this life without the weekly Bible Lesson. I remember in the military service in Asia many years ago – the barracks had a broom closet with a light in the ceiling. I would go in there late in the night, close the door and read the lesson-sermon. I’ve only known about Evan’s posts for about 3 months but each day I copy and paste the parts I like the most into a single document so I can save them to read later. So far, my document of Evan’s ideas is 27 pages long! God Bless to everyone and especially to Evan who goes the extra mile to give us so many helpful spiritual thoughts.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bill. I felt your frustration more than criticism on that particular passage, so please don’t give it another thought. 🙂 We’ve all been there, and are all on this spiritual journey together, and so we are always learning from comments and questions. Also, thank you for your service!

  2. Thanx Evan sir for your inspired thoughts daily.Messages of spiritual truth take thought to heavenly places, to states of Mind that bring health and healing — very true as in Maths we know 2+2=4 & 2+2 is not equal to 5 only having faith in Formulas n principles, similarly we can follow Divine Principle- good alone .that brings peace n healing.

  3. Thank you Bill for your loving and tender comment today. I went and read the first half of Christian Healing that day and it is, indeed, full of challenging concepts. Evan had another quote from the same book, same page 6 yesterday. It is a rousing, awakening little book, to be sure!

    However, a problem I have wrestled with most of my life has begun to dissipate because of the stern look at my consciousness. Also I have begun to pray earnestly with Psalm 51, especially thinking of parts of the Message version: Take me to Your laundry Lord. Wash me throughly, from the inside out.

    Oceans of love and anchors of faith to all. Thank you Evan.

  4. Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths. Proverbs. This was one of the first things I learnt when I rediscovered Christian Science. Love to you all.

  5. Thank you Bill for sharing your love of God. I too read Christian Healing in prose works! Yesterday’s spiritview and all those that participated in the chat were so inspiring and enlightening. I appreciated all the links to podcast and lectures as well. Very grateful.

    Thank you Evan for Spiritview it is such a wonderful place to share and be uplifted. It is such a blessing!!

    Happy holidays to all.

  6. Bill’s humble and dear remark today reminded me that I will go back and reread SpiritView from the previous day or earlier, because I often read first thing in the morning when there are fewer comments. So I reread yesterday, SpiritView, and found even more riches! I want to thank “J”for your constant contributions in correlating articles; Carol, Barbara UK, Allan especially as your Comments, could have been a lesson sermon! The depth of understanding and wealth displayed by
    All our SpiritViewers are great gifts of love, uplift!ing & resonating with Love.
    Thank you Evan for opening our thought each day, and my true heartfelt thanks to this treasured community. This is my chosen home.

    1. Oh my…. When my comments are dictated (as they were above) the grammar, punctuation, and spelling are incorrect & peculiar! Oops!
      I trust you all understand

  7. Trust Is one of the most important aspects of Life, I think and thank you all for your loving
    comments. Dear Bill, I think your previous comment got us all thinking and purusing
    our own thoughts more and that is actually a Good thing. Sometimes the “devil’s advocate”,
    so to speak, propels us into the Right/God’s direction even more and we understand.. Why
    by sorting through the seeming mortal “mind” in to the Truth.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Annie. This site IS very much so… a mosaic
    of Spiritually/God/Minded thinkers and that is such a wonderful blessing!
    Today’s graphic reminds me that like if we are driving, we can not continue to look in the
    rear view mirror if we want to move forward with our journey into spiritual growth. There
    is really only one direction in which to go and divine Love/God shows us the way if we
    humbly accept the gentle nudges that guide us to the Truth. Trust in God – Yes!

    1. I agree with you Carol. Also thank you so much Annie for your kind words. Please know Carol that I may not always comment on your comments, but love reading them and always appreciate what you have to say!

      1. Awww, Thank you, J ! That is lovely to read. It may sound redundant to
        always thank you for all of the wonderful articles you share, but your
        searching and finding such complimenting articles are so helpful and
        thoughtful and even though I don’t always acknowledge them, I always
        do find them so useful.
        I happened to hear today regarding the deep staet of things – that, like
        with the spirit seekers on this venue, it goes much deeper than
        superficial and it is really a spiritual awakening to the Truth of our times…
        a point of turning, if you will, but all headed in the direction of God’s
        divine revelation, making it a better world. I am so thankful for all the
        contributions here in that very high-minded goal.

        1. Thanks Carol for this simple affirmation : « We are all headed in the direction of God’s
          divine revelation, making it a better world. « 

  8. Evan I love every post that you send through your listening to God, and letting him guide you.
    As I dig deeper into Christian Science I feel the love of my Father, Mother, God guiding and supporting me. So grateful for all the progress that is going on. God first!

  9. This hymn comes ro mind:

    Lo! as we follow after good,
    We find God’s word is understood,
    So we prove Him, / Praise and prove Him!
    Through us He does perform His will,
    To us His promises fulfil,
    For we love Him! / Praise and love Him!
    Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

    O you to whom God’s word is shown,
    Make all His promises your own,
    Rise and prove Him, /
    Praise and prove Him!
    His mighty love and holy power
    Are here to bless us every hour,
    Let us love Him!
    Praise and love Him! /
    Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 526:1, 2)

    1. Thank you, Maggie. That is a great hymn. I am reminded of
      Hymn # 359:
      “Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather,
      When joys of daylight seem so like a dream;
      God the unchanging pities like a father;
      Trust on and wait, the daystar yet shall gleam.
      Trust the Eternal for the clouds that vanish
      No more can move the mountains from their base
      Than sin’s illusive wreaths of mist can banish
      Light from His throne or loving from His face.
      Trust the Eternal, and repent in meekness
      Of that hearts pride which frowns and will not yield,
      Then to thy child heart shall come strength in weakness,
      And thine immortal life shall be revealed.”

    1. Dear Narrell, that Christmas lecture is absolutely gorgeous. It really broadens our understanding of the spiritual meaning of Christ and Christmas! Thank you very much for sharing this lecture with us!-♡

      I am very grateful for Evan’s wonderful SpiritView Blog, thanks dear Evan!-♡

  10. Thank you so much Evan. Your Spiritviews feed me long after I first read them
    Thank you everyone for your helpful messages too. ♥️♥️

  11. Evan asks us to take a look at what it is that we trust. I trust in You, my Father-Mother God, always and forever. What else is there to truly trust, He will lead us into right paths.

    Bill no need to apologize. As Carol said, your comment got us all thinking a little more deeply and brought out some insightful responses from others, which helped me understand a bit more fully the challenging quotes from Christian Healing.

    Thank you everyone for truly exceptional shares and comments both yesterday and today (and every day). Lots of Love to all.

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