Running toward the enemy fearlessly

May 23, 2023 | 28 comments

In the story of David and Goliath in the Bible, Goliath is a behemoth of a man, a mighty warrior and soldier that enemies feared. David was a quiet shepherd boy of small stature, accustomed to living in the wilderness and tending sheep.

When David walks toward the battle line to face Goliath, Goliath mocks him, belittles and ridicules him. He bellows rage and contempt. But David is not afraid. David had complete faith in Almighty God to keep him safe from harm.

Rather than running in the opposite direction out of fear, David hastens to meet Goliath with no fear. As recorded in I Samuel, “As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him” (I Sam. 17:48, NLT). Soon, Goliath is toppled by David’s well-placed stone from his slingshot, and peace is restored for his people.

There is a valuable lesson in this story. When we face problems of Goliath proportions in our life, we can face them fearlessly. Backed by an Almighty God, evil is not a threat to fear, but a false belief to topple.

Don’t run from your enemies. Face them fearlessly! Knock them out with truth and find permanent peace.

28 thoughts on “Running toward the enemy fearlessly”

  1. Thank you dear Evan. Wonderful to witness that no matter how big the supposed ignorance of God is, the ‘before the world was divine Truth’ is still all that ever is. Man-ifestation of God is still the gold standard and completely reliable, backed by the integrity of the everpresent and omnipotent divine Mind. ❤️

  2. Thank you Evan. In the story of David and the Goliath, one can rightly say as found in Miscellaneous Writings page 249:3-5. Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas forecasting liberty and joy does, for these are strong promoters of health and happiness.
    Let us learn to approach our enemies with love, if we think we have any. Let peace reign within us as we see everyone as God’s image, thus unable to do what personal sense tells him to do. This is onother way to run towards our enemy fearlessly expecting only happiness.

  3. I love this reminder to actively trust God’s wisdom, strength, and protection to meet and conquer every adverse situation.

  4. I think we all have our David and Goliath moments and what a
    triumph when we conquer them with Love. The injustices that
    we seem to face or any challenge that seems rather mighty are
    met with divine Mind’s power and “One with God is a majority”,
    because God is all … all Life, Principle, Soul, Mind, Truth, Spirit
    and Love … all together = One.

  5. There is an appropriate article called “Safe and fearless”
    By Margaret Jane Seymour in one of the periodicals. I am
    sorryI don’t know how to send the link

    1. Thanks Maggie und RH, now I read that article “Safe and fearless”. It is wonderful and very helpful and inspiring! Am grateful for all the articles presented here so lovingly by our dear SpiritView Friends!

  6. I’m employed as an engineer and part of my job involves writing and reviewing technical specifications and instructions for other people to follow. One day I received a specification from a vendor and I was so impressed by the careful use of words they used in the document they sent me to review. When they described something that had to be done, they used the word “must”. In other documents I would review, and even in ones I wrote, I would sometimes see the word “should” when in fact the instruction being given was not optional and HAD to be done. So the word “must” was really the right word to use.

    I just typed in “we must” in Concord and found Mrs. Eddy used that phrase in S&H 56 times. Here’s one citation that has the words “we must”:

    We must look where we would walk, and we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being.
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 264:10)

    “…we must act as possessing all power from Him…” Acting out of fear or being fearful sure violates the “must” in this citation. But Mrs. Eddy gives us the antidote to fear…i.e., know we posses all power from God of whom we are the manifestation.

    In addition to David’s fearless response to Goliath, someone once pointed out to me that when Joshua parted the river Jordan for the Israelites to walk into the promised land, the first people into the river (the priests) had to have faith to step into the river before it was parted. The person that pointed this out to me said that we often have to “act” from our understanding of God’s goodness and power even when those actions may seem contradictory to what the material senses are suggesting to us. I’ve often thought of that when I’ve prayed to know the truth about something, and felt very clear and confident that the truth is true, but the material sense evidence hadn’t changed (e.g., when praying about foot pain when walking). Thinking of the Israelites stepping in the water BEFORE the water stopped flowing to create dry land has given me the confidence to walk and ignore the pain because I know it’s just an illusion and in all cases when I’ve had the confidence to act from my understanding of truth, doing that has helped bring about complete healing.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Get Your Feet Wet!

      1. Thank you, RH. I don’t recall reading this before. I love the way we help each other fin finding related articles and passages that pertain to a subject. Love to all.

    1. Thank you very much RH for your wonderful healing. How you explained it helps me too in my demonstrations.
      And thanks very much for the article. Will read it tomorrow as in Europe it’s sleeping time.

  7. Grateful to you RH, with your excellent sound reasoning why we use the correct word in context, to describe what’s to be done, or not done. Sorting through a fog of “how did I get here” thinking, very productive results occurred when my daughter reached out about going on a date, followed by, “but I have doubts,” triggered the past where I didn’t entertain doubts and the results took years to untangle.
    The flood of how I got here poured out, and clarity, impetus, following the lead from God shown through. At the present time, the place where I am is where I should be, confirmed by the highest power. I love following the TRUTH, surrounded with LOVE all around.

  8. I have enjoyed reading the conversation and articles above and am
    reminded of an observation someone told of an outdoor concert
    where one person got up to dance. At first everyone was sort of
    ridiculing him, as the ‘herd’ mentality tends to do, but it was the
    second person who got up, also, who actually was the conduit
    in faith who encouraged others to join in, by his confidence that
    it was okay to do so. Because he took that step of courage, more
    and more joined in. Like the faith of the first people into the
    river, we all somehow find the courage to leave our ‘comfort zone’
    and as in CS, follow the Truth and go against the grain, as it were,
    in our convictions of what we believe is right. Sometimes that
    doubt can be quite overwhelming and listening for the still small
    voice can be very difficult to hear, but God’s direction leads us to
    places we often never even dreamed of happening.
    Thank you for sharing and RH, that was a great demonstration
    about the healing of the supposed pain in your foot.

  9. This is truely a valuable lesson, thank you very much Evan!
    Yes, backed by an Almighty God we can face the socalled enemies fearlessly! This is a wonderfully asuring and comforting Truth very needed!

    Thank you all for the articles, specially for that written by Evan. It’s so very understandable!♡

    1. Yes Carol, me as well, and I am too very very grateful for all the Love and help and inspiration Evan gives us all daily.

    2. Same here Carol. Just catching up on some of the wonderful shared articles I didn’t get to read before. Holding all SV friends in loving thoughts. We are blessed with abundance of spiritual resources and good. Love to all.

  10. Thanks dear Rose, love to you, too.
    And that’s what I am grateful, as well, that we are all blessed with abundance of spiritual resources of the Good God gives us, in which form ever!♡♡♡

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