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  1. QUOTE:
    “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him that it is right.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. To come apart from the material world and be separate is the command here. When confronted with the opposite of Truth one may concede to the popular thinking and indulge error or one may take a stand against it. Mentally or audibly according to what wisdom dictates.
    A woman was suffering from a cold. I sat in her office and told her she was God’s reflection. And that God is always present. A stand against a disease of a minor nature. I told her she was well right there and then. She warmly acknowledged this very different thinking that was totally new to her. She was warm and receptive to the new idea of health.

    Another woman suffering from a addiction to tobacco, hooked up on oxygen with shallow dark eyes, was remembered as very lovely and capable more than most in her affluent position.
    She stood by where I was working with my son Chris. I humbly asked her if I may pray for her.
    She said “No I’m OK”. A little while later she came and leaned on a counter again near my son and I. I mentioned that Christian Science heals. She mumbled something and left the scene.

    My job as a student in Christian Science is to show my appreciation for the Truth by sharing this resource. This is a type of gratitude. I could have taken the popular stance and been in sympathy with the error so obviously attached to this unfortunate woman. Instead the availability of the Christ cure was humbly stated. Now denying the seeming presence and power apart from God is a necessity. The mental work will continue till there is peace concerning this woman.

    I did not stick my head out but put my heart in. Standing on holy ground and having compassion for this sufferer. Giving and feeling a loving presence for her. Now looking for fruition.

    I met an associate in the automobile repair business. She said that she was suffering from pneumonia. I said that that is not the Truth and would pray for her. She said she hopped that it would work. It did of course work and the woman was healed quickly.

    All power is given to God. An ever present help in the time of trouble. A new life in the demonstration of Christ as eternally here and now cannot be hidden while we go about our daily lives. Even though following the crowd is popular and receives much fellowship, that is a fellowship with error and will not effect harmony. Standing out and displaying confidently the ever presence of God to heal takes courage. But if God is for us, who can be against us?

    Thank all of your for sharing and for this fortunate site to exhibit our individual progress in Christian Science.

    Thank you Evan for this platform which is looked forward to every morning. Peace today.

    1. Wow! I often think of this!

      Thanks, Evan, for this reminder. I look forward to an uplift daily!

      David, what you do for others even the mere suggestion of Truth over matter can ignite others’ thought to opening up to more peace, health, and perfect! I find myself reaching out more as well. And 100% of the time whether or not the person feels they have a belief in God, they usually thank me for my (God’s) ideas and loving support!

  3. Thank you Evan. I love the picture as well as the wise words. After traveling in our busy world on busy highways, I am so comforted to come home where I am surrounded by glorious, tall, green trees, silence, and the sweet awareness of birds singing.
    I find myself aware of the importance of not allowing my thoughts to follow the crowd. While it’s easy for me to “walk in a different direction and not follow the crowd”; it’s a daily focus to be disciplined with my thoughts not being influenced by mortal minds.

  4. David I really love what you have said here and especially this sentence(s)…”I did not stick my head out but put my heart in. Standing on holy ground and having compassion for this sufferer. Giving and feeling a loving presence for her.” This is something I’ve been doing lately but wouldn’t have thought to say it in these words but this is perfect. If someone is drowning, we MUST offer help from a solid spiritual standpoint…not jump in and drown with them!

  5. There is but one God with many expressions and those expresses can only be expressions of Truth. Thank you, Evan. And all who contribute to this so refreshing website. It is such a great way to start out the day.

  6. The picture reminded me so much of the Camino I walked last month. I prayed my way through every false claim of pain mortal mind would throw at me and at the end of the day I had no aches, pain or blisters. I included my trail mates in my prayers and in the evening when they were in pain and gulping down ibuprofin and using aspercream I would tell them they could pray and not be suffering. They would say “Yes, that is so great! You are an inspiration.” And then continue claiming their pain and taking material remedies. I feel badly that my understanding wasn’t enough to heal them too, but am so grateful to learn the spiritual lesson I did, which is, I can pray my way through anything, because God is ever present Love.
    Thank you all for your comments. I, too, LOVE Spiritview and the wisdom Evan so generously shares.

  7. Thank you Evan! Christian Scientists are called to walk against the stream of materialism which is going in a completely opposite direction. David, you are an inspiration. I have offered to pray for close friends and family but you are Truly walking the walk! Thank you for your example!

  8. Thank U all for your absolute commitment to the Truth, as given us by MBE. At times we seem to be shoveling sand against the tide of mortal mind. But Truth is omnipotence. We can stand strong & prevail

  9. Evan thank you for this spiritview this morning. It always seems to be what’s needed. JOY and healing fills my heart for all the wonderful healing that is going on in the world.
    Exodus 14 Holman Christian Translation Moses said to the people, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and
    see the LORD’S salvation He will provide for you today; .

  10. Bible lesson on idols this week supports this stand . What you don’t start you don’t have to get over……..eg ……..smoking, drinking, drugs.
    Very good advise Evan.

  11. Love’s Meadow

    God says I AM

    and infinite diversity of Soul is
    imaged forth as man,
    beloved, beautiful, secure.

    “In the beginning” never was
    in embryo; nor is man’s measure
    from a family history, environment,
    or circumstance.

    Mind is the continuity of man, knows all
    that has been, is, will be. Mind makes His
    image as the climax of His glorious

    God’s love, like clearings in the meadow of
    our days, reveals man’s full divinity.


  12. Thank you Evan and all!

    I just woke up and some thoughts let me not come to sleep again for a while. So I prayed and thought about today’s topic of Evan’s cherished SpiritView .
    The first and clear ideas came as follows:
    Stick to God, Truth, Life and Love and you are on the right track, no matter what mortal mind wants to say or advise!
    Often when one tells me what I don’t agree with at all, I think and pray “be still and know that I am God”. And I listen to God’s advices.
    God is the only law-giver. This evening it was my turn to read in my CS church. My theme was “morteĺ minds law versus God’s Law, the only Law there is!”.
    Am very glad and grateful God raised me in Christian Science. And am thankful for this wonderful and comforting, healing SpiritView blog, it is very blessing!

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