Feeling secure

February 25, 2021 | 28 comments


If you’d like to feel more security in your life, put your faith in something that is secure!

Finding security can be like walking across a roaring stream looking for rocks to step on and get to the other side safely. If you place your foot on a strong embedded rock that doesn’t move, you feel secure. If you put your foot on a wobbly rock that teeters in the water, you worry about tripping and falling.

To walk through life feeling secure, place your mental feet on the Rock of Truth and stand strong!

The Rock of Truth is God. God is the one thing you can count on.

God is always present. God sustains your life and health forever. No matter what material sense reports about a wobbly life in matter, your Life in Spirit is set and secure and in no danger of infringement, hurt, harm or loss. It’s forever safe and sound, reliable, dependable, and certain.

For greater security, put your faith in something you can trust. Put your faith in God and say good-bye to anxiety.

Life with God is a place of absolute peace, serenity, dominion, and control.

Life with God is the most secure life you could ever have.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Security for the claims of harmonious and eternal being is found only in divine Science” (Science and Health, p. 232). Divine Science is a knowledge of God.

Seek a knowledge of God and live secure.

28 thoughts on “Feeling secure”

  1. “Put your faith in God and say goodbye to anxiety.” I like that image, waving goodbye and good riddance to anxiety or any sense of insecurity about our good. Our good is in God, who is constant, so our good is uninterrupted.

    “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. (Psalm 91)

    I’ve heard it’s called “the secret place” because error can’t get in, can’t even find it. Very grateful to share and learn and be inspired by Evan and the awesome SpiritViewers, a community of enlightened thinkers. Adorable pic of two cozy, content pups feeling secure!

  2. Am also very thankful for your clear and loving inspiration, dear Evan, where to find real safty. I love this passage from Science and Health! And I thank you dear Rose for the so wonderful Psalm 91.
    Yes,”Life with God is the most secure Life we could ever have” and therefore let’s acquaint ourselves with Thee, and be at peace…” A hymn is going like this. Am deeply grateful Evan brings us God’s goodness and omnipresence and omnipotence and allness so near!♡

  3. Whatever the pace of our learning about The Christ in our lives…whatever the extent of our demonstration of the Truth of Gods care….we have eternity and unfailing Love and security on our side for this journey .
    ‘The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms!.’ Deut 33.v27
    What a promise! Thank you for Spirit View Evan. Happy Day to all.❣️

  4. Evan your clear and helpful comments remind me of the beautiful words in hymn 293: “Rock of ages, Truth divine,/Be Thy strength forever mine;”
    God is that refuge from all wrong – from feeling hurt, misunderstood, abandoned in any way. Love, God lifts me up above the storm and sets me free. Gently placed me upon that rock of ages where I stand secure.

  5. I so needed to read and absorb this beautifully inspired treatment today. So grateful to you, Evan, and more thanks than you can ever know. I have just worked through a very difficult situation and this treatment really shores up my demonstration.

  6. I tried to send a picture of a heart at the base
    of a tree the resembles the heart in today’s
    Evan’s use of “wobbly” and the picture made
    me think of pictures I’ve taken of hearts. I have
    42 ♥️ pictures on my phone. They all all appeared
    during wobbly times.
    They are etched in sidewalks, clouds, and more.
    Three snow hears came at different times when
    most needed.
    It’s almost worth wobbly times to be greeted by
    an unexpected ♥️

    1. Truly it’s the heart of divine Love you seek and find because You express Love as a child of God and” Love never loses sight of loveliness”- the heart is a symbol you can “perceive and understand”.
      Maybe your 42 hearts should be published and shared!
      It’s inspirational !

      1. I think I recall in one of the biographies of MBE, an incident in which she noticed an elastic band had landed in the shape of a heart, and drew a meaning from it. But it’s a long time since I read it. Thank you Evan for your daily inspiration.

  7. Sincerely beautiful, as always, Evan, with the delightful picture of two snuggly doggies wrapped in a heart❤️
    Thank you, Rose, for writing that the “‘secret place of the most High’ is where error can’t get in, can’t even find it.”
    That’s where I want to dwell!
    Thanks to dear Evan and all my dear fellow SpiritViewers❤️

  8. All, this mornings declaration has helped me, too. Many thanks to everyone for freeing from bonds of anxiety.

  9. Thank you Evan. This post has shored me up and a dear sister I had forwared it on to; she had been struggling with a health issue and informed me that this post really helped her alot.

  10. I loved the doggies snuggled up securely in the heart! Our pets are so willing to trust in a care beyond their own and to be content to just be at our side. What an example for us to just trust in our Father/ Mother God and be content to rest in that Love which takes perfect care of us.”Cast your burdens on the Lord and trust his constant care” as the hymn says.

  11. I am here every morning but seldom post. This morning all you wonderful people expressing so much love and steadfastness bring me to tears … of thankfulness. And determination to place my feet upon God and spiritual rocks!!

  12. Loved M’s report of 42 heart pictures. What a cool thing to do. WinderFULL idea. I’m going to start searchiing my life too for ❤️ pictures. Looking forward to ❤️s showing up just when I need them too.. but then… a Love ❤️s natural example is good anytime!

  13. Evan, the photos you choose always so perfectly depict your subject for the day. This one particularly touches my heart. Thank you. Much love to all.

  14. I am also here every morning but I believe I have posted only once. Evan, you do not realize how much SpiritView and all the readers have done for me with their comments I also have tears in my eyes thinking back to when my mom had sent me many Sentinels and I never read them. I was raised in Christian Science and I drifted away from it when in my early 20s. My mom never gave up on me. My son was injured in wrestling and I asked my mother if she would pray for him. She said to me, “Denny you can pray for him”. That is what led me back into C.S.. I started attending the C.S. church in the next town. I eventually joined that church and the Mother Church and a few years later I had class instruction. Thankfully all of this took place before my mom passed 2 years later. I am sure that she was happy for me. Christian Science has helped me to deal with the passing of my dad, younger and older brother, and my mother. I do apologize to all of you. I have been sharing in the harvest of all of you and I will try to do my part. I guess I have felt like I could not contribute any more. God bless you all for what you have done for me.

    1. Dear Dennis, you need not apologize at all. I am sure we all are happy that we could give you some good thoughts and comfort with our comments. And I am so thankful for your today’s comment, and that God lead you all the time until today, where you are happily back in Christian Science, in the loving arms of the Church of Christ Scientist! much Love to you from the whole SpiritView family !!! ♡

    2. Dennis, your humility in sharing is so beautiful and powerful! It gives many of us hopeful expectancy for our own loved ones who have been distracted from the spiritual life. Nothing can keep us from our God-given wisdom, grace and healing love. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    3. Dennis, I appreciate your humble comments. I don’t believe you need to apologize for not posting comments. Just coming here and reading and feeling uplifted and grateful and sending love from your heart is quite a lot. When I first found Spiritview I also felt like I didn’t have much to contribute, maybe that I didn’t know enough to share something useful. Then I realized the comments I began to share were not really coming from “me” but through me, just whatever God put into my thought on that topic. Whether you comment or not I’m glad you’re here.

  15. Thank you Dennis for sharing your story, and what a beautiful and inspiring one it is.
    And thanks, Angie, for the link to another helpful article. All of your research is greatly appreciated.

  16. These wonderful & inspiring thoughts were not enough for my rough time. So I pictured, and tried to actually feel God Spirit in the very air I was breathing, so I was filled with Spirit with every breath. No room for the darkness . “There is no spot where God is not.” It helped to feel that His/Her arms were embracing me with Love & healing, that there was nothing else but Spirit in the atmosphere, nothing else to fill me. (Sorry not easy to describe.)

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