Shift focus on getting rid of a problem to understanding truth

February 23, 2021 | 31 comments

I hear often from patients statements like, “I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of this problem, but it won’t go away!”

There’s a tendency of the human mind to believe that evil is real and needs to be gotten rid of, as if it’s a real thing that needs to be removed.

But as Jesus Christ taught, evil is a lie (John 8:44). A lie is not a substantive thing that needs to be disposed of. It’s an illusion that needs to be replaced with truth.

The best way to get rid of a problem is to focus on the spiritual truth that proves the problem unreal.

It’s like a musician learning a new piece of music. If he hears a mistake while practicing, he consults his music to see how the notes are supposed to be played. He then plays the correct notes, and the mistake vanishes.

Healing is the same way. Trouble, sickness, conflict, fear, problems, and their kin are mistaken views of the harmonious Life God has given us to live. They are like mistakes a pianist makes when learning new music.

To get rid of the mistakes, seek out Truth, the spiritual truth about God. Truth is the “music,” to consult when seeking spiritual healing.

As we follow the music of Truth, mistaken views and beliefs dissolve and healing happens. The problems go away.

A problem is not a real thing to get rid of. It’s an opportunity to understand Truth better.

31 thoughts on “Shift focus on getting rid of a problem to understanding truth”

  1. Thank you so much Evan.
    Elgar’s Violin Concerto is playing alon the car rafio, which aligns with your photo so beautifully!
    About to head in to a visit, I am looking forward to diving into your View later, also the wonderfully inspiring comments which always add to the light.


  2. Such a timely reminder Evan, thank you!

    “It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 390:7–9)

  3. Love your analogy, Evan. As a painist I can identify with the musical example. Sometimes
    the mistakes made when learning a new piece are easy to correct, but sometims they need
    a lot of really thoughtful and dedicated work to correct them. One has to put the
    correct understanding of what is written into practice, and do the required practice until it all falls
    into place. The musician knows that the written music is correct and he wants to discover
    the complete appearance of what it is conveying, therefore he persistently works at it. Sometimes
    a difficulty has arisen, and I have worked and worked at trying to get it right, and then praying
    about a solution (which I should have done in the first place!) suddenly just a subtle change
    of fingering which I hadn’t thought of, comes to light, and it all works perfectly.

    So it is in the practice of Christian science – the solution is always in God’s hands, no matter
    how hard the problem seems to be. When we turn to God with our problems and seek
    the spiritual understanding we need to a problem, He always gives us the correct answer
    to correct our thoughts with the Truth that makes us free, and bring us peace and healing.

    1. Thanks Ken that is exactly right. When we have got the correct interpretation of music or the scriptures, it is the feeling that goes behind the demonstration that makes all the difference.

  4. I remember when at school in a music class we had to play a line of music with the recorder. Many pupils scored 5 out of 5, but the teacher gave one child 6 because he had not just played the notes, but played what they meant. Truth is Spirit, Soul, and only knows itself. Inspiration drops the mortal for the immortal, and Mind is directing us to the tune (Truth) we need.

  5. We all know this but sometimes we really need to hear it using a fresh metaphor, so that it really hits home! Thanks for this today Evan.

  6. Excellent, Evan! A wonderful reminder not to get caught up with the mistaken concept, but to correct it. I love the analogy of solving math problems as well. We don’t study our mistake and fuss over it to correct it. We correct it with the truth of mathematics. 2 plus 2 does not equal 5 (not wasting my time thinking it does). 2 plus 2 equals 4. Period. Obviously it’s not this cut and dry, but it points to our need to get out of the problem and claim the truth about it. Really appreciate the comments. Thank you, Evan for bringing us fresh ideas every day.

  7. Thank you so much for this reminder this morning, Evan. Very timely for me. Enjoy reading all the musical analogies and comments as well.

  8. This is one of my favorite turn to statements, “ .undivorced from truth, uncontaminated, and unfettered by human hypothesis, and divinely authorized.”

    I turn to these promises often.
    Undivorced from health, love, joy …
    Uncontaminated by false thinking
    Unfettered by anything not from God.

    I think this is appropriate to use because we are church lived.

  9. It just came to me that we could start each day
    of living church, being a healing church, a healed
    church by affirming these promises.

    By church I’m referring to thought.

  10. So, if the human, erroneous concept seems to be taking hold …even before becoming aware of any detailed prayer concerning the healing thought we need to adjust things….isn’t it just wonderful to be able to stop in our tracks and know that Divine Mind is constantly there, ready to reveal that answer, directing our purpose , revealing the spiritual Truth of our being.

    ‘Truth, God continually makes us new. Every moment of every day brings a fresh beginning.’ 11Cor.4
    Thank you Evan . Love to all❣️

  11. I love this message today!
    Simple yet perfect.
    I will follow the “Music of Truth” more than ever.
    I sure hope you understand how truly helpful you are Evan.
    I have gratitude for Spirit View on a daily basis.

  12. Love the message today. So simple, but I seem to always need the reminder. We’re not fixing matter – we’re knowing there isn’t any.
    Thank you all!

    1. Yes so true, we all need this reminder often, I know I do. So good to hear it framed in fresh, new ways from Evan so we can reinforce the truth. Love the way you said it, “we’re not fixing matter, we’re knowing there isn’t any!!” Thanks CRL!

  13. Thank you so much Evan.for this and all of the editions of Spirit View.
    So simple. We don’t need countless books on how to live a harmonious life. Just turn to the Bible, understand its meaning, courtesy of MBE’s Science & Health with Key To the Scriptures, pray and follow God’s Word to our ablest.

  14. Thanks Evan… beautiful analogy, so simple, yet profound… also loving the comments… what came to mind immediately for me? “The music of the heart” it’s always right here within each heart ready to be discovered…that seed within, the Kingdom of Heaven, having everything needed, and nothing taken from it…

    I too often go to those words uncontaminated and unfettered by human hypotheses and divinely authorized… Authored… Liked the idea of adding uncontaminated and unfettered love joy peace abundance

  15. I loved the comparison of errorful lies to mistaken notes a musician might play, and consulting the sheet music (Truth), to see the true harmony.

    Another statement that jumped out at me was, “A problem is not a real thing to get rid of. It’s an opportunity to understand Truth better.” Thank you for that!

  16. Thank you Evan. Wonderful reminders of not trying to patch things up but seeing that there is really nothing to patch up!!

  17. Thank You Evan and every contributor here, I love my go-to “counsellor”, listen to my Christ, the still small voice in times of need, confusion and conflict, for the Truth that will free me and the right idea correcting my thinking. I often get fresh and new divine perspective to ideas I have been given before and expect the idea that I hear will clarify my understanding of give me a completely new view of myself and whatever the case maybe no longer linger as a problem, it was just a false impression, now corrected. If it is matter related , I remember to declare matter(material stuff) is innocent as it is not intelligence, and the result is there is no fixing to matter required.

  18. Am very grateful Evan for your helpful and uplifting SpiritView today! It gives me very much! So it gives me a clearer understanding of truthfull thinking. Thank you for the last two thoughts which corrects it all : “A problem is not a real thing to get rid of. It’s an opportunity to understand Truth better.” Wonderful – and thanks also for the lively comparison with playing music correctly according to the right notes.
    Thank you Angie for the link to that helpful article. ♡

  19. I heard a Sentinel Watch this week where Andrea Jenks McCormick said that she was told that a problem she had was not real, but a shadow on her consciousness. And that sunlight (the sunlight of Truth) is how you get rid of shadow. That goes so well with Evan’s message.

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