Be willing to surrender what gets in the way

September 13, 2018 | 16 comments

“So often our greatest triumph is a willing surrender.”

~ Robert Brault

To surrender self-will, self-righteousness, anger, ego, boastful pride, and man-made plans that aren’t working, are good things to give up. Don’t be afraid to let them go when they’re getting in the way of progress.

16 thoughts on “Be willing to surrender what gets in the way”

  1. What a lovely thought. I just needed this comforting inspiration today. A plan I had made for today didn’t work out and it left me totally morose and literally in tears, when this angel message of yours, came to comfort me and restored my peace and joy.
    Truly speaking we should not allow these man made plans to affect us or hinder our progress or take away our peace.
    Oh yes…giving up self will and self righteousness and surrendering ourself to God’s will restores peace and joy and brings us triumph.
    God knows what is best for our progress.. So never grieve if a human plan fails. “When man is governed by God, the everpresent Mind who understands all things, man knows with God all things are possible.”
    Thanks Evan for making my day.

  2. I’m willing to give up Sub Teaching and Retire! Yahoo! Time to take care of Bev! Just realizing today that I need to love my Humanhood – take good care of my emotions and body and give myself what would make me Happy! Enough of sacrificing my well-being to please others! Learning to Love Myself!

  3. Being willing to let go of human or self planning often leads to giving more generously to others and growing yourself as you let new ideas and events come into your life experience that might not have been there if we just let ourselves get stuck in our own comfort zone too often.
    Sometimes it is hard to do but I am learning that when things don’t quite work out as I had thought they would, new adventures, friendships and growth in character and loving my neighbor often occur. God leads us to the best place to each day to express His/Her goodness. Gratitude rather than remorse—an interesting lesson! Enjoy your new opportunities each day!

  4. I like Bev’s contribution. So often with the best of intentions one does not love oneself enough. One should take a lead from God!

    A good prompt Evan for thought and prayer provoking comments.

  5. How important to…Step Back…a little, anyway (or, as much as possible under the circumstances!)…to see The Larger Picture…see more than the human-senses reveal, via spiritual sense. This is what Divine Science is all about, as we know: the revealing of the Whole Picture: God’s Allness and Goodness, and our part in this.
    Human sense gets confused and sees only…a “flat earth,” much of the time, forgetting that it is…duh…round! And this short-sighted-reasoning goes about arranging things to conform with a “flat-earth,” planning for avoiding the drop-off, etc. We are all now beyond this, I realize. But I know I sure need reminders…and often! Thanks for contributing to our awakening, Evan, and SpiritView Fans!

    BTW, Commenter “Sue:” would you be willing to use your last name initial? I also am a Sue, and get comments on your comments. No biggie, tho. : <)

  6. As the balance shifts away from mortal mind to spiritual, it is almost exhilarating to go with the spiritual flow and see what happens. To make that shift requires constant alignment of my thinking. I remember years ago a thought dawned on me just as my ‘new knowledge’ seemed to disrupt my life, that I have never suffered from the truth, just from holding onto the old that wasn’t working.

  7. As a life long Christian Scientist, I have learned that “stepping back” when it seems that the human scene is swirling about me is wise. Sometimes that has involved a longer period of time than I had thought it would take in order to be sure that the “message” I am receiving is from God and not just an echo of my own thoughts. At other times there was an immediate need to be met and it was. In either case, I could identify the correct message–the one from God–because it came from above gently (see James Chapter 3). Though friends or family sometimes offered well-meant suggestions, they were nonetheless based on human opinion. That didn’t preclude their mentioning, for example, an employment source which in one case fit right in with what God was telling me. Taking the human footsteps which are often involved in our human plans was often necessary in order to do my part in the realization process of the plan. But I have also found that if the situation calls for taking a radical step in another direction while taking those steps, God will inform me of the “what and when” at the right moment and the result is the falling into place a much better plan which includes unforeseen “extra blessings” I hadn’t previously expected..

  8. Hi Bill and Ellen Biemer,
    On yesterday`s Spirit View I answered the question of Bill, where exactly, on which page to find the article where Mary Baker Eddy says, that we will see our loved ones again after passing.

    And in Unity of Good by MBE there is a longer article “Is there no deatch” on page 37 which might help Ellen to find peace in her present situation with her mother, which she mentioned yesterday.
    Think this will help you dear Ellen – Love from Uta 🙂

  9. thank you very much, dear Evan, for the waking us up from all these erroneous habits and encouraging us to fearlesly let go these bad, not God-created habits and so step by step experience progress.

    Thats very good “let go and let God do the doing (healing)” what Diane Taylor-Dickey said above.
    For me it is good, to listen for God`s guidance and follow and it will be a God`s day, where everybody is so smiling and friendly and I am happy, too.

  10. Evan,
    Thank you again for a wonderful Spiritview. It reminds me of a funny story Marshall Rosenberg tells about a women who hated to cook but was under the belief she had to cook for her family every day. She was very unhappy. When she stopped cooking (letting this go because it was a mistaken belief that she had to do it) things got a lot better for her and her family. She started to connect with her needs and get her needs met and became a different person.
    It can be easy to think you have to wait for a future event to happen before you can take those steps but it is actually possible in the present. Honesty with yourself, sincere prayer – humbly listening to God’s direction will manifest what is promised “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” S&H Pg. 494:10-11. And it will be proved “…that joy cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy;..” Pg 304:11-12

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