Abundance is a quality

January 28, 2011 | 6 comments

Would you like some more abundance in your life today? Sure, no problem. It’s yours for the living.

We are commonly taught that abundance is cash, electronic gadgets pouring out of our briefcase, a spacious residence, a closet full of clothes, and other material items in surplus. But these are not true abundance. Abundance is not a thing that gets used up, loses luster in time or becomes worn out. Abundance is spiritual. It’s an attitude overflowing with love, joy, cheer, goodwill, generosity, gratitude, wisdom and spirituality.

The things of the Spirit constitute true abundance. And they will not leave you lacking the material things either. As Jesus promised, and knew from experience, when you put pursuit of spiritual wealth first, the human things appear as a matter of course.

So seek true abundance today. Pursue the things of the Spirit. Make them your own. Reflect them in everything you do and let them bless you.

Abundance is not a quantity of things. It’s a quality of life. And you can have as much as you’re willing to live today!

6 thoughts on “Abundance is a quality”

  1. Thank you Evan for this important reminder!
    Now let me give what I understand the relation of health and abundance. As we learn in the Bible, God is the source of good and this includes health and harmony for all His creation, which mean us all! So abundant health is an expression of God’s ideal and conception and we all as an idea of God or child or God do include this abundance in our thinking and this for sure manifests itself in our days. I like too much Proverbs 3:5-6 where it says:” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. to me it means that even though the material sense tries to tell us that discord is real, we are learning that God is our Father-Mother, and that He is pure Love and causes us to have abundance in all things, including health. Hope this helps.

  2. Health: Whole

    Infinite Mind is Whole, One, Complete, thus “Health”

    AS Mind’s reflection, we are whole, one with Mind, complete, healthy. Are, not WILL BE. Right now.
    No matter what the illusive senses report, the divine facts are permanent, always have been, always will be. Knowing this, as Mind knows it, the illusive mists dissolve into…nothing. Nothing else but Mind and Its perfect, healthy image. All there is or can be.


  3. Hi Ann,

    Abundance and health are definitely related ideas and concepts. In Science, health is a state of Mind, of the divine Mind, manifest.

    What states of Mind are evidence of abundance? Overflowing love, generous giving without qualification, being the first one to forgive, boundless joy, unending gratitude, being the first to smile,…

    Abundance is not a quantity, but a quality. Live a high quality of Life, spiritual life, and abundance will be there.

  4. Hi Evan,
    thanks for your blog. But maybe you have a helpful idea about how to learn to not look at the material surroundings, when there are no jobs, money is short and there seems to be little change? I suppose it’s like walking on the water – one believes that those with spiritual insight are able, but when confronted with it oneself wouldn’t have even think about it seriously.
    Maybe this is a big problem for many – to know that abundance is not just out there for those who believe, but for all of us. Thanks in advance for all great ideas. Nicole

  5. Hi Nicole,

    Seeing the abundance comes from really understanding what abundance is. Jobs, cash, etc are effects, not source. Abundance truly is spiritual. Its divine Mind that leads us to the job, gives us intelligence to act wisely and generate profit, gives us tact and grace to maintain healthy relationships with our bosses so we can keep our jobs, etc. All abundance truly is spiritual. People who think its material end up lacking at some point because they mistake. They’re looking for abundance in a place it will never be found. So, the lesson has to be learned one way or the other–abundance is spiritual, coming from God! Look to the source, let the riches pour in, and what to do humanly will to have needs met will become apparent.

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