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There is a positive side and a negative side to sensitivity.

The positive side of sensitivity is the ability to discern what is going on in thought around you, to sort out right from wrong, and then make intelligent decisions accordingly that produce a good effect.

The negative side of sensitivity is when one senses that something is not right around them, and then goes into a panic about it. Worry and anxiety take over instead of calm clear reasoning that exercises dominion over the situation.

The cure for preventing a downward spiral in thought is to know that God is always in control of everything in His universe, that God is always causing something good to happen, and that you live in God’s universe. So, when you sense that something is wrong, instead of fearing doom, you quickly treat the situation with prayer and turn it around for the better.

For instance, one time I sensed that a person important to me in my life was mad at me. At first, I tensed, and then panicked about our relationship being ruined, which I didn’t want to happen. I wasted quite a bit of time fretting over all the bad outcomes that might occur when we saw each other next. Finally, I realized that I was not helpless, that I could turn the situation around with prayer before we met again. So, I started to put all my energies into seeing the spiritual truth about our relationship.

I knew that there was one Mind of Love that we both shared. That we did not have opposing minds that saw deficiency, or evil, in each other, but that we both reflected the one Mind of Love that saw all the good in one another.

This ability to see all the good also gave us both the ability to be patient with one another, to understand each other, and to forgive one another—for anything. As I found peace with these truths, my worry vanished. The next time we saw each other, it was obvious that the troubling issue was no longer an issue. Our friendship flourished.

It’s okay to be sensitive. But be sensitive to spiritual truth, not to doomsday scenarios. It’s truth that heals and maintains harmony.

“Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his faithful, to those who turn to him in their hearts” Psalm 85:8, NRSV.

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  1. Thank you Evan. This is a particular important lesson for me today as it seems there is always some conflict going on around me needing my attention. Remembering that God, Spiritual created environment is never out of sync is a good reminder that we as God created spiritual identities is harmonious, pure and free from such encumbrances.

    1. You can because God can!
      Father-Mother God, all-harmonious =brother-sister child, all-harmonious.
      There is no other reality.
      Fifty years after I did something awful to my best friend after many years of prayer yearning for forgiveness, then seeing the whole friendship in spiritual light, she calls! She found me, and now we’re both back in Love’s fold, loving each other as we always did.

      1. yes, dear Tricia, you can absolutely – take heart and ask your dear Father-Mother God to lead you to the right ideas what you shall think and do in order to unite in Love with your friendships – God surely will help you!

        Think of that: “Friendship” is a very precious and spiritual idea of God never deminishing, and which you express perfectly and these friends you want to make peace with do exactly express it, too, as they are also the loved children of God as you are!


  2. Thank you, Evan! The timing of this article could not be more perfect! As Board Chairman, I seem to find myself in the middle of a conflict between two people, one of whom seems too sensitive in the wrong way and one who seems not to be sensitive enough in the right way. Greatly appreciate the angel thoughts to work with to resolve this situation.

  3. Immense gratitude for God’s power constantly working and available to us all regardless of any situation we are facing and which is expressed so beautifully through this blog. Thanks, Josef for reminding us that our environment is never”out of sync” – will carry that with me throughout my day. Peace and harmony to all!

  4. Thank you! I have recently been back in communication with a sibling that hasn’t spoken to me in years and have been praying about this relationship this helps greatly. This sense of knowing God is always in control.

  5. This is sooooo Good! Thanks, Evan! I seem to be very sensitive and can pick up a lot of stuff going on around me – not always Good. Working on this…..I say to myself: “I am sensitive to Good alone!”

  6. Thank you, Evan, and all for your comments. Being overly sensitive in the sense of being hurt by what others have done or said has been something I’ve had to work on over the years. We all live in the kingdom of heaven right now, where all is harmony. There are no accidents, no conflicts. Love alone is the atmosphere we live in because we live, and move, and have our being in God, in Love. It helps me to know that we are all one in Love. Whatever seems to have been bad or evil is not the truth, and it never happened. God, Love, is All.

  7. This is so very helpful! I need it a lot.
    Especially at church lately. Everyone has been on each other’s nerves and very unpleasant.
    Also, many friendships have been strained with the new trend of saying whatever comes to mind without filters.
    This is perfect! Thank you.

  8. Thank you! I recently read another article referencing that both male and female come from the same infinite mind and that there’s not Venus and Mars. The male I’m referring to seems to be overly sensitive and take offense easily. I’m so grateful for the corrective and hopeful New perspective on how to pray about it

  9. This is helpful for lots of other reasons, too. It seems that everywhere I look there are many things that need to be done, and I can’t do them all. And I can’t hire them done. So I fret over not being able to get them done, feeling guilty for not taking good enough care of everything. I need to be able to be patient and let God show me how,and when they will get done in due time, according to God’s holy plan for accomplishing good in Life….or maybe that these chores don’t really need to be done for life to feel good. Someone wrote an article not long ago suggesting that all the good accomplished all along the way to some healing we have been working toward, needs to be appreciated thankfully. Sensitive to all that has been accomplished and not sensitive to all that is left to do.

  10. It is a joy to have these timely messages both from Evan and others that can be applied in the home, church and daily activity. Chairing a HOA of a community of 163 families gives plenty of opportunity to think on today’s sharing. Thank you

  11. Great message! Thanks so much.

    As one who can be very sensitive, I well know the double edged sword. Learning to shut down the mortal mind arguments against harmony can be challenging, but CS is very helpful in doing this! On the one hand, it’s important to be alert to negative situations; on the other, it’s very easy to get bogged down in expecting negativity, rather than prayerfully handling it.

    I was praying this morning to know God’s omnipotence over all, that I don’t need to be affected by anything else. That is the key! Safe in God’s protection, we are in a position of strength – God’s strength! There, it’s easier to see through everything that tries to claim a lack of harmony.

  12. Thank you Evan, for this important message and that you make us dive a bit deeper into this matter.

    You are of course right that there are two different meanings. I understand, the one is “touchyness”, not belonging to God`s dear child, and the other one the good one is , to be sensitive for every Good and Lovelyness which is naturally given from God to His/Her expression man. And because God is only The Good, He/She cannot else but give a l l Good to man.

    MBE says in SH, that “the beautiful, the good and the pure are his (man`s) ancestors”;
    therefore we all cannot else but express these qualities! This is true also for those with whom we must make peace after the one or other s e e m i n g l y negative occation.

    I am still very grateful having been able and having had the opportunity watching the Annual Meeting of TMC yesterday – it was very inspiring and healing!

  13. Thank you Evan and all who have commented.
    The inspiration and confidence gained from reading everything here is so valued.

  14. Evan, this is a beautiful and inspirational piece, and so true! I am facilitate a mental health group at the prison where I work called Houses of Healing. It teaches a concept called “Forgiving on Neutral Territory” that involves a similar concept. It involves seeing through the negative surface behavior of others to their Core Self which is “loving, wise, and compassionate”. In other words to that Self that is of God and that reflects Love, Intelligence, Principle, Spirit, Soul, Truth, Life…all the qualities of God. It is amazing to watch these men who have struggled with negativity all of their lives begin to put this concept to work in their thinking. I have had the opportunity to see Love work in so many wondrous ways each time I facilitate this group. The field of Psychology is moving ever closer to reflecting the Truth that I have had the honor to know from the time I was a child. I am so grateful for the blessings that come from understanding the power of God’s Love.

  15. Tricia, you can! As Churchill advised, “Never, never, never give up!” Never give up on seeing all friendships and friends as being in truth mutually held in the arms of love. It may take a lifetime of thinking this way, but in what other way shall we hold our thoughts? The timetable of results may or may not be the one you want. But YOU will feel harmonious and peaceful, and your friends are bound to feel this loving atmosphere too. We all like to be with those who express love.

  16. Thank you, Evan for these healing thoughts! I have been praying about my relationship with my sisters, who haven’t spoken to me since our mom passed over a year ago. The truths you shared today will most definitely be included in my prayers! Hugs to you!

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