Replace blame with love

October 26, 2021 | 27 comments

If you’re ever tempted to blame others for your suffering, it might be more beneficial to shower them with love instead.

Blame tends to make evil a reality and give it power. It incites the emotions, fuels anger, produces resentment, and can create states of mind that are acrimonious and hurtful. There is nothing healing about mindless blame.

Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate example of how to love instead of place blame when faced with a crucifixion. He had done nothing wrong, yet was sentenced with one of the cruelest verdicts persecutors could put upon him at the time. He was to be nailed to a cross and left for dead.

Jesus was innocent. He was the best person to ever walk the globe, yet treated like the worst of the worst criminals.

Did he place blame? No. He loved instead. He said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34, NLT). Jesus took full responsibility for his experience. He refused to let evil take over his thought and outline his future. He aligned with the Mind of Love, and kept his thought at the highest place possible. The spiritual dominion he gained from aligning with Love gave him the power he needed to triumph over the evil behind the crucifixion and walk out of the tomb alive three days later.

We can learn from Jesus’ example. Rather than empowering evil, in belief, by giving it a personality, and then consuming valuable mental space loathing and despising it, we can put all blame aside and honor the omnipresence of Love instead.

In a consciousness of Love, evil and its attacks melt away into their native nothingness. There is nothing left to blame, but all of God’s care and provision to enjoy.

Choose to love, rather than to place blame. It’s the quicker way to end suffering.

27 thoughts on “Replace blame with love”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post !

    May I use this way to ask Barbara where I can find the full text of the excerpt she shared on 23 Oct whose tittle is “Your only present awareness ” by J Hargreaves, this would be a great help, thanks a lot.

    1. Dear Martine, I’ve only just discovered that you left a note for me a day or so ago…please forgive me for being absent for a short time. Mr. Hargreaves’ message on Awareness came to me as one email combining what I recognized as familiar lines from “Letters from John Hargreaves” published in 2010 by Mulberry Press, UK. Their website is “” The two volumes of Letters are available there along with many other of his published books and booklets.
      Much love, barbara

      1. Dear Barbara,
        Coming here this morning for a last check and finding your message is such a wonderful gift ! Yesterday I sent my question to Mulberry press and received their answer this morning : “never heard of this title as a subject in itself, although he may well have used the idea/s in some article. ” However I was still confident that’s why I came to check today and wahoo….your answer is here, I am so grateful to God and to you for meeting my need, but I have to stop writting : I have an order to place ! 🙂
        Much love to you and all who helped my inquiry, and also to Evan who make things like this possible thru this just perfect blog.
        ” To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.” SH vii :1.


  2. Wow. Evan…you’ve just prevented WW3 here with this SV!
    Hubby decided to take a tv off the wall and it all came away suddenly one side and far too heavy to support by ourselves… 1st thought why do it now with no one to help. We got to a stage where I could get my breath back and I opened up SV. Well my anger vanished…along with blame…so thank you for getting my thought back on track. Eventually with much sensible and calm effort the tv was removed with no damage to it, or indeed to us. Thank goodness we can’t get away from Gods care❣️

    1. Thank you so, so much! I have already forwarded this excellent article to someone dear who will benefit greatly from it! And, of course, thank you, Evan, for focusing on this timeless topic

  3. We deal with things differently now. When discouraged, put down, abused because of our willingness to bless others through an application of all of our resources, and are ultimately rewarded by abandonment and disappointment. Then verses now, we might blame them.
    It is very hard to love and forgive.
    Having been promised a share in the fruitage which suddenly became a lie, as others revel in the spoils that you have won for them, how can one keep from blaming? Especially when your family has done without while you slave for a promise never kept? Spending years in servitude for a relentless and selfish other man, it’s now time to serve God.
    Time to quit error and servitude to errors objectives. Using spiritual gain to unwind the false promises of a material yesterday, it’s lesson now firmly understood we can first and must “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    Our lessons in Christian Science free us from yesterday’s claim on our lives and happiness. It brings freedom from the will of others less attuned to loving our neighbor as ourselves.
    We cannot and will not ever again bow down to error. Because now we know and employ the truth that “Now are we now the sons of God”. We are purer and spiritualized. We continue to bless those who have abused us. We do this by rebuking hate or blame and praying to see them as the sinless and perfect reflection of our Creator.
    Then we are free from the will of others and ascend a degree in the demonstration of our now uplifted spiritual understanding.
    Many thanks for today’s uplifting SpiritView and the incredible leadership that is today’s “Truth that makes us free.” Thank you Evan.

  4. I love that statement by Jesus “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”. It is also the law which can not change nor be diminished by error. Truth shines as a beacon in our consciousness.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for your much-needed and helpful message. And Angie, your article is a perfect follow-up. Much love to all.

  6. This is so good and useful for all of us in some situation.

    What really stands out to me, is that we always have a choice. We can go down the only Truth path of God or we can become mesmerized in the seeming path of evil, error, nothing! What power that gives us. We get to choose. We can look at an all encompassing God, good or we can look at a lie and waste our time and spiritual growth. Dear father-mother God, help us to look deep into realism and let get of a false sense of self and others. “…All the law does Love fulfill…Love, Love alone is power …” Hymn 179

  7. We can all humbly follow in our dear masters footsteps by striving to attain, through prayer and moral living, a clear and continuous sense of the presence and power of divine Love. Jesus’ pure consciousness saw God, Spirit as the only reality, and so can we. As Evan so beautifully communicates, we can cease to give evil a personality, cease to ruminate over it or hold it in thought as something to fear. Aligning consciousness with divine Principle, Love, melts away the illusion of evil.

  8. Evan and all, these writings are a priceless treasure ~~ maybe can even prevent WW III. Thank you!!
    May I recommend “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand? “A simple practice that will transform you and your world” that’s a proven, practical, spiritual guide to loving instead of blaming.

      1. Ditto. Thanks Carolyne and Susan for mentioning this wonderful book that I have also gifted to a few dear ones. Full of humility, grace and Truth. The author was a Christian Scientist for many years and it shines though in his book.

      2. Yes, thank you Carolyne and Susan for mentioning this awesome book, full of humility, grace and truth. I have also gifted it to a few dear ones. The author was a Christian Scientist for many years and it shines through in his book.

  9. This cannot be said enough. It helps to understand that we don’t shun evil but learn to know its powerlessness and nothingness. I spent alot of time in my life thinking the safest way to live was to ‘manage’ evil not realizing its nothingness. I have had to learn to embrace the good because it is real.
    I had the pleasure of knowing John Hargreaves,briefly. He was the first practitioner I met.
    His writings are published by Mulberry Press. They are in the US and England.

  10. Wow Evan, was that needed for me. Thank you very much indeed! While I read this SV I noticed that I just did that what you tell us not to do. I blamed an acquaintance , not verbally saying that to her. Rather I blamed her for talking too much while I had to drive in darkness after church service. Actually we talked together which resulted that the police stopped us as they saw I was driving unsafe. At home I blamed my acquaintance for too much talking in my thinking. Now reading this makes me humble and loving this woman in my car. And I know that we both are innocent and not to be blamed.
    Yes, let’s follow our loved Master Christ Jesus and express and love with christian Love towards oneanother! I am really grateful for Evan’s so loving Spiritual views today- it is very special and for me freeing! Thanks again very much, dear Evan!
    And thanks all and specially Angie for that wonderful article!♡♡♡

  11. “We can learn from Jesus’ example. Rather than empowering evil, in belief, by giving it a personality, and then consuming valuable mental space loathing and despising it, we can put all blame aside and honor the omnipresence of Love instead.” Thank you Evan. Love this! Instead getting wrapped up in some mental churn over someone or something, this is very freeing instead!

  12. Thank you for your help Karen and Nadine, I checked on the Mulberry press site however uptill now I have not find “Your only present awareness ” this tittle does not appear as book so it should be an article among others in a book, but in which one ? well, may be somebody knows and for sure Mind knows !

  13. Martine, On the Mulberry Press website there is a facility to contact them for help with orders. That might help find the article you need.

    1. Thank you J for your kind help and these links, in the meantime Barbara has given me the tittle I was looking for so I ordered from Mulberry press and will soon receive the books ! Many thanks to all who helped. ♡

  14. “As always, we begin with God. We know no more of man as God’s image and likeness than we know of God. So to find out something about man, you look at that aspect of God. To love yourself means to love God. Just take the synonyms and ponder how each is expressed, and then declare that every one of the qualities that characterize God characterizes man also, for God and man are one — one Life, one Mind, one substance, one Truth. All that God is being, man is being. Don’t reason from person. You can’t. Loving God is being man, for man is the love of Love. Man is the understanding of God–God’s understanding of Himself. Loving and understanding God, you are being man in His likeness exactly as God knows you.” JHargreaves

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