No more sprained ankle

March 30, 2015 | 14 comments

I bounced out of bed a few mornings ago walked to my closet and realized there was no pain in my ankle.

“Really,” I exclaimed in a bit of surprise to myself. I paced around to test my foot, and there was still no pain. Absolutely none! My ankle was fine.

The day before, you see, I sprained my ankle playing a singles tennis match. My foot turned severely to the side and left me hobbling around the rest of the day.

I was so busy with other activities I hadn’t taken time out to specifically pray about my ankle, but around 9 p.m., while catching up on some spiritual reading, I stopped everything and gave the condition proper metaphysical attention.

In my prayers, I strove for a more spiritual concept of body.

There is one body, the body of Spirit. I understood. And whatever is true about the body of Spirit, is true about my body as a reflection of Spirit, I continued.

In the body of Spirit, there is no accident, no injury, and no pulled muscle. The muscles of Spirit are infinitely flexible. They are ideas that can never be pulled out of shape, stretched too far, ripped beyond repair or injured, I declared.

I thought about the idea of 7. Can the idea of 7 be injured? Can it ever be overtaxed, stretched beyond limit, or pulled out of shape? No. An idea can be used without limit and still retain its original perfect shape and form.

The muscles of my true body in Spirit could never be stretched beyond a limit for there are no limits in Spirit. Spiritual ideas are never less than a perfect spiritual idea no matter how they are used. They are infinitely flexible. No matter how far they might be “stretched” they would instantly snap back to their original position without any evidence of harm. My muscles were fine. There was no reason for complaint, I decided.

I lost myself in truth, forgot about my ankle, and went to bed with peace of mind.

The next morning, the pain was gone. And I was walking around with no injury. Yay!

I’m so grateful for Christian Science. It heals.

14 thoughts on “No more sprained ankle”

  1. Love this! I’m so grateful for you Evan and for sharing this beautiful example of Truth’s healing power! I rejoice with you in this proof that “Truth is real and error is unreal” (S&H). So encouraging and what a wonderful way to start this morning full of Love! Thank you!!

  2. There is nothing like a personal experience of Truth that can inspire us all to witness that same Truth in our own lives. I am working on a similar situation and making progress. Reading about your healing gives me inspiration for my healing. Thanks Evan.

  3. Several weeks ago I called you asking for the direction of metaphysical treatment I wanted to give my son with a similar experience who was having trouble with his knee. It took a few weeks for him to feel relief, but he has not complained of the issue and it says it feels better.

    Your response to my telephone call was most appreciated concerning my inquiry.

    Our healing process was most rewarding.

    Thank You, Evan.

  4. Great thought to keep in mind for sprint workouts! There is often the anticipation of muscle tightness or sprain in sports, but I love that an idea can’t be over-used or pulled or pushed in the wrong way. The Truth “relaxes rigid muscles”, per S&H!

  5. Could you elaborate just a bit on “the idea of 7” to enhance my understanding of that paragraph?

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I use it as a metaphor to illustrate how everything God created is metaphysical. Like a number 7 is metaphysical. Yet you do understand the concept of 7 and use it all the time in your calculations.

      God’s children are ideas too. You are an idea in the Mind of God. The more you understand yourself as idea, rather than physical body, the more metaphysical your concept of self will be, and the easier it will be to heal and improve your concept when it is less than ideal.

  6. Thought is very important because thought can ethier be tempted with falsehood or reality which is the bases of our lesson for this week. I once tried to explain to a medical doctor about disease. That those who have mind can only experience disease but those that have no mind but just instink can not express the errors that mortal mind produces. I used a Cockroach as an example. But he didn’t get it. Evil can only influence thought, never instink.

  7. What a beautiful healing I had a spasm in my left foot & I knew that I could’ not have anything unlike God. If God had pain so did I & I was ok the next morning. Now If I can just see the same with my heart problem that would be wonderful. Thanks Evan

  8. “An idea can be used without limit and still retain its original perfect shape and form”.
    I loved that, not only for the idea of muscles, but for what appears to be the physical body.
    Takes away the fixation on the weight and shape of that body; both the shape, as in too heavy or badly proportioned, but also the idea that we have to “get in shape” through going to the gym or lifting weights etc.
    Thanks Evan!

  9. Please let’s have more of these. Very uplifting ideas. Can’t thank you enough!

    Incidentally, the number 7 is often referred to as the number of perfection.
    According to some writers, it is a sacred number. Others have it as the number
    of God’s revelation in the world.

    The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible (p.853) is a worth a read!

    My attention was also drawn to the use of 7 in Evan’s sharing and hence
    this little offering for SpiritView fans.

  10. Thank you, thank you Evan for sharing how you prayed, This is applicable to so many areas. Brenda and Shireen I also appreciated your input. So grateful for this blog.

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