Start with what you have

January 31, 2011 | 7 comments

Do you start your day off listing all the things you don’t have, or with a list of all the things you do have?

If you start out with, “I don’t have enough money. I don’t have a job. I don’t have enough inspiration. I don’t have very good health, and so on, you just signed up for a long day of struggling with lack. Not fun…

But if you start out with, “I have so much to be grateful for. I have a God of Love watching out for me. I have unlimited profitable ideas coming to me from divine Mind to act on. I have a bountiful Life to live. I have enduring health from God to accept and express. I have an intelligent individuality to manifest, and so on. You have pointed yourself down a path of abundance, joy and growing freedom. That is fun…

So, get started right today. Don’t start with what you don’t have. Start with what you do have…and watch it multiply.

7 thoughts on “Start with what you have”

  1. Referring to the popular question, “Is the glass half empty or half full?”, it’s nice to realize that infinite divine Mind’s “glass” is always 100% full (and overflowing!) and that man, as God’s exact reflection, therefore, has the same.

    The human belief in lack is just that: belief. Nice that this belief dissolves in the presence of the truth!

    I’m sticking with the truth that there is no such thing as lack in all of God’s universe of good.

    Thanks for reflecting these ideas so nicely, Evan!


  2. A rule in Christian Science was revealed to me long ago, never to use “I” or “I Am” with a negative.

    Thank you for this blog and for this message. I am sure it will help or at least awake many who seem to give in the this kind of subtle error of thinking.


  3. How do you maintain while daily handling the financial needs? I would love to look away and stay in the Truth, but, fear and daily needs makes me go back and look at the bank account and what and where it needs to go. I do my work and know that God meets all our needs before I do this activity yet it isn’t changing. Any ideas of how not to have to delve into this material activity?

  4. Dear one,

    I know you are addressing Evan in your question, but may I share a couple of thoughts that just came to me, please?

    One is an idea I heard yesterday and valued instantly: The speaker said he looked in a LARGE dictionary to find the obscure difference between persistence and perseverance, and finally found it: perseverance is “persistence with a noble goal.” Well, we all have a noble goal: to prove that Love is All-in-all!

    The second idea is something Chet Manchester brought out in one of his recent Daily Lifts: That instead of looking at “human need” as the most important part of the sentence “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” we can focus on the “Divine Love” part and see that THAT is all we really need!

    Putting the two ideas together, we can trust that when we do persevere in asking divine Love HOW to live divine Love, then all our other legitimate needs are met, freely.

    It’s like the Bible verse: “Seek ye first (divine Love, which is right here, right now)….”

    There’s no way that divine Love would ensure that only half of her children are safe (glass half full). Truly, 100% of us are safe and cared for. She’s got you well cared for, covered by Her unending wingspan. Persevere in FEELING those gentle feathers, friend! They’re right there, above, around and beneath you. That’s a promise.

  5. Good answer! We are less mesmerized with a low bank account balance when we understand that what is coming from God is what pays the bills. Ideas, inspirations, insights, intelligence, wisdom, are the assets that pay the bills. They are supply. And they are found in divine Mind. Look to the Source and find the supply!

  6. For a practical example of how the Source of our abundance, divine Love, works, you might want to go to and enter the author’s name in the search bar: “Mark Patterson” Up pops his recent article, “Prayer Aboard My VW Bus.” It’s oh so inspiring (I’m glad someone shared it with me!)

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