Soaring to new heights

October 8, 2019 | 21 comments


While praying for relief from a physical ailment, a friend glimpsed a view of truth that took her thought to new heights and brought relief too. She expressed her inspired vision in such eloquent terms, I asked if I could share it with you, and she agreed. Here it is.

“I had a wonderful epiphany yesterday when two large birds suddenly appeared in the sky directly overhead. It was a beautiful thing to see them dancing with grace and ease on the wind currents. They looked joyful. And then I realized there was a time when they were little hatchlings with no awareness of their true nature. They probably thought life would always encompass sitting in a nest in a tree. But there came one glorious day when they discovered they could lift their wings and fly! And they never looked back.

And so, it is, I thought, with man. We are spiritual, not material, never intended to be mortal. And when we become aware of our true nature, we are as free as the birds who soar higher and higher. I could feel that freedom.

If you feel a bit stuck or held back today, it may be time to “spread your wings,” and fly with your thought into the universe of Mind where there are no limits on what you can do as a spiritual being in action. The possibilities are endless, boundless, and on-going.

21 thoughts on “Soaring to new heights”

  1. What a beautiful “Mind-image” … the analogy is perfectly understandable and within our grasp to demonstrate. Thank Evan and your friend.

  2. I agree that was so beautiful. The bird, I’m sure always thought, this is how it’s going to be for the rest of my life. And it wasn’t. Thank you. Just wonderful.

    1. Ty all. I love this analogy. It is expressive, as Mind always is, and I also am grateful for each thoughtful comment Each day is a mini-testimony to Love and so much joy is expressed. U are a daily blessing Evan

  3. Beautifully uplifting message and heavenly photo! It reminds me of the quote, “Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, it became a butterfly”. I had bought a flowering plant recently at a
    grocery store and had been in the store quite a while when I noticed there was a butterfly clinging to one of the flowers. Somehow it knew to continue to hold on the entire time until it was outdoors again and flew off with such joy and freedom. Such a wonderful experience and so inspiring, like the message today.
    Thank you, Evan and your friend, for sharing.

  4. What a lovely gift to share leaving us with a good example of God’s healing power. Thank you for sharing!

  5. We’re birders and love to see them express their peaicr and harmony. Thanks for the inspiring message and picture.

  6. Beautiful image and realization about thought soaring and free! I just looked out the window here at the lake … the sun is breaking through thick clouds, and the mist is rising off the lake. Then I noticed … the seagulls are back! Every October flocks suddenly start appearing! We think they are migrating south, as they are only here for a couple of weeks. But they are obviously here to rest—the roof of our dock, and the rest of the time are busy feeding on the lake fish. It is a lovely respite for them. I’m always amazed how, year after year, they know exactly when to begin their journey south … how long to rest over … and where to fly! But they KNOW. Innately. Just as WE know that God is directing each of our paths—at the right time, in the right way.
    He cares for each of his creations … from birds to man! So grateful for nature’s gentle reminders. And the spiritual inspiration that can come from quiet observation and receptivity to God’s plan for each of us. Thank you for triggering this thought process for me, today, Evan.

  7. I am in Antigua at the moment, on vacation. I love watching the beautiful seabirds going about their business, pelicans, ibis and gulls.. So beautiful! Thanks for the inspirational message today. I will see them soaring on the “heights of Mind” as it says in one of our hymns.

  8. What beautiful imagery and just the reminder I needed today about not limiting the goodness we can experience. I am in the process of selling my business of 35 years, retiring and looking for new ways to be of service.
    I was reminded of verse 3 of hymn 64:
    “The way leads upward and its goal draws nearer, thought soars enraptured, fetterless and free; the vision infinite to me grows clearer, I touch the fringes of eternity.”
    Thank you, Evan and friend, for sharing.

  9. Thanks so much. Just what I needed today. I too am getting ready to retire and not sure what comes next. This just lifted thought. Loved the idea about the Caterpillar and butterfly also.

  10. What a beautiful expression of our purpose within God’s purpose. Thanks you, Evan for sharing this wonderful realization by you friend.

  11. Thanks so much Evan and all of the comments which have sent me soaring. I have been retired for some years and look forward each day to the blessings that await me. There is no limit to God’s love, guidance and protection.

  12. Thanks for all your comments. It always amazes me that birds
    can always sing even though they are never sure where their next meal comes from. A true test of faith. God provides all we need every moment.

    1. Oh, but they are sure where their next meal is coming from. This is what I am learning that we do know where our good, all of it, is coming from and when. We get stuck when we start doubting that He will still be our Provider.

      1. Yes thank You we know as harmony of perfect ideas just flows from God to man, Mind does not make mystery for us, Mind is actively expressing all good in our being including all the “what next” effortlessly as our natural desires met.

  13. Thank You Evan and all here, my thinking clears and is free to soar to new heights and throughout the day and days to come, I no longer entertain false suggestion to contemplate on future good as God is Omnipresent Good and keep me knowing my pure natural state of present perfection in this forever Now, Here and Ever-lastingness. I have been so blessed with the on going quality of predictable order of Divine Good in my conscious being in every kind of activities and events filled with joy of expressed active gratitude and appreciation of recognition of reality of present good. God is the wonderful Producer of natural Good, Cause and Effect made so clearly in our lives for joy of living as His very own Blessed, Beloved, Cherished Child.

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