Seek the light of spiritual inspiration

March 24, 2021 | 18 comments

Could you use some more inspiration in your life today?

I share some ideas in this video on how to find inspiration that brings light and healing your way.

This vlog was filmed in the Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, while hiking there in October of 2020.

18 thoughts on “Seek the light of spiritual inspiration”

    1. Thank you so much, Angie, for this simply outstanding article! And thank you, Evan, for providing this inspiring forum for sharing good.

  1. Thanks Evan – definately in need of inspiration today. A timely and colourful vlog.

  2. Very uplifting and inspiring vlog today Evan! You do share some magnificent views with us all, along with encouragement for us to always seek the Spiritual View of everything. Our experiences become wonderful, fulfilling and eternal as we see them coming lovingly and constantly from God. Happy day all❣️

  3. A lot of my work as an electrician has to do with illumination. One kind of light, materially speaking is good for one application, but not so good for another.
    Soft light appeals to skin tones for most people. While brighter light makes printed work easier to read. Laser light can direct and can have power to cut. You can transmit data through laser light!
    Some light you cannot see at all but it is there never the less. Spectrum, Kalvin ratings, are all ways of defining light. Infrared, ultra violet and many others are used in industry for useful purposes.
    The light which rejoices the heart is a Spiritual Light. Sometimes, although ever with us, is hard to “visualize” because material senses tend to try to hide it.
    Evan sees the grander view everywhere he travels. The vlogs presented focuses on the enriching, elevating, beautiful aspects of everything around him.. Wonders of very special places. All in the sunlight of Truth.
    I wonder how the minerals would look like in the park under “black” light? Prosperous will take you on a beautiful journey when viewed in darkened arenas when “illuminated with “black” light.
    The most magnificent “light” illuminates thought with unexplainable brilliance and clarity.
    It can be ascertained in Mind only, as it’s a part of another dimension. It brings healing and purification. “in who’s light we shall see light”. The shear magnitude of God’s dear light is spoken of by John in Revelations, the “value” book of the Bible. John found the spiritual universe illuminated by only spiritual light, No need of the sun, no night there, no beginning and no ending. All is Love and Love’s expression.

  4. Our world is made much brighter with the light of Love. Thank you, Evan and Angie for your links.

  5. Thank you Evan for this important reminder. Love the scenery on your video too. Thanks Angie for the links. Let’s all keep our mental atmosphere in the Light of Love, casting no shadows or shade. Thanks for sharing everyone. We are all so blessed!

  6. Thank you David for your comments on light and to Evan and Angie for the articles referenced. Reading them this morning was most helpful. It is interesting to hear about light from a different view as David explained in his work as an electrician. All of this has given me more to work with and I am so grateful for everyone’s comments.
    Blessings to all.

  7. Thanks Evan for the topic of light. Whenever I think of light, I get 2 messages. One is about the spiritual Light (inspiration, being in-spirit) of God that reveals to us the All Goodness of His universe, including people, nature, animals everything. The second is related in that the Light makes everything light, easier, lifts the heavy, weighty burden of a material view. The Light make us lighten up!

    Love the photo up top, so beautiful, makes me feel expansive and joyful.

    From beautiful HYMN 600 (you can listen to a lovely rendition of this sung here:
    “You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world,
    So follow Me and and shine out, for you are the light of the world.”

  8. without the light of day and the light of God within…
    I would not have been able to view a bird I have never seen before. Having never seen this bird…I was curious to know it’s name, or what Adam would call it…and so trudging through the information I came to light upon the most probable identification. ie. Red Breasted Meadowlark.

    I do know that by studying Christian Science this bird is an idea of Mind and a reflection of Spirit. The color, beauty, and swiftness of movement are qualities of Spirit, as is light.

    The challenge for me is seeing that in my being with no shadow of doubt.

    Thanks Evan for your inspiration and sharing the beauty of earth.

  9. Oh, to cross those borders of thought, and enter into the illustrious realm of the Isle of Patmos! A spiritual sense so luminous,- a serene and clarion ocean of Love. I am in awe of John’s magnificent, illuminated vision in the precious book of Revelation.

  10. I used to have an art gallery and the light direction is very significant,
    The neutral shades in your photography are magnified and lovely and
    How they change with bright morning light! Love all your comments.
    One artist I carried prints of had some magnificent paintings of Me ico
    All in neutral shades . Very impressive! “You are the light of the world”

  11. wow! Excellent “class” today! As a photographer I appreciated everyone’s comments. I needed this wake up call and I appreciate Evan’s efforts to let his light shine on and bless us all and the generosity of everyone’s sharing – even when its a quite sharing!! I appreciate the blessings! Thank you all!!!

  12. Thank you very much for your so inspiring and uplifting and important SpiritView today! This light of spiritual inspiration is very much needed for our Wed readings. Mrs. Eddy said that the sermons in our CS churches are important for the world. And this light of spiritual inspiration is also very important and needed for our healing work.
    I am very grateful for the Illumination, Evan is giving us with the gorgeous SpiritView Blog!
    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and the link to an article relevant to today’s topic! ♡

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