No fogginess in Mind

June 8, 2018 | 16 comments

A businessman was confused about how to solve several pressing problems he faced at work. There were many factors to consider before deciding upon a course of action. Which direction to go was unclear. And he felt ignorant about vital facts he needed to understand before deciding what to do.

I shared with him that he didn’t have to figure this out alone. We discussed how there is one Mind over all of creation and that this one Mind understands every detail of every project before him. This truth, understood, would clear up the fogginess in his thought.

I thought about the Mt. Rainier National Forest near where I live. It’s a huge vast acreage, with millions of trees, flowers, plants and countless animals roaming its interior. Yet, the one Mind knows every tree, every fern, every creature, large and small, and keeps track of them all.

In the same way that Mind knows every detail of His forest, God knew every detail of the projects facing this man. God knew what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how to bring about the best outcome. As God’s businessman, this man reflected what God knew. So, every detail that this man needed to know was present in his Mind already, and he had spiritual sense to discern it.

The businessman quickly found peace, went to work, and had good results to report later.

There is no fogginess in divine Mind. It’s the human mind that gets foggy when it tries to do God’s job. The remedy is to honor the one Mind and follow its direction. With God in the lead, thought will clear and the correct path to take will become obvious.

“Listen as Wisdom calls out! Hear as understanding raises her voice!
“My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those with knowledge” Proverbs 8:1,9, NLT.

16 thoughts on “No fogginess in Mind”

  1. It’s the human mind that gets foggy when… When? When it tries to do God’s job. The remedy is Proverbs 8 vs 1 & 9 NLT
    Love this!!

  2. Oh, how very wonderful understandable showing God`s Love to His creation, man; thank you very much Evan!

    I notice that a reader in church can pray with your so clear divine Truths, in order to find the most suitable passages for the Wednesday reading.

    It is the last passage of your SpiritView above the absolute inspiring and true Bible verses which are to be followed in prayer. Am so grateful for it!

  3. Wonderful Reminders, Evan. Thank you for listening and sharing.

    Now, SpiritViewFan: acknowledge that God HAS given you the understanding to know Him and to let Him continue to run HIS Universe harmoniously.

    Relax into this glorious truth!!

  4. Evan, thank you for this post. A member of our family is faced with sorting through some important details right now. They are not life-changing, but they are legally important with some financial implications, and I am involved. Knowing that the master detail-sorter, Mind, is right there, always, to help and serve as an inspirational source, is certainly comforting, reassuring, and enabling.

  5. I definitely can relate!! Always something needs addressing sitting in this position as a business owner. (The most humbling job one can take on.) Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us, Evan!

  6. Spot ON , thankyou Evan. Many irons in my fire today. Thanks for the urgent reminder! Divine Mind knows the path. I can folllow it!

  7. Thanks for this clear explanation of how God works and helps us. I needed this thought today as I am working on some important details and paperwork of a legal matter. So good to know God is in charge, knows our needs and leads us in the right path. Divine Mind is the only intelligence and power blessing all!

  8. Mrs Eddy’s paragraph with the marginal heading of “Scientific Obstetrics” can also be helpful when seeking a new idea or way to do something.

  9. Thanks so much for just the thought I need in facing a difficult decision. Mind has just the right answer and I can leave it to God, divine Mind, to reveal it to me.

    How deeply grateful I am, Evan, for all of the spiritual views you share with us so generously!

  10. I shared these very thoughts with a family member who called me today distressed by a situation and a decision that needs to be made. I told her that her only real parent, her Father-Mother God, would give her an answer that would be satisfactory for all concerned. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5,6

  11. This is so true! I find that I have to remind myself of this regularly, and when I do, things seem to fall into place so perfectly.

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