Don’t let another person’s false belief become your truth

June 7, 2018 | 27 comments

To stay healthy, happy and prosperous, it’s important to never let another person’s erroneous belief become your truth.

For instance, if another predicts you are going to suffer aches and pains from taking a vigorous hike in the mountains, don’t believe it! You don’t have to suffer. Your ability to hike with boundless joy, delight and health, and without pain, comes from God, and their opinion cannot rob you of that gift coming from God.

Or, if a family member predicts you are going to carry on an ailment that your parents suffered from, don’t believe it. Any ailment is belief only, never truth. What another person believed, even if your parents, does not have to become your belief—or truth! You are a creation of God, not of your parents, and God gives you eternal health to experience and live out.

Or, if a doctor examines your body and predicts the spread of a disease, don’t believe it. They are voicing opinion, not fact. What they see in the body is a current state of mortal belief governing that body. And if what they see is not good, it can be improved. Your ability to stay healthy and strong comes from God, and you can go to God, discover the truth about yourself more, destroy the false belief the doctor reported, and stay well.

Never buy into the belief of someone else if it is not in consonance with God’s reality.

God is Truth. For an opinion or belief to be true, it must be traceable back to God. If it can’t be traced back to God, then it should never carry the weight of truth in our mind.

Friends, family, and neighbors may voice countless opinions about what they think is true, but just because they voice it, doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s up to us to sort out fiction from fact and to decide what to believe and what not to believe. When we believe only what God would allow, we’ll always be in a safe place.

Only accept what God has to say about any situation, and live free.

27 thoughts on “Don’t let another person’s false belief become your truth”

  1. When we believe only what God would allow we will always be in a safe place.
    I love that statement! That’s living in reality!!

  2. Such wise advice Evan … SH 507:28 “Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source.” Beliefs have no foundation.

  3. Another name for God is TRUTH. So what God knows about you, alone is the Truth. Not what the doctor says, or heriditory claims. God is good and created the world in His own image, beautiful, good, pure and perfect. He knows no evil. Good has no consciousness of evil.
    “Become conscious for a single moment that life and intelligence are purely spiritual, neither in nor of matter, then the body will utter no complaints.”
    Once removed from consciousness the error disappears from the body too and you will find yourself healthy and good. So become conscious every single moment of good and good alone, because God is good and He fills all space. Where is there any room for error or disease? It’s plain logic so simple yet so powerful.

  4. One of my all-time favorite lines in Science and Health is on page 325. I call it TIG – TRUE idea of God (Good). It says, “…he who perceives the true idea of Life loses his belief in death. He who has the true idea of good loses all sense of evil.” The Christ IS the true idea of God. I always watch for this concept in our Bible Lessons and am happy and strengthened and grateful whenever I see it. It’s one of those astounding truths that help us “become conscious for a single moment…” It was an “Aha” moment for me when I first really recognized it. Thank you so much Evan for ANOTHER outstanding, helpful post.

  5. “Never buy into the belief of someone else if it is not in consonance with God’s reality.”
    That’s so powerful, Evan. Thank you! How much we generally consent to opinion as though it is fact.I love the idea of tracing each remark back to God. If you can’t, it’s human opinion and Mary Baker Eddy counsels us that human opinion is valueless. Only what God knows of us matters. The prophet Isaiah had it right: Ask me of things to come concerning my children……

  6. Timely and important. Suggestions of disease permeate the media. Even as I write this there is an ad for depression on the radio. These ads touting treatment are promotions for disease and death. Thank you Evan for sharing the truth with us.

  7. Thank you so much for that huge reminder! When I was a child, and didn’t feel like going to school, I would tell my mother I didn’t feel well and she would say “Did God tell you that?”

    Listening to other people’s opinions and suggestions, instead of God, will get us nowhere. It’s true when Mrs. Eddy said we should stand as the porter at the door of thought. Unfortunately, I’ve been known to look away and have suffered the consequences of listening to false opinions considered by others to be true. God is ALL.

  8. A perfectly timed reminder for me that Jesus – who no doubt faced a barrage of threats, opinions and innuendos every day of his mission with us – demonstrated the Father’s command for nonresistance. I have begun to realize that what others think and say about me must be what they believe possible for themselves, and that helps me see them in a different light. Again thanks for helping me remember God fills our every need through His ideas!

  9. Thank you. The garbage coming at you is endless. There is always more truth to be understood. The other day I acknowledge something that has been going on for decades. It was hard to grind out the understanding in words but amazing. I never saw it was mortal mind talking.

  10. Thanks so much! It’s so important to always be alert and watch what we are letting into our consciousness. Great ideas to put into practice and to share with others.

  11. Thank you Evan for this Great Post today. Very helpful, as ALL your Posts are. Each one meets a need and I am so Grateful for you and all the followers, who leave wonderful comments❤️caydee

  12. Many thanks for your insight truths!
    We do not suffer from the thoughts of others.
    We say after a thought, Thus saith the Lord. If from God then it is true if not from God then not true.
    This is our saving principle .

  13. Thank you Evan for this post. Sooooo important! I try to be alert and question “Is God telling me this? Is this what God knows about me?”

  14. Am very grateful, Evan, for today`s timely and so very important SpiritView.

    Oh yes, let`s only believe what God would allow, so that we`ll be always in a safe place. Such a wonderful Truth sentence from today`s SV because it brings us under God`s loving government and guidance.

    I like to put it like Annepat said, very helpful, thanks! And I also love that Truth sentence from SH, what Nergish wrote: “become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual …” – thank you for the reminder.

    And thank you all for your so inspired and helpful comments today! 😉

  15. Thank you so much for this post! Perfect timing for my family. I had a little baby girl two months ago. She started daycare when she was 6 weeks, and I had to go back to work. I can’t count the number of times I was told both before and after she was born that she would get sick from going to daycare. I honestly never gave it any thought knowing it wasn’t true, I work at a school and am always well. This week she’s been very snotty and a little fussy. The idea that I’ve been working with is that error has no premise, and working out from this truth. So thank you Evan for this timely post!❤️

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