Finding your way home

October 9, 2019 | 17 comments

Home is more than a place. It’s a state of mind that feels the peace and love of God wherever one’s feet are planted.

If you’ve ever wondered how to find this peace and have it a more stable part of your life, I share some ideas on this video that may help.

“Learn the lesson of the salmon!”

This video was filmed while on our road trip up the Alaskan highway last month.

“Finding Your Way Home”

17 thoughts on “Finding your way home”

  1. Thank you very very much, dear Evan, teaching is the spiritual meaning of “Home”. Wonderful, gives me a lot and also a lot to ponder. Am so grateful for this wonderfully metaphysical blog, really showing us the spiritual views of all things!

  2. A very good thought to keep. We’ve been helping recently widowed friend fined a new home. She is
    achurch friend and we will keep the salmon in Mind.Sus

  3. “Shepherd show me how to go…”. That hymn has been my GPS throughout my lifetime.
    Ty, Evan & early morning friends for the start of another blessed day. May we all as steadfast as the salmon.

  4. Thank you, Evan! Not only a wonderful reminder of our innate spiritual sense always guiding us “home” wherever we are, but a lovely presentation from Alaska. Blessings!

  5. One thing I like about the GPS analogy is that no matter how many wrong turns we may have taken before we appeal for guidance, Mind, our source of spiritual sense knows how to reach us and provide the route home. It certainly worked for the Prodigal Son. For me, the greatest lesson of that parable was what the elder son learned:
    “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Luke 15:31

  6. Been visiting my sister in hospital, now in the nursing home. Today she’s in a former Christian Science nursing home. It has changed hands. Now a medical facility. Necessary to not see error in any form.
    Another sister is a Christian Scientist. She told me a story about a young Christian Science Sunday school student who’s dog was run over by a car. The driver came out and looked at the dog.
    The young boy told him to be careful not to “see what he’s looking at at”.

    Instead of reflecting on the what the material senses see, I instead ask if a poem would be helpful.
    So far Mrs. Eddy’s poems have been recited, today Mother’s Evening Prayer. “And Mother finds her home and heavenly rest”. A different meaning today to this immortal line. Mother finds Her home in our consciousness! Not a transference of a material sense of mother to another p;lace. But room made for our Mother God to be in our thought or consciousness. That tender loving arms of our Mother, around us constantly, warm affection and protection. Right where she’s always been. No longer a stranger, through the enlightened work of our Mary Baker Eddy, affectionately termed Mother by her students by her many teachings and lovingkindness. .
    Now on my third book of her life, The Cross and The Crown, Norman Beasley. The book is old and came from New Jersey through some way to our home in Michigan. Pages yellowed and dog eared. Well read and it shall be read again!
    Thank you for the GPS reference.
    Once on the largest inland lake in Michigan, Houghton Lake, in a winter snow storm on a snowmobile my wife and I were out looking for her uncle’s resort from the lake. Didn’t know what it looked like from the lake, but only from the highway, It was called the Shady Rest.’
    I had a sense of direction and didn’t want to get lost. I told my wife that we might go toward the highway, so we wouldn’t get lost. All the while I knew we were in our right place and were directed by Divine Mind.
    When we came up to the highway we were there at her Uncle’s resort office…..Lead there by God!
    Our GPS in the late sixty’s before artificial satellite and GPS technologies. In a near whiteout!
    Gratitude, Evan. Thanks everyone. Lead on…..

  7. Thank you for this lovely definition and application of home and spiritual sense. It will be most useful for inmates looking to be released from jail or prison.
    Love and blessings to all, ~~ so we can continue to be a blessing to ourselves and our world.

  8. Thanks Evan! I like to think of GPS as standing for God’s Perfect Supervision, always guiding us in the way we need to go, one step at a time. I have leaned in this often, as my husband and I have moved about 25 times in our married life, and thus I have had to grow in my understanding of God as or ever present guide, and actually being my home. The bible says, “In Him we live and move and have our being”
    Recently a friend told me since she has lived in her home for over 40 years she felt rooted there and would rather not move somewhere else. I had to think about where I felt rooted, and then realized that after all my moves, I felt rooted in heaven, and thats where we all are truly rooted! Yay! What a wonderful realization and adventure for us all!

  9. Love this GPS analogy. Will employ my spiritual GPS when needing direction in my life. What does God want me to do? What does God need me to do? How does God need me today? As a loved hymn #324 states “Take my every thought to use in the way that Thou shalt choose,” The whole hymn is a beautiful hymn of surrender to God to lead us and guide our day. GPS: God’s Perspective Seen. Or maybe God’s Perfect Sense.
    Thank you Evan for the peaceful, helpful vlog and everyone for your comments. (=

  10. Loved the analogy of the Salmon. I lived near a Stream that was
    A salmon run. The fish swam upstream and it was fun to watch as when they had to leap to get to higher ground a they did not always make it but were persistent in trying again until they did.. Thanks Evan
    for being aware of the lessons nature teaches. When you see my name you will recognize why?

  11. I recently moved from my condo into the master bedroom and bath in my daughter’s home. She had been wanting to live with her for some time, but I really enjoyed my home. She felt the move would bless both of us, so I finally, after much prayer, agreed. Although many belongings had to be disposed of, I was able to bring what meant the most to me. I am now all settled in and when I look around from my recliner I truly feel at home. Of course, my true home always has been and always be the kingdom of heaven. How grateful I am for this understanding Christian Science has given me. GPS can sometimes lead us astray, but God’s Perfect Sense is always right on target.

  12. Super vlog and grand lesson for today, thanks once more Evan for your daily support. I can’t imagine a day without it!

  13. Thank you for the vlog Evan. It reminds me of the time we spent living in Canada and watching the salmon. Your analogy gives greater meaning to the memory. Thank you all those whose remarks were meaningful as well.

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