Making spiritual progress

September 12, 2018 | 18 comments

While hiking in the Black Hills last June, I was inspired to video a few ideas on how to make the most important kind of progress.

It’s not the money you earn or fame you gain that matters most in the long run. It’s something much more…

“Taking steps of spiritual progress”

18 thoughts on “Making spiritual progress”

  1. Wow. This is so good. Profoundly what I need today and in the future as I deal with a pressing problem. Thank you Evan. The message, seeing you, and the beautiful setting are in my heart as I face the day.

  2. Last week I was so satisfied with myself because in so many ways I was able to impart some act of kindness both before church and after wardwards. Yay! This is what I have been praying for -to show forth God’s great goodness. Then this week, I couldn’t seem to demonstrate this wonderful Science and fell back into material medical. It’s like two steps forward and one step backwards. I am a lifelong C.S. How do I forgive myself? Today, while studying the wonderful bible-lesson. I was so inspired, studying many phrases and underlining much– this is what I do enjoy so much.
    Thank you, Evan, I gain so very much from your blogs and seeing that wonderful picture of you so adds to the enjoyment-. I feel like I am there talking with you.
    Much love and appreciation,

  3. Thanks for this great reminder! As Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health, “progress is the law of God.”

    It’s easy to be caught up in seeming lack of material progress. I’ve been struggling with that for some time. I was spending my energy with/on Mom, who was having a lot of challenges, and didn’t have the energy to take care of my own stuff properly; I prioritized her, and I’m glad I did. But since she passed on over a year ago, I haven’t managed to do more than barely keep up most of the time. But I know that doesn’t reflect everything. Since Mom and I were very close, she was involved in every part of my life, it’s been very challenging; but I am making spiritual progress. And I know, with that, all else will fall into place.

  4. What a lovely message you had for us all today, Evan , thank you so much! And I was thrilled to see something of “The Black Hills of Dakota” – a very old song, probably before your time.
    Dear Ellen, my heart goes out to you – but you know, your Mom will always be with you in reality, still loving you, still praying for you – she cannot be lost as you are both in the same Kingdom of Heaven.

  5. Thank you Evan. And thank you for smaller picture in the heading. As KimH said, “Blessings to all today as we walk on our spiritual journey.”

  6. Ellen, maybe this poem with give you some inspiration. It has guided me over the years:
    “Giving action to thought” by Janet L. Benson
    (Sentinel, August 5, 1996)
    forbids a backward glance,
    impels a forward thrust,
    denies a sense of chance,
    demands an active trust.
    My task:
    to be God’s child right now,
    Love’s allness to express,
    humbly trusting God in how
    He wants me to progress.

    I like the thought of how “He wants me to progress” not how I might outline how I want to progress.

  7. Thanks so much for the beautiful thoughts expressed. As I took a walk with our dog this morning at a nearby park bordering an inlet from Puget Sound, I thanked God for all the beauty around us—the park itself which is maintained so beautifully, the majestic mountains in the distance, the ducks and geese on the water and grounds. As we walked past other people and their dogs, we exchanged loving remarks with each other. I thought of Hymn 58, “In Thy house securely dwelling where Thy children live to bless.” That was my purpose—to share God’s love. It was wonderful! And dear Ellen, I’ve found that we can feel the love for and from loved ones who have passed. Mrs. Eddy spoke of Edward Kimball in Prose Works: “He is here now as veritably as he was a year ago when he visited me…..” (MY 297:18 for the whole paragraph—very comforting)

  8. Oh, thank you all for your so lively and lovingly commenting.
    Thank you Daphne for your gratitude to God for His Love to us.
    And thank you Lori for that gorgeous poem
    and Annepat for your so comforting and
    loving words to Ellen`s situation which will of course improve
    and progress.
    Ellen, I also do love that last sentence: Humbly trusting God
    in how He wants me to progress.

    As I remember MBE says in Mis. in that sense, that
    we all will see and meet our loved ones again after the
    assumption of death, because there is n o death.
    All is life as God, the all in all is Life, and He is our Life!

    Thank you, Evan, for the wonderful scenery and the lovely vast nature where you and Kathy have hiked together. I love also the path in the wood above the Vlog. Thank you very much for your loving and inspiring and helpful Vlog!

    Just coming from testimony meeting of my church in Hamburg. What I think is, that with every Gratitude we give thanks to God for a healing or a spiritual experience or better understanding we gained through this wonderful Scince of Christ is a big step to progress. And, yes, we have the firm confirmation from MBE in SH “Progress is a law of God, which demands of us only what we surely can fulfil” – how comforting and encouraging for more progress.

    1. Oh, I must correct – wanted to say “L o r i, I also do love that sentence: Humbly trusting God in how He wants me to progress.” Thanks a lot for that poem! 🙂


  9. Dear UTA in Germany , or anyone who can answer, can please be more specific about seeing our loved ones , i think you are referring to mmiscellaneous writings , pg or chapter ?

    1. Yes, Bill, there is a good suitable answer from Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings on page 42, line 1 – 28. But I know another article in one of Eddy`s other writings. Will surch for it and let you know then. 🙂

      1. Hi Bill again and Ellen Biemer,
        now I found the other article by Mary Baker Eddy which might help Ellen to see her situation from a more spiritual standpoint, and it will help her to more spiritual freedom.
        This article with the title “Is there no Death?” is found in Mrs. Eddy`s book Unity of Good on page 37; it goes over several pages, and I think that is a revelation, a wonderful article.

  10. Thanks. This was inspiring. It reminded me of the old General Electric slogan “Progress is Our Most Important Product!” And certainly spiritual progress is an important product in our life.”

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