Seek spiritual gain

November 29, 2019 | 13 comments


Have you ever experienced a great material loss? If so, turn that loss into gain.

In this vlog, I share a story and some insights into how we can turn loss into gain and set ourselves up to never go through a similar type of let down again.

This video was filmed last September when my wife and I were traveling the Alaska highway.

“Seek spiritual gain”

13 thoughts on “Seek spiritual gain”

  1. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful lesson. And for reminding me of this delightful town, my favorite in Alaska.

  2. Today’s SpiritView message reminds me of a time when our family experienced a serious financial loss, and the spiritual inspiration that led to complete restoration. When our daughter, a budding violinist, was a junior in high school, she expressed an interest in a particular private college where she could study music. The tuition was quite expensive and we began saving. Soon a man approached us with what seemed to be a remarkable investment opportunity. Because he was the son of trusted friends, we gave this person all of the money we had saved hoping to get a good return. In a few months, however, we had not received any income from the investment and he actually asked us to send more money. By this time, we realized our mistake and that the entire amount was lost. I felt devastated, betrayed, and ashamed. Then one day, I prayed all morning. This thought came: all supply is spiritual and is not subject to the ups and downs of the human sense of the economy. Also, that if this college was the right place for my daughter, she would be supplied. We put a large poster of the college on our refrigerator and placed encouraging quotes from the Bible and Science and Health all around it. When it came time to apply for admission, we made the trip to the college and attended a special meeting for parents. We were told that if our daughter was accepted, the college would help us work out a “financial package.” She was accepted. Then many answers to our prayers began to unfold. Because of our financial loss, we were put in a certain category which qualified our daughter for a low interest loan, which previously would not have been available. That loan, coupled with a smaller, higher interest loan, a scholarship, and a job on campus made it possible for her to attend. As she developed her skill as a violinist, our daughter began to receive opportunities for paid positions in area orchestras. This supplemented our combined income available for tuition, and eventually led to her professional career in the New York area. Looking back, if we had not lost the tuition money, we might not have turned so whole-heartedly to divine inspiration for our immediate, and continuing, sense of supply. Our family experience illustrates what we read in Mrs. Eddy’s poem, “Mother’s Evening Prayer:”. “Fear No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain.”

  3. What a wonderful demonstation of supply, Patricia and how inspiring. “Divine Love (and your love for your daughter) always has met and always will meet every human need.” Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Thank you, too, Evan, for your video gift of beauty and inspiration.

  4. Yes, we are a rich child of an overrich Father-Mother God. This richness is spiritual understanding of God himself and me as his image and likeness, in that position having all we need, so desirable!
    But sometimes we have to pray for it, so as Patricia had to do. And I thank you so much for your really wonderful testimony – it is so helpful !
    Thank you very much, Evan for this for me timely Vlog, so needed. Thank you for this wonderful lesson you give us so generously! Am very happy, to get your daily uplifting SpiritView.
    And I will never forget my dear friend in Azusa who told me to subscribe to your wonderful SpiritView blog, dear Evan!

  5. Thank you Evan, once again for this inspiration.
    Back to my computer issue regarding not being able to download SpiritView. Thank you for your insights. I went back into the server… I found a third place to look!!!! Block sender list AND known spam (this is where I found SpiritView). With these two on the server and one in my “Inbox” I am thrilled to see this resolved. I couldn’t wait until this morning to see SpiritView…Voila it appeared just like it should. I am most grateful!

  6. Divine Love always has met my need, sometimes in unexpected ways. Many years ago, shortly after my daughter was born, I had no money and my husband no job. An uncle who lived over 1,000 miles away was a district representative for Gerber Foods. Without knowing anything of my situation, he sent be cases of Gerber baby food – what a life saving blessing, quite literally! This is just one example of the effectiveness of total reliance on God. I am so deeply grateful for Christian Science giving me this reliance!

  7. Thanks again for your. Alaska adventure.
    A hymn I love “Day by day the manna fell,
    O to learn this lesson well. “ God supply is
    Never ending. …meeting our needs here.
    Thanks all for your demonstration of this!

  8. Great ideas – thank you Evan! What a wonderful demonstration Patricia and Lori!
    Proverbs 3:11-18
    “Fear No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain.” is so true! 🙂

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