Take your health protection with you wherever you go

August 11, 2022 | 28 comments

If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home. For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.

~Psalms 91:9-11

If you have any concerns about being exposed to Covid while circulating in the public, you can conquer those fears and render any exposure to a virus harmless through an understanding of God’s power and presence.

As the Psalmist points out, a consciousness of God acts as an impenetrable shelter of protection against all evil. It protects one from contagion and disease.

Exposure to a physical virus is not what causes harm. It is fear of a virus that produces any seeming effect from exposure.

A key to staying healthy and safe from contagion is to be so aware of God’s purity and presence, that fear has no chance of entering thought and suggest suffering.

A consciousness of God’s power and presence creates immunity against contagion. It neutralizes germs, renders virus harmless, and maintains good health.

Take good health with you to work, to the market, to the classroom, and back home. Know God’s power and presence goes before you, follows behind, is above, below, and all around. Live, move, and breathe in the omnipresence of Love. It will keep you safe and healthy wherever you go.

28 thoughts on “Take your health protection with you wherever you go”

  1. Evan, I love your phrase “..be so aware of God’s purity and presence”.
    Every morning I go for a hike in the hills to enjoy that presence. Prayer comes so naturally and flows like a river..
    To feel God’s presence is our first line of defense against all so called aggressive thought
    In His presence there is only purity and peace.

  2. You may already know this. One day I was speaking to a dear member of our Church. He was a former Marine. He mentioned that the 91st Psalm is the soldier’s Psalm. I love this thought and read this Psalm every morning as part of my daily prayer of protection.

  3. I thought that every word was just right and there wasn’t anything missing, so I was surprised when I felt assigned to type something, then was wondering why. So I waited and listened. It was the readers’ response with gratitude giving the addition of documented evidence of healing protection and healings applying the same truths Evan wrote. So I waited and listened because I’ve experienced so many demonstrations of Love’s protection from contagion, and Spirit’s/Love’s power to spread through all attempted barriers or resistance the fearlessness and health. I was filled with gratitude for the perfect timing of this blog and remembering of my own healings or prevention of diseases and fearful stories. Yet mentioning any of many of these were not my assignment.

    I can pray knowing that each reader and person sharing or considering this blog will have the testimonies needed illustrating the truth Evan wrote.

    And then, I remembered where there are so many well-documented, carefully archived, and beautifully-communicated examples of Christian Scientists fearlessly staying healthy while physically doing long sleepless underfed hours for weeks of service in the most contagious and painfully deadly pandemics, going house to house to help the sick and dying, and carrying and disposing of contagious corpses.

    Check out The Longyear Museum documents of Captain Joseph Eastaman and others I learned about during the 2004 Longyear Museum Caribbean cruise with morning and afternoon workshops. If I remember correctly, one example is him helping in Cuba during the revival of the Black Plague, as he spread healing and health, and grateful reverence praising Spirit/Love.

    1. Thank you dear Edith for your interesting comment and specially for the link to the wonderful story of Mr. Eastaman’s superb metaphysical development after taught by Mary Baker Eddy!♡

  4. You have written a lot about this contagion issue and covid situations but THIS IS THE BEST! This is so clear, so concise, so RIGHT. Thank you Evan for your clarity and sharing of it with us all. Here you have given us a clear simple list of Truths that would neutralise any problem of this sort including addressing every kind of fearful thought that might sneak in. I love this and will print it out to read at church on Wednesday night. I will also know these truths every time I hear someone say “I’ve got covid”. No, they do not. We, as God’s creation, can ONLY inherit or manifest what our creator gave us and must refuse to give credence to the lies that presume God doesn’t fill all space.

  5. I love this post and all comments this morning.
    Evan, would you please tell us which Bible translation you used for the verses from Psalm 91?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Carolyne… It’s The New Living Transaction. If you click on the blue Psalms:91 in Evan’s post, it will bring up a website showing the translation.

  6. What a beautiful, pure message of assured protection, from anything and everything that is unlike God. Thank you!

  7. Great inspiration! Thank you. Question : But going into the grocery store one observes others with masks, advertisements over the loud speaker for protection by vaccines, boosters, etc.
    All suggestions that there are “us” and “them”. Here’s what has come to my thought for today: Hymn 500 in CS hymnal. “I can walk with Love through the valley of fear,,,,Tender mercies are holding me.” BUT then comes the answer in WHAT OUR LEADER SAYS (My 210: 5) “Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, BUT ALL WHOM YOUR THOUGHTS REST UPON ARE THEREBY BENEFITED.” THEN in S&H 476:31, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning (I’m inserting, fearing) mortal man appears to mortals.” ……
    THEN, comes Hymn 497 with “Home is the consciousness of good….ending with “find our home in every place.” ! I just love the newer hymnal 430-603!!

  8. Dear Carolyne, if you click on the blue link of the Psalm it will take you to the translation that Evan used (NLT) on Bible Gateway. You can also read that Psalm from many Bible translations on that website!

  9. This brought to thought a simple example of reacting to fear. When little children fall, sometimes a parent’s knee-jerk reaction is expressed in fear: “Are you okay!? Are you hurt!? Let me check!” Other parents will neutralize fear when a child falls by calmly telling them, “you’re OK! Everything is fine! And will quietly check. This is a reminder to ask, “am I being a “fearful reactor ” or a “calm, spiritually poised reflector”. I love what Maggie said in a recent SpiritView, “When you refuse to react, you have destroyed the bridge over which error (evil) can reach you.”

    1. Thanks J. I loved, “Am I being a fearful reactor or a calm, spiritually poised reflector.” Good thought to keep in our back pocket.

      And thank you Evan for, “Know God’s power and presence goes before you, follows behind, is above, below, and all around.” That covers all ground, this level of God consciousness is the “impenetrable shield that protects against all evil.” Against all evil thoughts, for they are only thoughts, with no actuality or power.
      Love to all of you!!

  10. Thank you for this post. It is a welcome reminder of a previous post about praying with Psalms 23 and 91 every morning and evening.

  11. Thank you Desert Girl for pointing out how we can see the whole Psalm. I have two quotes (Unknown) I have printed out and on displayed on my fridge door.


    “There is only the love of God to witness, experience, express, and see.
    We are all in the atmosphere of God’s Love.
    God is the only atmosphere.
    God is the only environment.”

    Whenever I go into the store or other public places and the thought I should wear a mask comes to me, I hold to this message and freely enter without fear and with Love for all I see. This is a wonderful blog Evan and so needed right now. All the comments are right on so thank you Spirit View family. Love to all.

    1. And RH, and Edith for your instructions. thank you. These blog interactions and comments are so helpful.

  12. Psm. 91
    He will ORDER His angels to protect you wherever you go”
    I love that thought. Such power in that command !

  13. Thank you for the NLT translation of this beautiful verse, Evan. It occurred to me that “to order” can also mean “to position, to arrange.” So God will not only command His angels to be with us wherever we go, He will position them to be where we need them, even before we are aware that we need them.

    1. Thanks dear Angie for your loving care to supply us always with suitable inspiring articles out of the archive of The Motherchurch! It is very helpful!♡

  14. The Bible says: “from all sides YOU (God) surround me, and hold your Hand over me”, protecting me completely!
    I love this Bible verse and often pray with it!

    Thank you very very much, dear Evan for your so comforting and healing and still timely, yes, and needed SpiritView of today!♡

    1. Thank you for mentioning this verse Uta, it’s very comforting.
      Psalms 139::5
      “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. (NLT).
      “You are all around me, behind me and in front of me. You hold me safe in your hand.” (NIRV)

      Many blessings.

      1. Thanks Rose that you state the complete verse from Psalms 139:5 from the NLT.
        I just translated it from my German into English by heart from my remembrance.
        Yes, and so blessing for us all what Evan wrote and you mention it, too. Thanks, so good!♡

  15. So grateful for the Truth you share, Evan!
    Thank you to you & everyone who has added their little bit to encourage & keep us steadfast in the Truth of God’s Presence & Purity, a powerful armour against Error! I’m really blessed!!

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