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February 24, 2021 | 31 comments


Would you like to have a better experience at home, the office, or wherever you happen to be? It’s possible, with a change in outlook.

Let the Mind of God inspire your point of view and lift your experience to a more positive level.

I share how to move from a demoralized human stance to an inspired perspective in this video filmed while hiking last October in the Zion National Park in Utah.

31 thoughts on “Improve your experience”

    1. Thanks Angie this was so helpful. Todays Daily Lift really goes along with todays blog and the article. I so appreciate everyones coments today and every day. Much Love to all.

    1. What a beautiful video both visually and metaphysically. Stig thanks for the Louis Armstrong quote. What a wonderful world it is when we have the mind of Christ. When we have been transformed through the renewing of our thoughts and feelings that we now see what God sees and we rejoice in ever present good..

  1. How I love your blog today Evan! How perfect!

    I can hike to my employment in the cafeteria with a great state of Mind.
    Thank you.

  2. Love the photo/image of the harmonious hiking couple. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God [Mind]…” Thank you Evan for this uplifting vlog!

  3. Beautiful! ♥️

    My husband wanted to walk over two miles to a restaurant for dinner. I worked in the garden and seemed to do something to a leg. I got to the
    corner one house away and thought this isn’t going to happen. But the words “ I walk with love along
    The way” came to thought. I thought what good is
    that, I’m walking with my husband and it isn’t
    Instantly the words switched to, I walk as love
    along the way, so I can only see and feel love.
    I walk as Truth so everything I see and feel is
    Truth in action. I went through the synonyms
    and had a lovely walk, which meant I had the
    same walk back.
    This came to thought this morning because a
    granddaughter has two college exams today.
    I sent these ideas to her this morning, saying we
    do everything in thought, so she can walk as
    intelligence, confidence, peace, joy.

  4. I should have said I had a lovely walk because I
    had a healing before I reached the restaurant.
    The walk back was joy-filled because of seeing it
    wasn’t a physical excursion, but a mental
    affirmation of God/good.

  5. This is my first comment here and it is in response to Monday’s blog comments. Since it would likely not be read if posted in the Monday comments, I am posting it here. The prevailing topic was divine and romantic Love/love. I learned a lot from the comments posted that day. I have been searching for romantic love much more than I have actually experienced it over the years. When you realize that a long time has gone by without your desires being answered, you can get discouraged wondering why Mary Baker Eddy’s statement at the bottom of page 1 of the textbook about desire is prayer does not appear to apply to you. Some of you mentioned online dating. That can be another source of discouragement when you consider that as part of your profile that you have to submit, you have to list your age. I don’t want to be identified by such a materialistic measurement as that. So I refrain from online dating in part because like the woman mentioned on page 245 of the textbook, I do not look anything close to what my age is. Which is why I have no interest in revealing my age since it corroborates the MBE phrase, ‘a material, theoretical life-basis is found to be a misapprehension of existence’.

  6. Evan,
    I love this Spiritview – so true! Lovely pictures of the slot canyon too!
    If you apply this to a pandemic, there are people doing just fine walking over the waves even as others appear to be sinking in a sea of fear. We all can walk on the waves even as we all can enjoy the wonders of hiking through a slot canyon. One of the best Spiritviews ever!

  7. What a lovely lesson via your beautiful vlog today Evan…thank you so much. Our experiences are wonderful, fulfilling and eternal as we see them coming constantly and lovingly from God. You are so right that it is so important to begin with what Gods gifts are and how we can use and reflect them both for us and others. Thanks to Angie for the link to The 12 Mile Drive. So appropriate. Also it is lovely for M to have shared her healing with us. Great day to all.❣️

  8. Really liked this blog. It was very helpful and the video was beautiful. Thanks for the uplift! I enjoyed the Sentinel article Angie mentioned, too.

  9. A wonderful blog indeed. So helpful for a number of reasons. God bless you, Evan, and all of your subscribers here.

  10. Later today I am attending, on Zoom, a funeral service for a cousin who suddenly passed a few days ago. That is my “hike” today. I’m feeling uneasiness anticipating this event, and sadness. I’ll ponder both Evan’s message and Angie’s shared article to help lift thought to know that I and all the attendees, and my cousin, are continually bathed in Divine Love. A kind Spiritview commenter on 2/22, Mj in Idaho, kindly shared that thought in reply to my comment that day, and their reply ended with, “Be still and rest in that Love,” and I will.

    The photo up top felt otherworldly to me, expressing the majesty and vastness and sheer beauty of God’s universe.

    From Angie’s article, “Love, redolent with unselfishness, bathes all in beauty and light” (Science and Health, p. 516). Looked up the word “redolent” it means fragrant and sweet smelling. Blessings to all and I’m grateful for this forum where Truth is spoken!

    1. Hi Rose,
      I want to share something with you. Today, I was speaking on the phone with a man when in the background a baby started to cry. He said “I’m babysitting my granddaughter.” Later, he called back and again as we were talking, we heard a baby in the background. He said again, “I am babysitting my granddaughter. Her father died.” At first I was tempted to feel sorry for this baby because she would grow up not knowing her father. But, then the thought came, she gets to know her grandfather! What a gift as her grandfather was so full of grace! Everyone at that funeral gets to celebrate the life of someone they had the privilege of knowing. Wrap yourself and everyone else up in that blanket of love. You have been blessed to know that person! That person has been blessed and continues to be blessed on their journey as well. In Misc Writings Mary Baker Eddy says on page 355, “To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea.” Much love to you!

      1. Kirsten, Thank you so much for sharing with me your kind and loving truths.

        The funeral on Zoom took place a couple of hours ago. I had written on an index card how love was embracing us all and I kept that in front of me. I also had jotted down some of the God qualities that my cousin had expressed in her life. It was a small gathering and a few people shared things they remembered about her and I mentioned how I appreciated her humor/radiant smile, generosity, intelligence and kindness. It was a peaceful experience, though still a little residual sadness. All the best to you!

        1. Rose,
          I am grateful you had that time with your family to celebrate her wonderful qualities. A big hug and much love to you!

  11. Your great video brought back a flood of good memories when we walked the same Narrows with our teenage children decades ago. We were all quite happy on that adventure even though the wading on an unsteady rock creekbed in our sandals was not easy for any of us.

    We also hiked the beautiful Angels Landing in Zion Park – such an appropriate name for this glorious monolith – early on that hot summer morning. We were so glad we had been lead to tackle the strenuous trail before the sun was high and hot. All of these experiences were elevated by our expectant thoughts and proved to be joyful all the way.

    Thank you Evan for all you do for me. And thank you to all inspired contributers here.


  12. On my way to grocery shopping and will keep your uplifting thoughts as
    My companion. Always. appreciative of your travel experiences as these
    parks are areas Inhave never been and the scenery is wonderful..

  13. I often give a little ” What a Wonderful World” book (and a CD that I burn with that song on it) to children. If they read it before bedtime, maybe they will rest in the beauty, comfort, and love that surrounds them and awake with that same sense of God’s loving embrace and see our wonderful world! Thank you, Stig, for bringing Louis Armstrong’s beautiful song to mind, and thank you, Evan, and all for your wonderful and inspired thoughts on helping us stay on the right path and seeing God’s beautiful creation.

    1. Bea, what a loving gesture to give out the books and burn a CD for the children. We are all God’s children and could certainly gain much from going to sleep filled with thoughts of God’s “loving embrace” and “wonderful world.”

  14. Thanks, Angie, for the link to another inspiring article. And thanks, CPL. for the link to that helpful article.
    What a blessing all of the comments are in addition to Evan’s vlog.

  15. Thank you very much, Evan for that wonderful Vlog. I laughed with you about that differently minded couple and about your adventurous wanderung in the rough water through the Slot Canyon. But you give us a lesson with it. This evening I took the courage to drive to church although it was dark which I do not like so much. But I took Christ Jesus’ words to heart from this week’s lesson sermon which was like this: “I am the light of the world, whosoever follows me shall not be in darkness, rather he shall have the light” So this illuminated my thinking and brought me safely home without being afraid. I thank God for CS and thank you all for inspired comments!

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