Seek the higher view

February 1, 2023 | 21 comments

If you’d like to see more of God’s goodness, take your thinking higher! The higher your thinking goes, the more you see!

I explain how to have higher thought in this vlog that was filmed on Pikes Peak overlooking Colorado Springs, in Colorado, when my wife and I visited in August 2022.

21 thoughts on “Seek the higher view”

  1. Oh so true Evan. Thank you for both the earthly and heavenly view you are inspiring us with today!
    How wonderful it is to realise that even when we seem to be having trouble revealing the spiritual truth we desire, that truth is always there, constant , waiting for us to wipe away error. Only good is going on…..❣️

  2. If we deel “down in the dumps” we can lift our thoughts up to a higher and spiritual view
    and see things in the spiritual light and Love with all its beauty enfolding us and everything.
    We can look for the spiritual panoramic view, looking out from Spirit to the spiritual.

    :Here, O God, Thy healing presence / Lifts our thoughts from self and sin, / Fills with light their hidden places, / When Thy love is welcomed in. / Here Thy tender sweet persuasions / Turn us home to heavenly ways, / While our hearts, unsealed, adoring, / Pour the fragrance of Thy praise.”
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 109:1)

  3. Thanks Evan – the higher view
    Is often closer to hand than we think. Fantastic blog – amazing view.

  4. The song below instantly came to mind after such heavenly inspiration:
    “On a clear day
    Rise and look around you ~ And you see who you are.
    On a clear day ~ How it will astound you
    That the glow of your being ~ Outshines every star
    You’ll feel part of ~ Every mountain, sea and shore
    You can hear from far and near
    A world you’ve never, never heard before
    And on a clear day
    On that clear day, You can see forever and ever
    and ever more.”
    In seeing and feeling the beauty of this vlog today, it truly IS a clear day! The sky
    is blue and the prism of Love’s reflection is all around.

  5. The higher view. We need to rotate only in the focal plain of God. Here we hold firm unto what God knows about each specific challenge that comes our way. Thank you Evan.

      1. Thank you dear Uta. Lots to ponder! And appreciate your comment on TMC. Looking forward to listening to that.

        Thank you Evan for the beautiful scenery and message! Like Josef said, “I have never been to Pike’s Peak and now I have.” The same goes for me.

    1. Thank you J for the link to this wonderful article. So many times I would imagine myself in the sun ray analogy as being on earth, as I experience sun rays here. But to put yourself really in the sun rays position, the sun would constantly “have your back”. Your whole being would be drawn from the sun, and everywhere you went, you exuded the light and warmth of the sun, which is a star. Thank you for always seeming to pick the articles which take the beautiful ideas from this blog and expand on them.

  6. Thanks dear Evan for your lovely Vlog from a beautiful place advising us to go to a higher place, to a spiritual standpoint of our abundant being in our God, divine Love!
    Just listened with rapt attention to today’s inspiring Wed reading and the wonderful testimonies in TMC’s testimony meeting! Loving very much the beautiful MC organ music together with the uplifting hymns and the mutual praying , I felt myself in a higher place and am deeply grateful to TMC that she makes it possible that all members and guests may join this Wed meeting live online. And I am thankful and joyful that God enables me to use all these devices that brings the Love and nearness of our Motherchurch and of course of our Father-Mother God to us!

    Thank you dear J for the article “Look out from the Stars”. That sounds gorgeous; and I am looking forward reading it!♡

  7. Thank you so much, dear J for that uplifting article. I particularly love where it says,
    “Yes, we must work from the standpoint of perfection. Even if from our present
    standpoint of limited human vision we seem unable fully to behold the spiritual
    man and universe of Mind’s creating. We can, with the altar light of absolute
    faith, become sufficiently aware of the ever presence of spiritual Perfection to
    cause the human mind to yield to the divine.”

  8. These videos are really good because often spiritual concepts can feel abstract to be able to relate to or transpose into everyday life but when the ideas are illustrated with visuals ( especially such spectacular ones as these!) it’s easy to remember or even be reminded of when maybe we could be in a similar surrounding or even see a photo of a place like where you have presented an idea to us. I love the higher perspective / grander view idea…. Or should I say .. the SPIRIT VIEW!

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