Keep it out of the house

October 25, 2021 | 28 comments

Do you watch what enters your thought as carefully as you watch what enters your house?

If a stranger walked into your home unannounced, would you ignore him and let him walk around and do whatever he wanted to do without supervision from you?

If a burglar was sneaking in an open window in your back bedroom, and you knew it, would you act like he wasn’t there?

If an aggressive salesman knocked on your door selling goods you did not want, would you let him into your living room and entertain him for hours on end?

I’m guessing that you would answer “No” to all the questions above. Yet, how often do we allow the same egregious assaults on our thinking to happen without resistance?

To keep our mental house healthy and free of intrusion, we must watch our thinking and keep out unwanted thoughts, aggressive suggestions, and purveyors of disease.

Be on guard. Stay alert! Be honest. Keep out the undesirables. Welcome in only what comes from God, and stay healthy and well.

“…As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15, NKJV).

28 thoughts on “Keep it out of the house”

  1. This is a brilliant way to show us how we often do just ‘sit with the burglar’ thinking we are somehow doing the right thing! Excellent and so needed now as more and more Unwanted Thought is trying to break through into our ‘Home in God.’

  2. Good Morning everyone. Thank you Evan, for this great way to start our new week.
    I find that my rooms have accumulated much dust and need a thorough cleaning.
    I am once again reading through Science and Health to continue clearing out of mental debris.
    With this the daily lesson from the C .S. Quarterly. Together with the inspired work of many who have brought light to the closets of consciousness.
    In the early hours of each day many negative, stressful suggestions present themselves.
    I know that I must spiritualize my thinking and get rid of the imposing error. It’s becoming less of a problem since I have been shown the way. SpiritView weighs in as a great help in this process.
    Thank you for bringing the vacuum cleaner, dusting rags and especially the light that shows just what needs taking out to the garbage. Making sure what belongs and where to put it in the front room.
    Intruders stay till their welcome is worn out.

  3. Thank you Evan and Nina, Shelly and Brandon. Your description is just right, Brandon. Let’s keep up the dusting in the light of Truth and clear the way for Truth to shine forth. Happy day to all!

  4. Thank you Evan for making this so clear. Mrs. Eddy says on page 392 of S&H, “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.”

    Thank you David for the wonderful housecleaning metaphors. I love it as I am trying to clear out physical clutter from my home and always feeling resistance and a seeming emotional attachment to old things, papers, journals, notebooks and other objects that I have probably long outgrown. It is mortal.mind clinging to the past for security, My thought needs a good spring cleaning to put off the old and put on the new Divine Mind contains no clutter.

    1. Thank you Rose, and all, for these invaluably helpful thoughts! I’m also doing “spring” cleaning in my house this month, and am grateful for your reminder that Truth is always flowing freely into thought with fresh inspiration when my mental door is open to divine messages. “Grace for today.”

    1. So thankful dear Angie for sharing wonderful article. I need to read again and again and applying every moment every word written in this article. Thanks again

    2. Thanks Angie for Deborah Huebsch’s article. Thoughts from it help clear up the challenge of fogginess. Fog, causing me to pause while in an earnest action. Using this new concept helps. I will listen more closely now….
      As well came to mind a statement by MBE, “Home is not a place, It is a power!.
      References to “We new Mary Baker Eddy”, comprised by stories from Her students and associates enlist many healing paragraphs. I love to reread it from time to time. It makes me feel close to her as a far away friend who had endured many hardships and toil to lead us to the new dispensation of Truth in our troubled world. Creating from it a cradle of safety and care from our Mother Love. The Divine Comforter as Jesus promised. Tribute to our leader Mary Baker Eddy. Gratitude for her and all who follow in Science.

    3. Thank you for sharing this Angie. You seem to find these poignant articles related to Evan’s post exceptionally well. It is very much appreciated from those like me who are not as well read.

    4. Thank you, Angie, for this clear article which goes perfectly with Evan’s topic. I always love the articles you select.

  5. Thanks for the good thoughts. I recently read some helpful ideas about our Father’s house, as in Psalm 23. Our Father-Mother’s house is good, clean, spacious, beautiful and has room for everyone! No room there for unhealthy or unworthy thoughts of any kind.

  6. Thank you, Evan, for these clear examples about guarding our thinking. And I so appreciate all the ideas flowing from fellow blog readers. Such a great way to begin the day and a new week.

  7. I’m taping this excellent reminder to the inside of my head, to my thought controller/sentry and boundary keeper. Thank you!

  8. Dear Evan,

    Wonderful analogy. It also made me think of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf dressed as her grandmother.
    To see error masquerading as something benign.

  9. I’ve always had some fog between the human perception and the spiritual one. where does my responsibility regarding the view of looking through the porthole to humanity? I know must keep my mind clear, recognizing the truth of my existence as a child of God, co-inheritor with Christ to the Kingdom of Heaven. For me, it is love the creation but not accept the act of betrayal to God’s kingdom which is founded upon the principle of truth, life and divine love.

  10. Great topic Evan, thank you. And excellent article that complements it, thanks Angie. Love anything by Deborah Huebsch. Many homes and businesses have security systems that act as a deterrent for break ins. It’s comforting to know that God (the only Mind and intelligence there is) is always securely guarding and protecting us from any unwanted thoughts that would try to intrude in our thinking.

  11. In re-reading “Twelve Years With Mary Baker Eddy” by Irving Tomlinson, who was one of Mrs. Eddy’s secretaries and a member of her household,- he recalls a statement from her: ” Home is not a place but a power. We find home when we arrive at the full understanding of God. Home! Think of it! Where sense has no claims and Soul satisfies.” MBE
    So grateful that in the structure of our true home there is no door for error to enter. Thank you all for your uplifting comments,- and Angie for another excellent article.

  12. When a daughter was a few months
    old, something developed on her body.
    The practitioner said, Keep her covered.
    You don’t open windows durning a storm
    and then wonder why the inside of your
    home is a mess.

    Our home, our mental dwelling place.
    We sometimes open the windows to
    erroneous suggestion, and then wonder
    why our mental home Isn’t where we
    want to live.

    Thanks Evan and everyone.
    Welcome home!

  13. Thank you so much Evan for the great article ….and all of the accompanying thoughts! There are times I feel ambushed from erroneous thoughts. Lately …when something tries to present itself …… I think to myself …. “I know God has something infinitely greater for me to be thinking about right now and I’m going to think on those things and let the momentum of the Spirit carry me forward” I read that somewhere and have never forgotten it.!! Thanks again for today’s topic.

  14. This is a beautiful house in a nice landscape. To live so would already be a treat!
    Thank you very much dear Evan and all for your inspiring treats.
    Oh Angie, very helpful is your link the article today. Not only to look through the fog, but rather clear away the fog is necessary. Working on it. Thanks indeed for giving us all the inspired and inspiring artickes♡

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