God made you error-free

January 31, 2023 | 32 comments

Are you ever tempted to think something is wrong with you? If so, it’s an opportunity to know the real you.

God made you spiritual! You have an identity made in the likeness of God that is perfect in every way. There isn’t anything wrong with this individuality. It is intelligent, wise, sound, strong, healthy, lovely and lovable, eternal. It is pure goodness, pure spirituality. It knows no evil. It is error-free.

Each of us has much to learn about our heavenly self, but the more we learn and practice, the better off life goes. We prove step by step that we are intelligent, able and capable beings with a right to live a good, healthy, happy existence.

When mortal mind tempts you to think, “I’m flawed.” Reject the suggestion. Kick it out of consciousness. Refuse to believe it.

Know your truth instead. Know what God knows. See what God sees. Behold the perfect individual of God’s creating that is sound and perfect.

As you hold to the ideal you rise to it.

Choose to rise quickly!

God made you error-free.

32 thoughts on “God made you error-free”

    1. Of course! It is our privilege *and duty* to know and declare the Truth we know about all, including every individual idea in our thought. The best way to love our neighbor as ourselves is to know the Truth about them, rather than entertain a false concept about them (that is, malpractice.)

  1. Knowing I am error-free is my consciousness that shines the light of my being to all that I see purifying and perfecting all things in God’s spiritual universe. A blessing for all!
    Thank you, Evan.

  2. Thank you Evan. Knowing I am already at the point of perfection, lightens the burden and sets me on the right thought.

  3. Knowing I am error free clears up any wrong notions I’ve held about having a past, defines the present, and lays a straight course for future endeavors that express right ideas. What a sweet gift!

  4. I love this! So often I think I’m making mistakes for so many reasons but it’s good to know that I can see myself differently and error-free.

  5. While listening to the Sunday service with the sun shining brightly through our south windows, I realized a relationship one could draw between two contrasting ideas. Take for example the light and the dark. Can one see the light better in the dark? The obvious answer is Yes. On a clear night with no competing light to lessen the darkness the stars do seem to shine brighter. That lead me to another question. Can one understand the light more intently given this contrast? That is, can one understand the light more intently by knowing more about the darkness? The answer to that question is No. To put it another way, does one have to know or experience the taste of a good fruit by first eating a bad fruit? Obviously we don’t. Does one improve their experience for truth by knowing an un-truth? Is the answer to a math question improved by know the mistake? We need not know error to understand truth. We do not need to experience sin to understand the purity of Spirit.

    1. Thank you, Josef, for pursuing this line of reasoning. The idea if light & darkness is clarifying.

      I wanted to write yesterday, thanking (as usual) Evan for the subject we considered. It was quite literally an answer to my prayers, which had been more of a plea to find an answer.

      Divine Mind has ALWAYS met my every human need
      Love love love to all
      And THANKS

  6. This is so healing in thought and just what I need. So many times I put myself down
    and have the “shoulda’s” … I should of written this, I should of done that or I should
    not have done this or that. This message ties it all together, connects the dots, as it
    were, in helping to see myself in a different light. A light that shines with the sparkles
    of love, like reflected sunlight on the dusting of snow outside this morning.
    I seem to not have a problem seeing others in their perfection, but sometimes
    struggle in seeing myself that way, so really appreciate this topic. And to correct
    one of the shouldas, I meant to thank you, Rose, for your reply yesterday, J,
    for the helpful article and Uta, how loving your sharing was to others.

  7. This refers to yesterday’s SpiritView. This poem is by Sharon Huntington,
    Sentinel, December 12, 1997 and us something I use a lot as a reminder.
    Patience is not in
    waiting for good to happen.
    Patience in knowing that
    all of God’s goodness unfolds
    at exactly the right time.

    1. Thank you dearly Lori for that wonderful explanation of “Patience” in your last sentence! It’s very good and helpful and needed! ♡

  8. Thank you to Evan and all the other members of this wonderful family. I do not know how to insert an article so I will just give the title and the details:
    By Arthur Freeman, April 1948, Christian Science Journal.

    It was embedded in a previous spirit View which I had saved.

    1. Thank you for for sharing the information about this article. The point it makes is really key and I needed to be reminded of it. With much love to you, Evan and all the SV family who generously and constantly share as each is led.

  9. Each of us embodies the material and being of eons of Creation. it would be folly to believe it all was for naught. Like Creation itself, each of us is a project of Creation, still underway. Thank goodness! What an opportunity!

  10. Thank you so much for these wonderful truthful messages from God..
    God made me error free!
    Also from a previous Spirit View,
    I am the reflection of perfection.
    Love and hugs

  11. Thanks to the daily inspiration of this blog and the insights from the family of readers. I looked up the notes on the cedarscamps.org site for this week’s lesson on Spirit. It fits in well with this thought of perfection with the analogy of no friction or gravitational pull on Spirit to slow it down or harm it, so none on us, the children or outcome of Spirit. With Spirit, God creating and inspiring our true thinking the result is pure good like the original.

  12. Evan I love the statement, “Kick it out of consciousness,” referring to any suggestion offered by twisted, limited mortal mind. We do have that power from God and the right, even the duty, to kick it to the curb. Blessings to all of my error-free fellow beings!

    1. dear J, (I would really like to know your full lovely name), you always find just the right and suitable article which matches with the currant SpiritView theme! Also your today’s article “No need to wait, Arise!” is very very helpful, and really worth reading. Thank you very much for it!!♡

      Dear Evan, I must say it’s really wonderful how you lead our thoughts always to the absolute Truth about God’s perfect man, which we are n o w and eternally! Thank you deeply! It is so helpful, healing and comforting for me! Today I got a letter from a shop which sells hearing aids. They asked me to visit them so that they can test whether my hearing is still good enough. This reminded me to immediately know and affirm the spiritual Truth about it, namely that hearing and also vision is totally spiritual and therefore perfectly functioning, as they are wonderful qualities of God which His loved idea, man is steadily expressing to the fullest.
      Thank you Evan for such wonderful spiritual views today !♡

      1. How nice of you to say Uta. 🙂 With so much inspiration given by Evan, if time permits, it’s fun to see where divine Mind leads with additional enlightenment. (J is a nickname, as in Jae/Jay.)

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