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September 26, 2023 | 26 comments

Life is always better when you’re spiritually inspired. Thought is buoyant, steps are lighter, delight is easy to find, smiles form freely, and comfort is a close companion.

Staying inspired takes some effort. Like hiking to the top of a mountain, it takes some effort and commitment to get there, but once you’re there, the view is glorious!

Do yourself a favor. Put in the time and effort it takes to keep your thinking in a heavenly place. Take time to study spiritual texts. Pray. Commune with the Holy Spirit. Stay inspired. The rewards are grand.

26 thoughts on “Stay inspired”

  1. I am fortunate to have a mountain right in my backyard, which I climb almost every day..
    Sometimes when I start out the thought comes “Do you really want to do this?”
    But without exception it’s a blessing every time I climb..

    When you make the effort you do get a better point of view in every way.. you see God’s horizon and that’s the best point of view.

    1. John, this reference to your daily mountain climb is so inspirational! It uplifts me just to think of how you are daily experiencing “the freer step, the fuller breath, the wide horizon’s grander view,” as spoken of in hymn number 218 of the Christian Science hymnal. Thank-you Evan, thank-you, John, for sharing these heavenly thoughts! My day, God’s day. has started out beautifully and will be filled with uplifting thoughts that heal!

      1. Thanks Anne for your response.
        I remember reading about Mrs Eddy going on her carriage ride at times just because she needed to be out there and visible to the public..
        What we do with our daily life needs to reflect the divine facts about us..
        I climb physically as part of my effort to see that spiritual higher point of view.

    2. John thanks for sharing your mountain with us so we can picture you climbing the heights, and reaping the rewards of your efforts, as Evan says.

      My daughter’s boyfriend loves to hike and go mountain climbing. He recently completed a trip to the top of Mount Whitney in California, the tallest peak in the US. In the photo of him at the top, he is smiling, holding a sign that says ‘14,505 feet.’ My daughter says when he talks about these trips it is clear that it is a very deep and spiritual experience.

  2. Thank you Evan and John and all the contributors. . What a beautiful tree. I love that picture. It tells me of the great joy you have when you are seeing things from above not from beneaath.

  3. I was not a fall person because I love spring colors.
    One day walking our dog after the leaves were gone, l
    was stunned by the beautiful tree sculptures.
    Branches reaching up and out , heavenward.
    Giving definition to Soul, “The art side of God”

    Science and Health p 509-24
    The periods of spiritual ascension are the days and seasons of Mind’s creation in which beauty, sublimity, purity, and holiness – yea, the divine nature – appear in man and the universe never to disappear .”

  4. Thank you Evan❣️
    How blessed we all are that you are spiritually inspired and we reap the rewards of your sharing here. This is a place I look forward to coming to for my daily inspiration.

  5. MBE say CS “resolves things into thoughts.” (p. 123) My daily work on improving spiritual sense is to attempt to see every material object as the composite only of the ideas which generate it. Trees are sturdy, nurturing, protecting, beautiful and (according to recent research which describes neural underground networks) even communicative! Birds are easy: freedom (flying), intelligent, joyful, beautiful, alert, musical, industrious. People can be harder, but the sun, the buildings, all transportation and even the farms and factories are spiritual ideas, exemplifying and manifesting God at the metaphysical level. It is prayer to acknowledge good as the Principle of the universe. Fostering this inspiration is not a game, but a productive activity that is nonetheless fun. Thank you God.

    1. Thanks for this William. Along with comments yesterday I did just such a practice today. Helped me become clearer about spiritual ideas.

  6. Thank you William, Evan, and all. . .”It is prayer to acknowledge good as the Principle of the universe. Fostering this inspiration is not a game, but a productive activity that is nonetheless fun. Thank you God.” For this prayer I am grateful, as I see my daughter, employed after working throughout the pandemic, but unemployed after being laid off. . . . “my prayer some daily good to do,” as she now seeks a new opportunity to contribute her willingness to work, to be employed, to do God’s will, Thank you for the inspiration to continue supporting in God’s way, an answer to prayer.

  7. Love this Evan and the analogy especially since I’m a hiker. It’s so true about the effort put into praying and the benefit to our daily experience. Thank you!!

  8. I love today’s graphic and message and comments. Thanks to all.
    Trees teach us so much in life.. they are deep rooted to weather the
    storms, sway with the wind, reach for the heavens and are like a
    cathedral of inspiration…of the mind. They shelter us from the heat,
    beautify our world with colors and greenery. They give us the paper
    on which are written knowledge throughout the ages that we share
    and enjoy, like the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s wonderful works . Between
    the pages of thought is a lovely place to be…inspired and comforted.
    Books are like the best teachers who show us where to look, but
    don’t always tell us what to see and leave to our imagination or
    spiritual brilliance, where our thought takes us.
    As Evan states, “staying inspired takes some effort”. However, difficult
    roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Spirit it is that enlightens…
    matter is so limited, whereas the Truth of Love’s understanding is

  9. Thank you Evan and all contributors for this beautiful upsurge of inspiration this morning!

    From this week’s Bible lesson:
    “Inspired thought relinquishes a material, sensual, and mortal theory of the universe, and adopts the spiritual and immortal.”
    “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul.”
    “Love enriches the nature, enlarging, purifying, and elevating it.”

    SpiritView is a weekly feast of Soul!

    1. Oh thank you J, for this wonderful article. The phrase clarifying that all ideas “remain in God” really struck me and keeps spiritual insight from being personal.

    2. Another excellent right-on-topic article, J , Thank you!
      The testimony of the child in kindergarten reminds me of when I
      was very young and supposedly had a speech impediment according
      to the speech therapists and so-called “experts” that I was dragged
      to, right before entering kindergarten. Thankfully, like the child in the
      article, I overcame the negative prognosis that I would never speak
      properly and throughout kindergarten continued to improve with
      each quarter becoming a better and better grade. Starting out with
      a C in anything regarding speech, at the end of the year, I ended up
      with all A’s. I am so grateful to look at the report card now and see
      spiritual progress in demonstrating God’s ever-present perfection.
      Two of the items I consistently throughout the year did “Good”
      in…was – “Rests well” and “Enjoys stories and listens attentively”…
      LOL “Participates in discussions” ~ I went from C to B to A. (I’ve
      been proving that one here). : )
      I went on to take a required college Speaking class, (which I must
      admit I was not totally thrilled about, but ended up getting a good
      grade in), but it was mandatory for the teaching courses I had to
      take and ultimately went on to do.
      I am so very grateful for this demonstration of not being limited by
      predictions that erroneously try to curtail our perfection as a child/adult
      of God’s caring Love for each of us.

  10. Thank you Evan, and all for your inspiring comments.

    There was only one tree in the garden of Eden – the Tree of Life – there was no
    tree of knowledge of good and evil – that was a fig-ment of the imagination
    which Adam and Eve were supposed to have been taken in by. We musn’t
    take a leaf out of their book!
    It is the Tree of Life that gives us our inspiration, and we can discover lots of lovely things
    about trees of various kind. Like the oak for me stands for strength, beauty, long life, etc.
    and it gives home to birds and other creatures, and shade. The Poplar is elegant and
    beautiful. The Willow is so lovely with its tresses hanging down over the water where it
    is reflected. etc.. They are all spiritual qualities of God which belong to us all, and can inspire us all.

    Ms. Eddy says that mountains are grand ideas, I think – if I have that wrong, they are certainly majestic and beautiful at all times. I don’t have access to mountains where I live, but when I have been on holiday I have been in awe of the mountains – with beautiful wild flowers sometimes gracing their base, and maybe snow covering the tops. I have never attempted to climb one, but
    I can imagine what an effort it would take, and how wonderful it would be to reach the top
    and see the vast panorama all around. I must endeavour to keep myself metaphysically
    on the mountain top of inspiration.

  11. Hiking in the mountains is a big part of my life, so I really enjoyed this metaphor and will easily remember it now. To me, experiencing nature’s beauty is my spirituality. Thank you!

  12. Dear Friends! I live downtown in a city which has a ‘mountain’ which is actually part of an escarpment that pretty well surrounds the city. It is about 90 metres or 330 feet at its highest part. I was born here and we have had international bicycle races up and down our ‘mountain’. On a clear day we can see across the lake to Toronto! The scenery is always beautiful year around and now in the autumn, it is even more colourful!
    Keeping our thoughts lifted and seeking and finding the spiritual is the secret of happiness!
    We thank God for such abundant blessings!
    Thank you, Evan, for inspiring all these lovely comments!

  13. Thank you very much indeed, dear “J” for this excellent article by Harriet Barry. The truth therein is wonderful to read and take in. I like the powerful short truth therein: “God’s is the battle”. We also can find this expression in the Bible. For me that means, omnipotent God is in full control of everything.

    In the end of my little garden stands a large oak tree. My spiritual inspiration is this: the stem is TMC, the branches are all CS branches and the leaves are the church members. I like to think in this way.

    Thank you dear Evan for reminding and advising us to stay divinely inspired. And yes, we can do that through praying and studying (reading the Bible/SH and CS magazins). The article “J” gave us, I think last weekend, “The healing Power of oneness” by Deborah Huebsch is very worth reading. I printed it out to read it more times and also to give it to church friends.

    Thanks all for your inspirations here. I cherish them very much indeed!♡♡♡

  14. Trees do inspire. A verse in the Bible refers to God’s people as “Trees of Righteousness”. I was in a museum in Sweden where it was pointed out that trees and forests are storehouses of the sun’s energy. They actually store the energy from the sun in the process of photosynthesis, then it can be retrieved by burning wood to cook food or heat a home. (A forest is the best battery on earth) So, according to the Bible, we have spiritual energy from God in us. Storehouses of righteousness. And we are like the burning bush of Moses, the righteousness is never used up. Try looking at a crowd as a “forest” or storehouse of righteousness.

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