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I was in the middle of a tennis lesson focused on improving my serve. After listening to several instructions about what to do better, I got into a ready position to serve, and was about to follow through when my coach hollered, “Stop!” He said, “You’re all tense. Relax!”

He went on to explain that when my muscles tighten up, the body doesn’t function well, and my serve is poor. “One tense muscle throws your whole serve off,” he said.

When he hollered “Stop, relax,” I did a quick inventory of my mind and body, and he was correct. I was tense in thought and body. I was worried about doing what he taught me correctly. I was afraid of failure. My worry in thought translated into tense muscles in the body.

I stopped what I was doing. Stood up straight and relaxed my body by letting go of all fears. I reminded myself that I had nothing to be afraid of. God was giving me all the poise, grace and dominion I needed to accomplish this new serve. I needed to let the right idea flow through thought and body, and trust that the freedom I felt in thought, would translate into newfound freedom with my serve.

When I went to serve again, relaxed, the result was impressive and brought smiles to both of our faces.

Afterward, I noted the metaphysical significance of the lesson. Fear tenses everything up and causes poor performance.

At times, we might need to step back from what we’re doing and relax; let fears go; remember God is giving us everything we need to succeed; then jump in with a calm, peaceful thought that can express the right idea with grace, poise, and dominion.

Relax! Have no fear. Everything will work smoother.

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  1. One of the definitions of “relax” I found in Webster’s dictionary is the one that I find most helpful:-

    ” to become less intense or severe.”

    I have found that if I am too intense about what I want to achieve,, and try too hard to
    do something, because I think it is important to do something well, it tends to
    stiffen me up, and cause tensions. They in turn make it difficult to have clear
    and confident thoughts – joy doesn’t appear, confidence is lost, and most likely
    the outcome could be much better. Personal sense has sneaked its way into my
    consciousness, and even trying to relax from a material standpoint I find impossible..

    What Evan is saying is the answer – the analogy of tennis is very clear. We can only
    find our truly relaxed being by reminding ourselves, as did Evan, that we
    have nothing to fear because God is with us and has given us dominion over the
    suggestion that we have to personally accomplish something we desire to achieve.
    Letting God provide us with His Spirit and letting Him take control we find our freedom
    from personal sense, and find the joy of being in accord with what God is performing
    for us, and that we are reflecting. I have heard the expression in Christian Science:
    Let go – and let God. That is such a relief!

  2. Thank you both so much for this wonderful post. I am expecting quest and need to attend to things that need to be done before their arrival. I want to be focus on what is important but also do what is the right thing to do. I really needed this insight to bring the event into fruition. Stop tensing ” Let go let God”.

  3. Perfect message for this morning as my tennis team is playing in a semifinals match today and my line has brought the deciding point the last two rounds, so thank you, Evan, for this timely reminder!

    Often what relaxes me in matches is remembering something Martha Wilcox, one of Mrs Eddy’s students wrote, that “all there is to me is God in self expression”, which I then apply using the synonyms for God, like all the is to me is Life in self expression, Love in self expression, Mind in self expression, etc. It lifts thought out of personal sense and fear melts away. Perhaps it’s like what Paul is saying in the golden text this week about mortality being swallowed up of life – forever in and of God.

    Let God be magnified: Relax, just do it!

    Have a blessed day

    1. Joy thank you for sharing, “All there is to me is God in self expression.” I love that, it made me recognize that we cannot even have a thought about ourselves that disagrees with that statement. And how great to apply the same truth to others, “All there is to _____ is God in self expression.”

  4. I often remember and repeat:
    I of mine own self can do nothing
    John 5:3. Before a task—even when I’m about to thread a needle—the needle gets threaded with ease! It’s always “ only” God doing!
    Thank You, God!

    Thank you Evan and all!

  5. Quelle merveille ! Un immense merci à vous tous et à vous Evan pour cette merveilleuse inspiration. C’est une réponse à ma prière. Depuis hier j’ai des douleurs terrible à la nuque et je suis très tendu, et je reçois là, cette réponse « Dieu me donne la domination sur toute suggestions, erreur, doute, peur » Merci du fond du cœur ♥️ je sais que c’est la réponse. Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour vos merveilleuses inspirations, un vrai cadeau de Dieu. Que la journée soit belle pour tous et lumineuse.

    Je vous met la traduction en anglais : Wonderful ! A huge thank you to all of you and to you Evan for this wonderful inspiration. This is an answer to my prayer. Since yesterday I have terrible pain in my neck and I’m very tense, and I get there, this answer “God give me dominion over all suggestions, errors, doubts, fears” Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ I know this is the answer. I am so grateful for your wonderful inspirations, a true gift from God. May the day be beautiful and bright for all.

    1. Voici la traduction Wonderful ! A huge thank you to all of you and to you Evan for this wonderful inspiration. This is an answer to my prayer. Since yesterday I have terrible pain in my neck and I’m very tense, and I get there, this answer “God give me dominion over all suggestions, errors, doubts, fears” Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ I know this is the answer. I am so grateful for your wonderful inspirations, a true gift from God. May the day be beautiful and bright for all.

  6. Thank you Evan and all. I made a reminder note on my phone that “Divine Love gives me (and all) grace, poise and dominion”. This reminder will pop up on my phone throughout the day. So grateful for the inspiration of this “daily bread”. Blessings to all.

  7. Sometimes in wanting to please others, we get so intense in our efforts,
    getting our house in order, cooking, cleaning, etc. …
    that we don’t know if we are overdoing it or not. In our aim to be selfless,
    we sometimes work ourselves up into a tizzy and in doing so, sometimes
    exhaust ourselves so that we have only one thing to do, but relax, but that
    is so sweetly rewarded, when we do so, especially in “relaxing” in spiritual
    mindedness, together with Love’s grace, when our goal is to try to make
    other’s happy. .
    It is a bit like going through a storm where lightning is flashing, the wind
    is blowing, it is pouring, but then comes a gentle calm, a rainbow appears,
    where everything is peaceful again.
    “Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind,
    and form the perfect concept. Patience must ‘have her perfect work'”
    (S & H 454:22-24) … relaxation in Spirt.

  8. “God, good guides guards and governs.” I can’t remember where this is found but it is a statement I refer to so often when thinking of my loved ones and their activities and travels as well as my own daily activities from threading a needle to putting on a piece of jewelry to taking a walk. It all seems so mundane but we have to remember it’s not us doing the doing. It’s God actively being himself and doing. Thanks to everyone for these inspired ideas.

    1. Many years ago, my Sunday School teacher gave us all this statement – God, good guides, guards, and governs – and I have shared it many times with so many people. Thank you for reminding me today to keep that in my forefront and continue to share this wisdom with others.

  9. So much great inspiration today, thank you everyone!

    Maggie I appreciate being reminded of the wise expression, Let Go and Let God, so short, simple, but very deep and powerful if we really ponder it’s comforting and worry-relieving message, which to me is that all the power there is is in God, so why not relax the human strivings and align ourselves with that power. The Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings are full of this sentiment.

    I tried to see where the expression originated. Mainly it’s been associated with 12 step recovery programs, starting back in the 1930’s with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). They recover by turning their will and their lives over to the care of God. I found an interesting post on this.

    Relaxing day to all!

    1. Years ago, before coming into CS, I discovered this book–I think perhaps it was recommended by the wonderful Norman Vincent Peale–it is worth a read.
      Book Overview
      DO YOUR BEST AND LET GOD TAKE CARE OF THE REST The anxiety and stress of modern living affects the health and happiness of millions of Americans. Let Go and Let God, presented in practical, step-by-step, layman’s terms, points out the way to a joyous affirmation of your spiritual faith — a soothing refuge in times of trouble and doubt. Let go of stress and let go of fear once and for all, and let God lead the way to a more fulfilling, more satisfying, more successful life. Learn how to: * Establish relationships that will nurture and nourish you * Practice kindness — and receive it in return * Build a self-image that you and your peers will respect * Use the force of your ideas to overcome obstacles * And much more If you seek peace of mind and purpose of spirit, you are sure to find a source of strength, courage, and confidence in Let Go and Let God.

  10. Thank you Evan for telling us to relax. Jesus resolved many discordant conditiones by telling the people concerned to relax. In effect making us see that God is always in control.

  11. So true! I was trying to figure out a math problem late last night so I could explain to my tutee next day. I was in a little panic because it wasn’t coming out right. When i awoke this morning, laying peacefully in bed, the answer came to me. I got up, tried again, saw the mistake i was making.

    Thank you for your analogy. I play tennis too and really appreciate your explanation. Iwas playingin a friendly match recently. I was feeling nervous because i didn’t think i was as good as the others, haven’t played in a while etc. So I prayed on the court to know that I wasn’t there to impress anybody but to express God, qualities of strength, agility alertness. Later in the game, actually the very last set, all of a the sudden, I started playing in a way that I hadn’t been earlier, coming to the net, putting away volleys. I was pleased, but afterwards, I realized that was really God working through me because I had not made a conscious choice to do any of that. My serve suddenly improved and the other players commented how I just kept getting better and better. I was grateful to witness in this small way how acknowledging God’s ever presence, getting self out of the way is always the best way to live.

    1. When what we do is a labor of Love, we lovingly find the enerrgy and actually
      enjoy the preparation and activity. I don’t know too much about tennis, but from I’ve
      heard, love is a word expressed with it. Love, that is, divine Love, is so wonderful
      when we are in tune with God’s being. Gentleness in exprressing all this Love is
      what brings such joyous harmony into our lives. Tennis’ volleying back and forth,
      love reflected in love, is a great example of this harmony.

  12. Thank you Evan and all comments today. I just listened to the special message on todays Daily Lift that sweetly blends with today’s Blog.
    Love to all. Have a relaxing day in all you do.

  13. What a valuable lesson Evan! Your demonstration shows that a simple affirmation of God’s control is enough to quickly dissolve anxious mortal thought and produce harmonious results, and it is a perfect metaphor for keeping thought calm and trusting in any situation.

    This is perfect counsel for me today to relax and trust the divine Mind to unfold right direction. As Carol’s thoughtful post points out, in the past (for many years) my efforts to please another and to ease complaints left me feeling tense and anxious and victimized. Through persistent prayer this relationship and it’s lessons have finally come to a peaceful resolution. Now decisions need to be made in order to achieve a complete harmonious closure. I am up for a “new serve”. It is a crossroads where mental inventory and seeking God’s direction for right decision making are most vital. Your experience Evan inspires a sense of “poise, grace and dominion”, and assures the unfolding flow of right ideas from divine Mind. Let go, and let God!

    I am so grateful for the spiritual support, guidance and friendship I always find here on SpiritView! You all are such a great blessing to me!

    1. Dear Linda, I’m sending blessings and loving thoughts of peace your way. It sounds like you’re stepping into a lighter, healthy, new chapter with God guiding every step of the way. Glad you’re part of this forum.

    2. It is wonderful, that things are working out for you, Dear Linda.
      The decisions you need to make will eventually be unfolded,
      step by step, just as your peaceful resolution has come to be
      through prayer, so far. God’s Love for you continues and always
      “In atmosphere of Love divine, We live and move and breathe;
      Though mortal eyes may see it not, ‘Tis sense that would deceive”.
      (Hymn #144).
      I have always been amazed at God’s plan. Often at the lowest times
      in my life, I have finally surrendered to God’s will, not mine, which
      always has turned out much better than what I could have planned.
      I have gone through that soul searching experience years
      ago and although it seemed very difficult at the time, Trust in God’s
      guidance will help transition you through decisions and everything
      will work out with God’s direction.
      I had found that (so-called) emotional support and communication
      from genuine friends was very beneficial at the time. Like you had
      written, being here with so many wonderful thoughts being shared
      is indeed a definite and supportive plus. Lots of love to you!

    3. Dear Linda,
      I am so sorry that you are going through this…may peace and comfort be yours as you move forward.
      Sending love and hugs your way.

  14. I can relate to this. I played golf this afternoon, for the first time in about 7 years. My first hole was dreadful. I then turned to God, realising that all action in Gods activity. I couldn’t forget how to strike the ball because its Minds activity not mine. I relaxed and let go. Every shot after that recognition was great and enjoyable.
    Thank you Evan for the post and everyone else for your helpful comments.

  15. Thank you very much Evan for your wonderful testimony! I remember that Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health that if the fear is gone the healing takes place – so in that sense. One can say relaxed “let go – and let God (do the work, and we reflect relaxed)!
    Sometimes when I was shopping and everybody says very kindly “have a nice day”, I feel impelled to have a nice day now. But then I sit back in my sofa and know prayerfully, yes I and everybody else have a nice day, because every day is God`s day, and that is very good and blessing for God`s children! Then I feel relaxed again.
    SpiritView and all the comments are very inspired and helpful, thank you all!

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