The Eye of the Lord and hurricane Florence

September 14, 2018 | 44 comments

Hurricane Florence is landing on the eastern seaboard of the United States threatening thousands of homes with its hurricane force winds and surges of water from the ocean. There has already been a mass exodus of people from the path of the storm, and millions are watching from a distance to see what happens next.

We can all do more than wait and watch, though. No matter where we live, we can make a positive difference by praying for the safety and well-being of everyone near that hurricane.

The weather stations are graphically reporting and displaying a massive storm moving inland, but there’s an even bigger power already in place that can guide, direct, protect and preserve people from harm. It’s the ever-present power of God.

God is bigger than hurricane Florence!

I pray that every person affected, discerns and knows the guiding hand of divine Mind in their life directing them to act in wise ways that protect them from harm.

I pray that every resident feels the comforting presence of Love to keep their thought calm and clear so that they can think and act intelligently according to the need of the moment.

I pray that the presence and power of divine Love takes the force out of the hurricane and tames its raging winds and calms its angry waves. Storms are okay, but they don’t need to be destructive.

I pray that everyone in the path of the storm sees themselves under the Eye of the Lord, rather than in the eye of hurricane Florence.

Mortal mind storms come and go, but the ever-present care, provision and protection of divine Love is a constant. It will weather the storm. It will prevail and be a constant source of blessing, supply and support for all easterners long after Florence is gone.

44 thoughts on “The Eye of the Lord and hurricane Florence”

  1. Beautiful thoughts Evan. In my part of the world hurricanes are rarely experienced but we are seeing the reports of Florence on our news programmes. I love the idea of being under the Eye of the Lord and this is true for all of us, wherever we live and whatever the circumstances. In the words of my favourite hymn (148) “The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid; But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?”. God’s Eye is on us all. What a wonderful thought!

  2. Thank you for this call of Truth Evan. I. Love how Mrs Eddy gazed into the stormy enticements of mortality and only saw God’s face.

  3. Thank you Evan for your prayers and simultaneously showing us how to join you in praying for those dear brothers and sisters living at the Eastern Coast of US. With joy will pray for them; and you gave us such great ideas how.

    When I read this SpiritView my first thought was, that no one of God`s ideas can loose it`s home, if you see home as a spiritual idea, firmly anchored in divine Mind. And a l l children of God are safely, harmoniously and joyfully dwelling in their secure idea Home, completely cared for by divine Truth and Love, Who is meeting every human need including what Evan said, that this protecting Love will weather the storm, and that all His children under God`s loving guidance keep their thoughts calm and clear in order to act intelligently. A l l a r e acting under the one and only law there is, the powerful divine Law of almighty good GOD!

    Thank you so much for showing us the importance and necessity to join you in prayer to discern the divine reality of that situation – everything not coming from God is powerless and the Love of God for His/Her creation is endless!!

    With Love to all those people out there !

  4. Thank you everyone everywhere who is praying for us in North and Siuth Carolina. I am very much appreciating and soaking in the prayers. As I was praying this morning it came to me that with the hurricane and the threats of flooding that we are all safe in the “Arc”, ( s & h, page 581, safety, the idea or reflection of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle) . There are so many ways to pray about this mortal storm which is bringing us closer to knowing and demonstrating the Truth. Thank you Very much Evan.

  5. Powerful message, Evan! Let’s all unite with this inspiring thought. A great prayer to think about daily (and at any time) as we face the “storms” of mortal thought that attempt to knock at our door and tear us down. God is in control being the constant, comforting presence in our lives surrounding us daily and at each and every moment. Let’s accept and “let” Divine Mind guide us to clearly focus our thoughts to feel this magnificent daily protection which is always ours and available to us all under “The Eye of the Lord”! Happy day and much love to all!

  6. Thank you so much Evan for these very helpful thoughts in helping realize the Truth of the situation with hurricane Florence. “Divine Love always has met
    and always will meet Every human need”. What can be more powerful than that? Love to all

  7. Thankyou for such practical and specific prayerful thoughts Evan. Specific prayer for this seems necessary and people all over the world can be helping to calm this storm .
    There is a lot of “ stormy” opinions and arguments on many levels in the world today and these ideas are also important to still the political and emotional storms that pervade our lives too. “ In quietness and in confidence shall be our strength” . Do we all need to quiet mortal minds frenzy and anxiety by confidence in the ALL MIGHTY power of God.

  8. So clear that there’s not a square inch that’s not filled with God’s comforting, nurturing, gentle Presence.

    It’s the real “I” of anyone, any place, any condition, is divine Mind, in which every idea is maintained in eternal harmony. Praying with the spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer, “Enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, Supreme.” Even ALL.

    Mark Swinney’s sweet comment comes to thought: “One with God is not just a majority, it’s a monopoly!”

  9. Thank you for these loving thoughts and affirmation of the power of God!!

    I am currently in Raleigh NC and have been counteracting the negativity and fear mongering all week. I have watched the storm decline — It’s now the lowest category — as my practitioner and I worked to see the Truth. Thank you all for working with this Truth! God IS more powerful than anything mortal mind can conjure up! GOD IS ALL!!!

    Heading now to the airport for my flight home to Atlanta. Feeling loved and supported by my CS family today. Thank you all!!

  10. Thank you for these remembrances Evan..There is no power greater than God.I live in Virginia on a river and as I sit in the breezes,I thank God for the mighty power of Divine Spurit that guides,protects and loves all of us..No Matter..

    1. Ginny: Hi, Gail. When I tapped the “21 comments” link at the top of the article, under the titles, I could easily see all the comments.

  11. Thank you Evan and all!
    “The prophets, Jesus, and the apostles, demonstrated a divine intelligence that subordinates so-called material laws: and disease, death, winds, and waves, obey this intelligence.” Misc Writings Pg. 23:7-10
    Thinking about what God sees today.

  12. “And God….. said to the proud wave “thus far and no farther”…..Science and Health, page 124. What could be a stronger affirmation of God’s power!

  13. Gail, I, too have this challenge with the new format of the website. You can still see the whole post by going directly to the website through your browser, Just type in and it will bring up the daily post. The cut-off view I was seeing only happens in what is sent through the automatic subscription.

  14. Thank you Evan and All! My thoughts went to Matthew 7:25 And the rain descended, and the
    Floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. KJV

  15. Thank you Evan for this post. Very helpful, when we are praying for our friends in America facing the hurricane, and those in Japan and the Philippines facing the typhoon.

  16. Thank you Evan. On Monday the eye of the storm was projected to go right over where I live. I was watching TV and the predictions were dire. I switched channels and on virtually every channel they were showing the spinning radar imagery of the storm. It occurred to me that spinning imagery could be considered a hypnosis spinner if we allow the suggestions of destruction and danger to hypnotize us.

    As I listened to the news while the picture of that spinning storm was being shown, I heard the weather forecaster make a lot of predictive suggestions such as:

    – the storm will do a lot of damage!
    – the storm will strengthen to a category 4 storm!
    – this will be the worst storm to hit the east coast EVER!

    Over and over the dire predictions were voiced while on the screen the spinning imagery of the storm continued. It was as if they were saying “God is not in control, God is not in control, watch the spinning storm, God is not in control…” like a hypnotist might do to make someone accept their suggestions.

    What a wake up call. I immediately countered these hypnotic suggestions by firmly declaring “There IS a God and God IS in control!” It came so clearly to me that God, Love, IS in control and God would not create anything that is damaging or devastating. I stopped focusing on that spinning storm imagery when it was shown on TV and replaced the dire predictions in thought with what I know is true of God and His idea. And I have included EVERYONE in my prayers.

    Lately the idea of the trinity has come to thought. The Bible refers to the trinity as “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit”. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy uses the terms “Life, Truth, and Love”. The first statement of the Lord’s Prayer is “Our Father which art in heaven” and the spiritual sense of this statement from S&H is “Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious”. That explains so well the first aspect of the trinity. The fatherhood/motherhood of God keeps everything in perfect harmony. And Life (God) is the only source, or cause, of reality and therefore there is no Life in a destructive storm. Every effect resulting from this one source must be all-harmonious.

    I’m sure a lot of other people have been praying too and I since Monday I have been happy to see the storm weakened significantly…unexpectedly. The track of the storm also changed so it no longer will pass over where I live. But again, I have included everyone in my prayers to know that God is in control of everyone that is in the direct path and as God’s effect, they will always be held in perfect harmony.

  17. Sometime after the devastating coastal storm of 1963 when another nor’easter was threatening, I turned to Jeremiah 5:22: “Fear ye not me? saith the Lord:…which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; …” Realizing this healed my fear and stopped the waves.

  18. Thank you for this pertinent message today. What came to my thought were the words of Christ Jesus to the storm, “Peace, be still.” He knew that tumult didn’t exist in the kingdom of God which is where we live, and that the aggressive suggestion of evil wasn’t true and had no power. Peace and stillness are true power and destroy the fear of evil.

  19. I came across this blog as Florence is crossing my home. We are so grateful the winds have subsided so much but the rain seems to be unbelievable. But it should be unbelievable because God reigns. Thanks for all the prayers that everyone is doing. What blesses one blesses all.

  20. Thank you Evan for this beautiful reminder of God’s never ending Love and protection! I am thanking God for you and your enormous contribution to all our lives, helping us see clear sky through the seeming storms.

  21. From Psalm 91…Not sure which translation….”You that live in the shelter of the Most High and lodge under the shadow of the Almighty, who say, ‘The Lord is my safe retreat, my God, the fastness in which I trust’; He himself will snatch you away from fowler’s snare or raging tempest. He will cover you with His pinions, and you will find safety, and you will find safety beneath His wings;”

    This was the scripture the First Reader prayed with when our daughter and her family had to evacuate during Harvey…they were in a small town in Texas on the Gulf Coast. Their home was not damaged in any way…and the town had little damage. Great gratitude for this demonstration of protection. I live in California and my daughter asked me to have our friend, the First Reader here, pray for them as they were leaving town. These verses had been used in the previous Wednesday’s readings.

    1. The Bible translation is New English Bible….the last line on my entry should read “He will cover you with his pinions, and you shall find safety beneath his wings.”

  22. I’m knowing that we all are safely engrounded on the rock of Christ– “’Gainst which the winds and waves” are no match – to paraphrase a verse from Mary Baker Eddy’s poem, “Christ My Refuge.” That’s true whether it’s a hurricane, heavy rainstorms, or any other attempted encroachment.

  23. Dear Evan, thank you for this beautiful blog, and to every one who has shared their
    prayers. We have four family members residing in Wilmington, and several more who live in
    Charlotte, and near Raleigh. We all have put our trust in God, and all is calm.

  24. Were in NC too. Thanks for all your prayers. Hymn #1 has been a very healing one. “Be Thou, O God, exhalted high; And as They glory fills the sky, So let it be on Earth displayed, Till Thou art here and now obeyed.” One article I have loved: ” How Spirit dissipated the storm.” And with the downgrades we have seen good measure of this. Much gratitude for all the love.

  25. Hi Jan and Brian,
    thank you really very much for that article ”How Spirit dissipated the storm”

    Everybody should read this very helpful article!

  26. Thank you, all. Very helpful sharings.

    I just read Lynne Jackson’s Sentinel article. Excellent!
    Thank you, Uta, Brian.

    A thought: Is it really possible to simultaneously stay
    glued to graphic (mesmeric!) television reports on … anything AND be in the quiet closet of deep prayer?

  27. Thank you all for your comments – such spiritual nourishment – thank you Evan for your prayer message – so helpful.

  28. Bless you all. Thank you for help in praying. All our prayers are “more powerful than any 2 edged sword .” The calm I feel after reading Spiritview, is lovely.
    Again, my gratitude

  29. I would like to add to my earlier comment. When I talked with my young grandson the day before
    the storm, he told me he was going to stay in Wilmington. I told him he should obey the orders.
    Brendon told me he had to stay to help cook at the shelters after the storm. He had graduated
    From a culinary school and felt this was the right things to do. I told him I would pray for him,
    respect his decision.
    God bless every helper!

  30. Mrs Eddy says on page 293 “There is no vapid fury of mortal mind ——-expressed in earthquake,wind, wave, fire, bestial ferocity—-& this so-called mind is self destroyied.” Etc

  31. Golden Text from this week’s Bible Lesson on Matter, Psalms 71 (to:), 3 thou hast (to;)

    “In thee, O lord, do I put my trust:…thou hast given commandment to save me;”

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