[VIDEO] Seek spiritual awareness

August 3, 2018 | 10 comments

Are you aware of God’s abundant provision for health and happiness in your life?

In this video, I talk about how we all have spiritual sense to discern God’s help at hand. But it helps to use that spiritual sense to see what God is providing!

This video was filmed while hiking the Black Hills with my wife last June.

“Seek spiritual awareness”

10 thoughts on “Seek spiritual awareness”

  1. Evan I love your holiday vlogs and the uplifting messages they contain. It’s also lovely to be able to see places in God’s wonderful universe that I am unlikely to be able to visit. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Evan! I was able to Forward this Vlog to a Friend who is leading a Book Study and Centering Prayer Group at our local Catholic Church here in Sandpoint. The topic of their Study is: “The Kingdom of Heaven”. I have been invited to attend today and I will……and will offer my friend a copy of Science & Health after the meeting. I have sent her other Articles on C.S. and she has always expressed delight and interest. God Bless Me!!

  3. This reminds me of what Mrs. Eddy wrote in Unity of Good, “Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities. He said that the kingdom of heaven is here, and is included in Mind; that while ye say, There are yet four months, and then cometh the harvest, I say, Look up, not down, for your fields are already white for the harvest; and gather the harvest by mental, not material processes.” Thank you Evan…this message really opened my eyes!

  4. Thanks again, Evan, for this timely message and the beautiful pictures. I’ve seen God’s provision unfold in ways I would never have conceived myself, and I needed to be reminded of that. He always gives us the angel messages we need to move in the right direction. When we recognize all the good and beautiful around us and fill our hearts with gratitude we are living in the kingdom of heaven. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Evan for the very lovely goat and of course for your so good and beautyful Video!

    Yes, your Vlog is an eyeopener, because when I used my spiritual sense, I was and am aware of God’s presence in every good I experienced today and still continue to do.

    Though I might have to work out something, I am very gratefully aware of the abundant
    provision of our loving God and His help at hand, as Evan declares us so lovingly and picturesque – thank you so much dear Evan for your SpiritView blessing us all !!

    You are right Daphne, when we fill our heart with gratitude for all the abundant good and beautiful all around us, we are living in the kingdom of heaven what Evan assures us so clear

  6. Thank you Evan. What a wonderful vlog! I loved the visual of the striking landscape and seeing you speaking to us in your reassuring manner with a helpful healing message. Much appreciated.

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