Don’t cry helplessness. Exercise your dominion.

June 11, 2018 | 9 comments

God gave man dominion over the earth and everything upon it, the Bible tells us (Genesis 1:26). As children of God, this dominion belongs to you and me.

Have you ever considered what kind of awesome power this reality gives you over the human experience?

Possessing dominion from God over what happens on earth means that we are never helpless. There is never a situation in which we should feel a victim or victimized. We have spiritual power over it. We do not have to serve it, bow down to it or suffer from it. With God’s help, we can master adversity. “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

In everyday experience, there may be times when we feel like we are out of control of our circumstances, and thus justified in pleading helplessness. Perhaps we feel at the mercy of a merciless boss, or victimized by a selfish spouse, plagued by a disease, or stuck under a tyrannical government. Whatever the oppressor appears to be, it’s a lie about God’s government of the universe. And the demand is to prove God in control, rather than a belief that evil has power.

God’s universe is spiritual and governed by a Mind of Love. There are no oppressive forces in God’s universe. There is only Love, good, harmony, peace, health and dominion to experience and express. As we consciously live in God’s universe of Mind, and accept spiritual reality as our only reality, we feel God’s dominion over the earth, and can exercise it.

Jesus Christ showed us the way. He demonstrated dominion over the entire human experience. He mastered disease, insanity, lack, the weather, political persecution, injustice, death and more, through understanding God’s absoluteness. He said we can do the same if we faithfully follow his teachings and way of life.

You are never helpless. God is your Helper and never fails to provide what you need to triumph over any opposition to good in your life.

Claim your God-given dominion over the earth and everything that happens on it. Assert your role as a child of God to express God’s dominion over His creation. Seek out spiritual solutions that resolve any threat you see. With God’s help, make it go away. Prove that God is in control causing only good things to happen.

9 thoughts on “Don’t cry helplessness. Exercise your dominion.”

  1. Dear Evan,
    Recently you have told us not to be bored, be productive and have fun. All by seeking spiritual things. This is all well and good but we are here on this planet with 7 billion+ other individuals all of us surrounded 24/7 by material things. And now, have total dominion! I love your posts but at times they seem a bit overwhelming. Where is all this spiritual stuff you talk about, that will keep us interested, productive, happy and now dominant? At times we have to deal with those other “un-enlightened” people who surround us and it is extremely difficult. Again, where is all this 24/7 spiritual stuff? Just asking.

    1. Hi Jim,

      It’s in Mind! Only mortal mind gets frustrated when it tries to find spiritual good in material and mortal circumstances. It will be very disappointed. But when one understands that all good is in Spirit, one looks to Spirit for it, and finds it.

      Jesus taught us to leave material sense behind. Don’t look to it for any help or hope. Look solely to Spirit. “Follow me,” he said, and he left the matter sense behind for eternal happiness and joy in Spirit. You can too! We do it step by step…

        1. Hi Jim,

          Good thing we don’t have the responsibility to make the spiritual be true, as it is already done. That is the good news Jesus came to show us. We need only to “touch the hem”, to accept all as Spirit, spiritual, and find peace. We don’t have to figure it all out at once. The outcome takes care of itself…


  2. A wonderful SpiritView, Evan, thank you so much. I have just shared it with my brother who is getting a bit depressed about life in general.

  3. Thank you, dear Evan for today`s so very needed and, yes, so practical SpiritView!

    If one uses his spiritual mind to understand and be inspired by the weekly lesson sermon of Christian Science one will understand the spiritual world better which God created in His great Love and through His spiritual law, which governs His whole universe in complete harmony.
    Whatever mesmerism seems to disturb us, be it “other un-enlightened people” or so is a lie about God`s loved child. Also those we believe to have problems with, are the loved children of God.

    Of course we have to pray to prove this Truth, and to prove that GOD is in control of His whole creation, as Evan puts it. But we can do it, we can pray to let God improve our spiritual understanding. Actually i s God our understanding.

    Not only Christ Jesus, but also the prophets and Mary Baker Eddy really claimed her God-given dominion over the earth and everything that happened on it.
    Mrs. Eddy for instance could through her clear understanding chase dark rain clouds away, or let the dry well immediately be filled with water, though it did not rain a drop.

    Yes, it is overwhelming, but it is wonderfully doing us good and healing us.

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