Tag: kindness

Love your relatives

August 18, 2023 | 21 comments

Do not nurse hatred in your heart for any of your relatives…love your neighbor as yourself. ~ Leviticus 19:17,18, NLT If you have any relatives you find it hard to love, there’s a way to turn that around and love

Live the truth you love

July 5, 2023 | 17 comments

What you believe is more important than what you possess. What you live is more lasting than what you profess. Whom you inspire is more significant than whom you impress. ~ William Arthur Ward

Be first

May 12, 2023 | 37 comments

Don’t wait for others to be friendly. Show them how it’s done by the good example you set.

Forgiveness always possible

April 13, 2023 | 26 comments

Brethren, even as Jesus forgave, forgive thou. I say it with joy, — no person can commit an offense against me that I cannot forgive. ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Message to The Mother Church for 1902, p. 19