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October 28, 2015 | 12 comments


If you’d like to set yourself up for happiness that cannot be taken from you, seek spiritual ideals.

Spiritual ideals will never fail you. They cannot be taken from you, stolen, beat up or lost. They stick, forever. For instance, the goal to love cannot be taken from you. You can do it no matter what, independent of what anyone else thinks, does or doesn’t do.

Material ideals, however, fail. They may be realized and yield a sense of prosperity for a period of time, but inevitably, they will not live up to their promise. They will become unsatisfactory and perhaps even leave an empty lost feeling.

Over the years, my family has moved several times, which has included buying and selling houses along the way. One lesson we learned early on when searching for a new house is that there is no perfect house. If you try to find the “perfect house,” you might end up exceeding your budget, living in a hard to get place, or feel perpetually unsatisfied. So we learned to understand home from a spiritual point of view first, and bring that understanding to whatever house seemed closest to our ideal at the time. It made searching for a house much easier, and we’ve had many very good house experiences.

The same rule applies to marriage. There is no such thing as a perfect mortal. If one tries to find “the perfect man” or “the perfect woman” in a mortal, they will be disappointed. And they may end up looking forever with no results to show. Or they may think they’ve found the perfect mortal, but after marriage realize it isn’t so. Mortals are not perfect. Immortals are perfect!

So it’s much wiser to seek out spiritual ideals, understand them, and then bring that understanding to the relationships and circumstances you encounter. It’s about not looking to matter or mortals for the ideal first, but to Spirit.

Seek out what is true with God, and live it out. Be the ideal you cherish. And stay there. It’s better to not drop down into matter and expect mortal mind to help you out. All ideals worth seeking in the long run are always going to be spiritual. And they are supported and sustained by God.

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  1. So very true Evan, spiritual ideals alone bring true and lasting happiness. Today’s blog reminds me of a lesson my Moral Science Teacher taught us in school, that the more you learn about God and His goodness the closer you will wish to draw to Him. But the more you learn about a mortal, the more you wish to distance yourself from him/her.
    Yes a spiritually good person and average in looks should be always given priority over a materially minded but good looking person, when it comes to the selection of a life partner. Its because in the long run the nature and character, the spiritual and good values of a person alone brings lasting happiness and harmony in a relationship.
    Am also reminded of a Quotation: Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” In other words if you long to be Godly and good in thoughts, words and deeds and act accordingly, then good things will naturally be attracted towards you like a magnet and lead you to a happy and satisfied life.

  2. Perfectly expressed, wonderful thought about looking in the right direction to find the true meaning of substance through Spirit. Thank you Evan, I really enjoyed this post. It is so true and reminds me how Cheri and I found each other.

  3. Just the other day, my son apologized to me for wishing me dead and gone. Brought up in C/S for his first 25 years of life he dropped it and accepted the material view which is separating us. I hope this is a breakthrough to a more spiritual outlook especially for him comes forth.

  4. Thank you for expressing these helpful ideas about finding good in all we do. When we look to divine Spirit to fulfill our needs, we find much good. Having our goal to love and knowing that it cannot be taken from us, lets us seek and find multiple ways to be loved and love others. It is a joy each day to renew this goal and find the unique and many ways love touches us and guides us to aid others.

  5. Thank you so much, Evan! Bringing spiritual ideals to material circumstances and to mortals would be a great help in finding the “perfect C.S. Church”, too! So hard, sometimes, to not judge by the outer material evidence in Church and Church Members, and then wanting the Church and Them to change! Ahhhhh……now I see……need to bring my understanding of Spiritual Ideals to the Church and Its Members……..and then I will experience Happiness, Harmony and Joy!! (And so will They and the Church!)

  6. How very true this is and the comments helpful. I have known the unhappiness that can result from making the wrong choice of what I thought would be a life-time partner. My many moves have been more successful, however, it took awhile for the last move to feel progressive. I left a house I had just repaired and improved into one needing a lot of work. But following God’s guidance has proven to be the best path to follow and I am enjoying my new home. God’s will is always and only good.

  7. This wonderful idea also works with finding a new pet to share the home/family. When I was thinking about getting a cat, and praying to know what to do in that direction, one evening the thought came to me: what qualities would the ideal cat have? I stopped, made a quick and rather casual list of some great qualities. I thought I would pray about this “in depth” later, and finished what I was doing. A day or so later a friend phoned with information about a cat that needed a home, and through unusual circumstances, I got a great cat for me. No, he is not an ideal material cat. Yes, he fits right in. And, as so often happens, the qualities did not come in the “package” I might have pictured. So, instead of a small female oriental cat, I have a large white personable male. I want to say, with no irreverence, God has a sense of humor!

  8. Thank you Evan, Good meeting you in PHX. two years ago.
    This reminds me of what is everpresent and never absent.
    “God the unchanging…”

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