Being single and living in the good company of Christ

June 6, 2018 | 17 comments

Being single doesn’t mean living alone, or equate with being lonely, for God is always with you. Christ is a constant companion, and the most friendly, understanding, and comforting companion you could ever have.

17 thoughts on “Being single and living in the good company of Christ”

  1. Lovely, Evan. Reminds me of a favourite hymn:
    “I walk with Love along the way, and O it is a holy day
    No more I suffer cruel fear, I feel God’s presence with me here.
    The joy that none can take away is mine –
    I walk with Love to day.”

  2. So true , Evan!
    Even if I had a time after a second divorce, when I so struggled with the idea of being alone, feeling lonely , sad, I came after a few desperate and bad experiences to the conclusion that I could let God a try !!

    And YES , it feels like turning to the Original, toward the true and immediate Source of love, of care, comfort, help, guidance, presence , without having the need of anybody else, any of His wonderful reflections.

    I still cherish and love family, friends and being with people, but without them I really don’t feel alone! If a short moment of sadness tries to overcome me , I immediately turn to God, let Him fill all space in my thoughts with the gratitude of all He has already done for me or with reading or hymns (As Annepat mentions it, Hymn 139 is such a great help as well as many others). – and, believe me – this never takes longer than a few minutes before I feel happy and satisfied again . And that is going on for many years now !!

    So much gratitude for your blog , for your inspiration, Evan, it is a real blessing .


  3. I was single for the 10 years it took to learn this! The ability to stay satisfied, grateful, and surrounded by loving Presence is still mine and has never left me. The greatest gift I have ever known. Thanks Evan, for all the help this blog has given me.

  4. Years ago, God gave me the clarity and strength to end a marriage of nearly 25 years. I heard His voice so clearly (an experience I will never forget), and trusted without a doubt as to what needed to be done. Tops the best thing I have ever experienced and have been at peace knowing God is my companion. Whether married or single, we are never alone in any situation as God is continually with us to guide us. The power of the Christ shines on!

  5. A lovely reminder that single doesn’t mean “one”. I am “at one” with Christ and that means I am never alone. Companionship, comfort and help come from God’s thoughts in every moment if I turn my life over to Him. So grateful for this blog!

  6. I have also had to work out of the idea that being single means being alone after ending a 25 year marriage. God is a very present companion- which meets the human need in just the right way. I have found a much broader circle of friends acquaintances come into my life as I expand my sense of companionship. I have never been happier! It’s about growing spiritually, whether you’re married or not!

  7. I remember an article titled “There is no unmarried state” a friend once shared with me. It reminds me of Mrs. Eddy’s words, “…Love wedded to its own idea…”


  8. I don’t know if anyone was so fortunate to attend the Annual Meeting at The Mother Church on Monday, June 4, 2018 – either in person or online – but it was AMAZING!! And they ended with singing the Hymn, “I walk with Love along the way…..” Truly a comforting Hymn, assuring us of God’s Love and Companionship all along The Way!

  9. Ty, Evan & fellow blogger:Long ago I learned the difference between being “alone” and being “lonely”. I was divorced after 24 years and have enjoyed being “alone” ever since. I enjoy my “ freedom” to follow whatever path God plans for me Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

  10. Learning to be single does not mean being alone or lonely. Half my life I have been married and the last half single. It has all been very good. I have always loved seeing God expressed as my father, mother and husband. He is always shepherding his beloved children. Maybe being an only child has made me more receptive to living single. I love each moment of my life and I’m always grateful to see how God works with me . He provides all my needs, He is the best friend I could ever
    have and I always feel safe. I too have loved the hymn I Walk With Love. At a very early time I memorized all the verses. ” the joy that none can take away are mine. I walk with Love today .”

  11. AMEN to all of the comments – each and every one has expressed my feelings and experiences. The first verse of Hymn 139 quoted is a constant prayer. I not only “walk with Love” but I live with Love every moment of every day.

  12. Lovely thoughts from all! I, too, seem to have experienced being “alone.” Widowed, later divorced, and now happily married. I learned that we can think of “alone” as “all one”. We are one with God. We are complete no matter our marital status. My CS teacher told us that we have many companions and friends in the Bible, and we can always turn to them. I learned, too, that as I lived the qualities I wanted in a friend, companion, spouse, he (she) would appear in my life. And that’s what happened! “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

  13. When self-worth is not dependent on a community label; married, unmarried, race, religion, nationality, gender, affluence, location, species or any other label, what is left? God’s child/creation. Just enjoying it without any labels attached. Just watching and loving.

  14. Thanks Evan, and thanks to all the commenters!

    I have been single for 12 years now, and am so grateful for the time alone. For a while, I felt I wanted a relationship, so I prayed about it and realized what I really wanted was companionship. And I got it! New friends came into my life. My true need was met.

    I’d still like to have one eventually, but my standards are much higher now – I don’t feel I NEED one anymore, and I won’t settle for someone who doesn’t have the qualities I desire – and deserve. And, when I start feeling lonely, I look again – and am grateful for the many friends in my life.

  15. Oh Evan, how very comforting is your yesterday`s SpiritView – I feel totally wrapped up and hugged in and by Love, my Father-Mother and His Christ – no room for lonelyness!!!

    As God is our friend, our boss – our Life – He leads us to the right companionships and doings, as He knows everything we need – no room and opportunity for lonelyness as well.

    Am grateful for Christian Science the great healer of everything.

    Thanks all for your helpful and lovely comments! 😉

  16. Thank you for this beautiful message. I have only dated once in my life for about 7 months. We broke up, and I have been single ever since. I am at this point convinced I will be single for the rest of my life. I get frustrated with always being the third wheel when I go out with any ofy friends. Lately I have been working to just be close to God, He is my best friend and I canALWAYS count on Him. Your reminder of being at one with God is very comforting. Thank you Evan.

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