Harbor no fear of temperature

February 26, 2021 | 42 comments

Temperature checks are popping up all over the place these days as businesses, employers and health facilities seek ways to determine whether patrons may have Covid or not. These health checks are a grand opportunity to know the truth about temperature to keep one from being flagged as anything less than in good health.

Mary Baker Eddy told the truth about temperature regulation when she wrote, “Mind regulates the condition of the stomach, bowels, and food, the temperature of children and of men, and matter does not” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 413).

As a child of God, divine Mind regulates every quality and condition of your existence, keeping all in balance, determining good health without any factor too high or too low, but always just right.

A child of God is not a mortal in flux, susceptible to material influences that may adversely impact health. A spiritual being is affected only by Spirit, maintained by Love, and held steadfast in Truth. A spiritual being doesn’t “run a temperature.” A spiritual being reflects the consistency and constancy of God’s good health.

See yourself as a spiritual being!

It helps to understand that a virus does not affect the temperature of the body. A virus is whatever the human mind fretting about the virus decides it to be, so be sure to decide on the side of Mind in control of one’s health, and not a virus.

Under divine Mind’s government fear of running a temperature vanishes. The spiritual truths of divine Mind keep your thought in a good place, the body in healthy shape, and your life moving forward without hindrance from false beliefs about temperature, health and disease getting in the way from whatever direction they may come.

Under God’s government, you are safe and well.

Have no fear of temperature. Master it with spiritual truth and make it a non-issue.

Prove Mind in control and stay well.

42 thoughts on “Harbor no fear of temperature”

  1. Thank you, Evan – a very helpful topic to work with, and one i haven’t noticedas having been
    addressed in C.S. up to now.
    I looked up the word ‘temperature’ and one definition says:” the degree of excitement or tension in a discussion or confrontation:
    So with the spiritual Truths of divine Mind keeping our thoughts in a good place wherever we are,
    and with everyone we come into contact with -( i.e. in accord
    with Christ’s teachings, so beautifully explained in this week’s Lesson Sermon,) we can fee safe
    and secure from the belief of a destructive virus and any other false material sickly beliefs.

  2. Thanks Evan. I especially liked these lines…”A spiritual being doesn’t “run a temperature.” A spiritual being reflects the consistency and constancy of God’s good health. A virus is whatever the human mind fretting about the virus decides it to be, so be sure to decide on the side of Mind in control of one’s health, and not a virus.”
    I’m sure I am not alone in feeling sick to death of hearing about this virus, however, we cannot just say “I’m sick of this and I’m going to ignore it” when there is so much fear about (False Evidence Appearing Real) We really do have to stay vigilant in our thought about this..being tired of all the disease promotion going on doesn’t heal the situation…so thank you again for being so constant in your understanding of how to not just deny this, but to NEUTRALISE this error to nothing !

  3. The fear of having a temperature is not what we should be praying about or trying to heal. The error that you are compelled to take this test to further take away your identity, perpetuate fear and in violation of your civil rights is what we should be trying to heal. Making something out of nothing for the sake of control is the real pandemic.

    1. I agree totally that many are held captive in irrational fear as they have allowed themselves to be and even get angry at others who are not afraid. It reminds me of the the line in the Rudyard Kipling poem “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.” Turning to God keeps my head about me. God is All, not error.

      1. Seek the TRUTH, Reveal the TRUTH, Live the TRUTH, be fearless. . . . Love all.
        He who compromises with error, hides the TRUTH.

      2. Tracy, your comment made me think of this bible statement,
        “And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.
        And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. (Mark 4:37-39)

        The disciples seemed astonished and angry that Jesus was not afraid or disturbed by the appearance of the “storm.” But he was calm in knowing the Truth that all was well in God and he could claim that truth and see it manifested. Same for us in any of our “storms.”

  4. Thank you Evan, for reminding us of our impenetrable spiritual identity. Nothing can touch God’s creation (our true
    self) but Divine Love. God is truly All in All. We truly live and move and have our being in our living Father Mother God.

  5. Thank you Evan, for this vital reminder. We always need to keep in mind, moment by moment, to “keep our cool” physically, mentally and especially emotionally. The government is upon His shoulders, in every corner of the world, now! Cool and in control, that’s our Father Mother God’s job. We are all so blessed. Thank you everyone.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rick, to “keep our cool”. I love Evan’s comment that we look at temperature-taking as an opportunity to align our thoughts w God/Truth. The Truth of our forever health supports itself and always triumphs. It also helps to create an atmosphere of peace and ease, rather than dis-ease, in our community. An inspiration I received from praying w our Golden Text this week is that the Christ is destroying the distractions and untruths in our lives and is restoring, or bringing to light, our purity, honesty, health, joy and blessed activity. Praise be to God for the progress being made in so many avenues of our lives, including a fuller sense of justice and equity for all.

  6. This is no longer being done where I live, at least not in the places I frequent. But when it was, it was wildly off the mark anyway. One time it said 91 which would have meant I was dead of hypothermia!
    Never was accurate, even from a human standpoint. I think many business establishments were doing this to avoid paying fines for not following CDC guidelines, but the results in every case were inaccurate.

  7. Roger, yes I really believe it is an infringement on our beliefs. And do is all the other things we hear about it day after day. But in God is our true identity. And nothing no thing can ever take that away.

    1. Agreed . . . “Ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free”. Been reading that on the wall at church for 60+ years. Jesus came to reveal the TRUTH. MBE explained those truths such that we can “Apply the Science of those Truths”. Are we TRUTH seekers? Can we disern the TRUTH when we look at or experience something? Revealing the TRUTH is at the core of CS. We must be careful that we are not trying to heal a symptom . . . but rather the REAL LIE that is trying to make us believe one thing and not another. My daily prayers are focused on revealing the TRUTH about what is really happening in our world today and healing that. All else will dissipate into the nothingness from whence it came. Your temperature is meaningless . . . . to anyone. Thats not why it is being taken.

      1. Yes. I am finding that little by little, the Truth IS being revealed in many different ways, often in least unexpected ways. Sometimes it Seems these errors are gotten away with for a while, but the truth, … the TRUTH … always wins in the end. Collective thoughts along these lines are so helpful and refreshing in really Knowing what the TRUTH really is.

  8. Abnormal temperature readings have been historically, as far as I am aware, a human ‘certainty ‘ of something wrong with the human body. Obviously there is a great deal to overcome from a Christian Scientist’s standpoint at this time with so much emphasis on the influence of this virus on ourselves and our environment. This is a challenge we have to face…to ‘Master it with spiritual Truth’ …to ‘ prove that Mind is in control ‘ as Evan tells us today. Time to ‘cool off ‘ of listening to error and ‘ hot up ‘ constant awareness of what God tells us is our real environment.
    ‘In Him we live and have our being ‘❣️

  9. Christian Science takes us out of the mortal view which is liken to the Socratic reflection on the cave wall of man’s shadow created by the outside sun. We need to move our thought higher beyond the cave’s opening to see the real world created by God and we as his children whole and free from any taint of mortal man. Christ brought us this liberty through his demonstration of relation to God as virtuous, compassionate, principle of truth for all being. The I am is the source of our being and to recognize and demonstrate our connection to God and our fellow mankind is our purpose.

  10. I see the temperature checks as one of those “suffer it to be so now” situations just like wearing glasses or hearing aids. Don’t be afraid of it. A temp check doesn’t tell the Truth. You are still spiritual not material.

    1. No one is making you wear glasses or use a hearing aid. Yes – don’t be afraid of having your temperature checked – but you should be concerned and seek the truth as to why you are made to do these things.

      1. The DMV requires use of sight correction to drive. Traffic laws require us to stop at red lights and stop signs. Unfortunately humans seem to require a certain amount of “regulation”. Political parties for some reason like to spread fear that the regulations they disagree with infringe your rights. But then they are quick to advocate other regulations with which they agree. Gratefully we can, through prayer, realize it is only God that governs us and that frees us from fearing our peace and security can ever be taken from us. I’ve read testimonies from people imprisoned in prisoner of war camps that didn’t allow their seeming physical circumstances to imprison their thought and as a result they didn’t suffer bad effects from those conditions. We are all tempted to believe we are imprisoned by the god of materiality and the many seeming manifestations of that belief but through prayer we can realize the falsity of those beliefs and experience life in God.

    2. You are right. Indignation and resentment do not reflect our humility. I John 3:1-3 “the world knoweth us not”. Every Sunday we rehearse this scripture from which came our “Scientific Statement of Being”.
      The world cannot see us. We are hidden from the world but known to God. The display of the temp thing measures the fear of mortals. Immortals have no temperature. Spirit cannot be visible to material senses. We are here to bless mankind. To be an example. Not to be self righteous.
      Matthew 3:15 “Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.”
      Love, Love, Love you all.

  11. I am so grateful for this Spirit View from Evan, and for all the comments that have been made today. Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy tell us to “Watch…and Pray” . I don’t feel there has ever been a greater time since WWII that we need these admonitions, to watch, be aware of false arguments, consciousness controlling arguments, and to pray for the uncovering of the Truth that makes us free. Christian Science and Christianity have great need of each one of us to follow these admonitions!

    1. As expected Angie, the article was quite correlative with the subject.
      I wrote the editors. >>>
      I had a physical. Tests suggested kidney damage, enough if unattended to would require dialysis. 1000 times the protein of a normal test. They scheduled an ultra sound to confirm.
      A practitioner was enlisted to help me. I had to filter my thoughts. I was supposed to study. I was supposed to read Science and Health through again. Daily to take an hour to be quiet and listen for Christ to voice healing messages. . I did my best, then after two weeks the ultra sound test.
      Next day the results came All results were normal. No more concern. My fearful family very much relieved.
      I am very grateful for this wonderful Christian Science. Still healing the sick. Even raising the dead as before. Thanks to everyone on Spirit View. Love You All,

      1. David, So grateful to hear that your demonstration of Truth is complete. I remember a few weeks back when you wrote about the situation and your need to see your true state revealed as perfect and unchanged. Thank you for sharing this with us. Glory to God in the Highest!

      2. Wow! Thank you for sharing your beautiful healing and reaffirming that God is all-powerful and a very PRESENT help in trouble!! Yay God! Yay Jesus! Yay Christian Science!

  12. Thank you, Angie!! That was an awesome article!
    Thank you, Evan for opening up the entire conversation! “ Uf you see it but don’t believe it-
    It’s not truly there!!”

  13. I love this line from S&H quoted by Evan today. “Mind regulates the temperature of the stomach, bowels, food and the temperature of children and men and matter does not!”
    I remember reading that line when praying desperately over a fever my toddler was experiencing over several days. With that clear statement I thought, “ if Mind is regulating her temperature, what am I worried about?” What a release! I had nothing to worry about! God was in control of everything -even our temperature! I went to bed peacefully and woke up to witness my daughter complete freedom the next morning. God is regulating our temperature too and it’s perfect. We don’t have anything to fear!

  14. Wanted to say a Big Thank You for providing this much needed blog. When most social media is based on fear, anger, hatred and self, your daily truths are a God send. Bless you for helping all in their pursuit of Truth, understanding God, and being a messenger of showing us our loving relationship to our Father/Mother God.

    1. Amen to that Janet. Spiritview is itself an expression of the spiritual quality of Love, as well as a vehicle for the further expression of Love and Truth between those who read it and share thoughts or just read it and feel uplifted. We can’t estimate the ripple effect of this. A blessing indeed!

  15. I don’t want anyone pointing anything at my head, including a temperature gun! I deliver flowers for our local florist and when I have to deliver them in a hospital, the first thing I encounter is the temperature gun person. I put up my hand as a shield and tell them that under no uncertain terms that they will not point that thing at my head! They are usually shocked and take a step back. I leave the flowers on the counter and walk out. We need to stand up for ourselves! Mrs Eddy would have none of this business!

    1. I find it wise to not presume what Mrs. Eddy would do. One time a student made a big deal about not celebrating birthdays, citing all the truths she could think of in regards to not bowing to age, including Mrs. Eddy’s statements about not recording ages, etc. To bring a vital spiritual lesson home on the greater importance of humility, Mrs. Eddy sent her a birthday present.

      1. Thanks Evan. There is also in the We Knew MBE reminiscences where Joseph Mann wrote that Mrs. Eddy instructed her house workers to prepare coffee for some painters that were working in MBE’s home one day even though she never drank coffee herself nor did the workers in her home. That to me shows how Mrs. Eddy expressed true love to others and met them at their current level of understanding rather than judging them for not being at her level of understanding.

  16. Thank you so much Evan, for introducing and expanding on this particular topic. “Mind regulates…etc” I immediately put on an index card – will carry it in my purse or tape to my dashboard in the car.
    Thank you all for your valuable comments, Thanks to Angie for the article, Roger for his spiritually pragmatic thought, and Tyke for adroitly stating that “Mrs. Eddy would have none of this business.”
    I’m about to make a copy of the whole blog to hold in front of my nose as the day progresses and to help me correct my thought. Thank you all once more. You make the sun shine even brighter.

  17. As Evan said, “The act of yielding one’s thoughts to the undue contemplation of physical wants or conditions induces those very conditions.”
    (SH 413:3)
    Sometimes one can want something so badly, like a healing, they end up inducing a “physical want” they truly don’t want to be manifested in thought.
    He reminds us: “Master it [fear] with spiritual truth and make it a non-issue.”

  18. Thank you for this timely blog, Evan. On the few occasions when my temperature has been taken, it was so quickly and and easily done, that I have not objected. I know my temperature is God governed, Allowing my temperature to be taken is for the reassurance and comfort of others:; it does not undermine my reliance on God. Angie, I loved the article you shared, especially this passage:
    .” The material senses aren’t seeing anything. Just like a broken thermometer or a broken gas gauge, they are reporting inaccurately on something that is not being properly perceived. So, I reasoned, I don’t need to overcome what the senses are seeing. I need to overcome the report of the senses themselves.
    When a broken thermometer says that it’s freezing outside in the middle of summer, I don’t need to put on a winter coat. When a broken gas gauge in the car says that I have no gas after I’ve filled up, I don’t need to stop my trip and refill. In those cases I only need to know that those reports are false.”

    I so appreciate SpiritView and all of the comments shared. What a wonderful community of spiritual thinkers!

  19. Thank you Evan, like always for your inspiring and uplifting SpiritView. I love it very much together with all the lively comments enriching this wonderful blog!
    That passage from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy is so familiar for me as I often apply it for certain matters. For me this passage says what Evan explains to us up here, that not matter but solely God, Spirit, divine Love governs all our functions harmoniously!
    Thank you Evan and Brian for the pointing out to Mrs. Eddy’s mercy she expressed to the people. Once to a visitor of her she asked if she is warm enough and brought her lovingly a Jacket. So I do remember that passage. Her immense healing work gives proof of her deep Love for humanity. How endless grateful can we be to her great gift she gave us with Christian Science!

  20. What a power packed spiritual punch of a quote from Science and Health! Thank you for bringing attention to it! If accepted at face value, it has the power to wipe out ALL bodily trouble and fear about the body, which includes all the nonsense of mortal mind. All we have to do is accept it. Very helpful for me right now. I’m also grateful for all the mentions of Mind’s Government, God’s Government, the only government there is.

    I also have some other thoughts to share about fear.
    Fear in general is definitely one of the underlying issues in all this”pandemic” stuff to be praying about for all of us. I have found myself on several occasions feeling annoyed with all the fear surrounding the pandemic. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I have other areas in my life where I have not mastered fear in myself. And in those instances I must admit if someone was railing on me for not mastering the fear in those areas yet, that would in no way be helpful for my spiritual growth in that direction, nor theirs for being impatient with me and judging me for not being further along in my spiritual growth. This is helping me to understand that railing on others or being annoyed for their fears will not help me or them. The other “seeming side” that I have noticed is those who are afraid that their rights or freedom are being infringed upon. If the Truth of God is True (and we know that it is.) and “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free,” then can our rights under God’s government and power be taken from us? No way!
    I have been thinking a lot about the humility, patience, and grace of Christ Jesus over the last year or so. He was willing to go through a multitude of situations with grace. I’m starting to grasp that he was showing us that the only way is to really work through things from a spiritual sense and that if we aren’t, our efforts are stuck fighting it out on a human level, which won’t ever get us anywhere but staying stuck on a human level. Think of the magnitude and highness of his understanding of his oneness with God, yet he never acted high and mighty, railing on people for not having already figured it all out. He loved God, and he loved all mankind because he knew all mankind was God’s spiritual idea. The only thing that motivated him was his love for God and God’s idea man. Wow! I have been treasuring that, not as in comparing myself to him, but as a model to work towards. I have MUCH to learn and demonstrate! But I am finding comfort and power in knowing that I can at the same time support my neighbor and myself in grace, through patience, love, and meekness, while also expecting the power of God’s Government to propel us forward.

    So I guess my long winded thought is fear (error) in general is definitely one of the underlying issues in all this pandemic stuff to pray about. But rather than focusing on what other people are afraid of and feeling annoyed about it, we would do well to be honest and say “what am I afraid of?” and master that. Then we will be lessening the belief in fear as a whole and not judging our neighbor for where they are in their journey with God, which God has under complete control past, present, and future.

    1. Trista, thanks for your humble and heartfelt thoughts on the importance of confronting fear. I couldn’t agree more. Your words ring so true. We can pray to have more compassion for everyone instead of judging– we are all going through many challenges and growing in our own ways. I can pray to know that those feeling fear (myself included) can be lifted higher to recognize that He hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

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