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September 11, 2018 | 12 comments

A friend was lamenting to me how some of her friends didn’t see themselves as worthy of abundance in their lives. They spent a lot of time thinking up reasons to justify lack, she said, and made strong arguments as to why they had less than their neighbors and things weren’t going as well in their lives as for others around them.

I was intrigued by the analogy she shared to illustrate her point.

She said it was like being presented with a pile of gold coins worth a million dollars, but instead of accepting all the gift, they pick up one or two coins and leave the rest.

God blesses us with infinite abundance. We each are endowed with all the wealth, health, joy and strength possible to live the very best Life has to offer.

Christian Science explains that this goodness of God is not presented to us as money, medicine, sensual stimulants and big muscles. It comes to us through grace in the form of faith in God, happiness that is Spirit-based, confidence, authority to act on a right idea and see good results, and health that never fails. It comes from Mind, and without end.

You are worthy of all of God’s goodness! You have been bestowed with all of God’s goodness. Be ready to accept it. Be sure to accept it! Claim what belongs to you and live abundantly.

You are worth it.

12 thoughts on “See yourself as worthy”

  1. I think the clue is in listening. If one listens only to mortal mind’s snake-like suggestions he will be under the illusion that nothing goes right for him, that he lacks love or friends or wealth.
    If we get into the habit of listening only to what our Father-Mother God is telling us we find we have all we need, and more!
    Jesus gave us rules about taking no thought for our life, but seek the kingdom of God within (see Matt.6), which precludes all anxious thoughts about our well-being.

  2. Wow! Just before I opened this post the thought came to me on this very subject. The universe lacks for nothing. More specifically, God created universe expressed in consciousness, The goodness of the Lord comes with the expansion of that goodness which is ever bountiful and abundant. We can experience more of that abundance as we see our family of God’s spiritual man grow to accept this abundance for themselves. It is the underlying principle of divine love that it never runs out or ends in a lack of anything. We have everything we need and as we help our family of man recognize this Truth, we ourselves are improved.

  3. I think a lot of the feeling of unworthiness comes from how we were treated in childhood by our parents. I know C.S. doesn’t directly address this, as it tends to be too human and psychological, but it does seem to have a bearing on what we feel we deserve and what our true worthiness is. I have found it helpful to work with Therapists at times – to uncover and see what the false beliefs are that I was imprinted with as a child. Sometimes we are in Denial about what happened to us and what false ideas we were given about ourselves. It’s helpful to know what these false beliefs are so they can be corrected.

    1. To comment further, Christian Science definitely teaches that each child has boundless worth and value. We are each God’s beloved, and endowed with the very best life has to offer. And we have a divine right to experience the best. There may be parents that fail to teach this to their children, but Christian Science definitely teaches it. Just to be clear…

      Thanks for all your sharing!

    2. Hello Bevi at Sandpoint:
      Yes, I “hear you” and understand where you are coming from in that statement. For I, too, spent some time working with a counselor to try to minimize the negative effects of bad childhood memories on my human mentality. And this work was somewhat, though not entirely, helpful in its way.
      But since taking CS class instruction I see that CS in fact does address such issues. CS addresses all this by declaring that our spiritual selves, in childhood or at any other time, have never been touched by any negativity. “There is no space where God is not.” In the same way, there is no time where God is not, for there is only eternity, where we have been wrapped in the totality of God, good, “under the shadow of his wing” forever, and always.
      And the same is true of our parents. Their mortal selves may have been misguided in their parenting, but in fact their spirituality is perfect and blameless.

      1. thank you Bea for your so very clearifying comment on Bevi’s issue. As I said with SH ”Divine Love has always met every human need, and will always meeting them.”

    3. Hi Bevi,
      Here is a video I think you might enjoy. One thing we all have in common is that we all have to work through material “labels” being stuck on us. Although this video is not Christian Science, it holds an important lesson. And, Mary Baker Eddy says “”Emerge gently from matter into Spirit.” 485:14
      Alvin Law – You’re Not Your Label

  4. Thank you, Evan, that you always make me think about your SpiritViews more than just read it over.

    The analogy is in so far interesting for me, as after first reading it, I didn`t understand the meaning. But now when I read it more thoroughly I think I do understand it.

    In that sentence “…but accepting all the gift”… I now hope the right meaning is that these gifts stand for all of God`s qualities and spiritual gifts, Evan is giving in the next paragraph.

    Yes, it all comes from Mind, our Father-Mother God and without end, no matter how our human parents do or did raise and adjucated us. And yes, we are a l l worthy of all of God`s goodness.

    Oh, dear Evan, thank you very much for this SpiritView teaching and assuring us of our real worth wrapped up in God`s Love.

    And there is nothing in the world that Christian Science does not teach, for God has always and will always meet every human need!

    Evan, thank you for your totally clearing , loving comment!.
    And thank you all for your inspired and interesting comments!

  5. Yes, there is Reality: Infinite and good God, divine Love, and the spiritual creation, the ONLY creation.
    Then…the Unreality, the seeming-to-be-real-but-is-not false sense of creation, entirely a dream.

    We are God’s wide-awake-perfect-ideas! We are not Dreamers! Mortal belief dreams of its history and problems and pains, but God’s idea, man, is “entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living…” (Mary Baker Eddy)


  6. Thank You for addressing this misconception of wealth. Yet as God blesses His beloved Child, there is nothing that can obstruct God from bestowing His pleasure to reach us with His Infinite Love Of blessings in practical ways. God’s Love for Her Beloved Child triumphs as God is All Good and the Only Power and Spiritual Goodness is the only Reality. God is the supply for its own idea meeting our human needs in practical ways infinitely.

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