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January 16, 2019 | 13 comments

Even though the holidays are past, I must say thank you one more time for all the generous support you have shown me and this blog through the Christmas season. The dozens of supportive comments, Christmas cards received, gifts, donations toward maintenance of the site, and thoughtful emails are all noted, loved and appreciated. I am grateful to each of you!

The SpiritView team that keeps this site running smoothly is grateful too!

13 thoughts on “Thank you for your support”

  1. I am enormously appreciative of your considerable efforts Evan to share wonderful insights and inspiration with us … this is a “news channel” that delivers “The Word”, where Fake News has no credentials.

  2. I fully agree with what Fay says, and am utmost grateful for all the inspirational work you are performing for us all five days of the week long! Your Spiritual Views are so comforting, lovingly teaching and healing and inspiring us, dear Evan! And SpiritView leads us to supportive, helpful and deliteful comments and discussions among each other, for which I am awfully grateful to you, Evan, and to you dear commenters! It is always enriching my day and my thinking 🙂

  3. Gratitude is immense for the generous inspiration, ideas, love and kindness brought our way every single day as a result of learning and sharing with all of you! Happy, happy day!!

  4. Thank U for sharing & caring. Each year ( solar measurement) is available for REAL growth or progress in our journey Spirirward. “ Action expresses more gratitude than mere words can express.”

  5. Thank YOU, Evan! Even tho’ I am often “tilting a bit left” of traditional C.S. – I feel your openness and willingness to have different ideas and beliefs on your Blog is about “Real Thinking”. Having been raised in C.S. from Day One…..I get so tired of just hearing people Quote and Spout Mrs. Eddy and/or the Bible – without any REal Thinking and without finding ways of taking the time to put the ideas in their Own Words. This is truly what I think Mrs. Eddy meant about the Time for Thinkers….not Spouters! Much Love and Gratitude! Bevi

  6. This is the first thing I read each day when waking. Am grateful beyond words for all the help it has given me and for the ideas also given by my fellow contributors – long may they continue.

  7. Thank you so much Evan for much inspiration which leads us to examine our own thoughts and actions. Bless you and your dear family

  8. Words, gifts, etc. can never thank you enough, Evan, for all that give to so many.
    Now I know how the disciples felt as they followed and learned from our
    Saviour, Christ Jesus….so much gratitude and love for his teaching! Ditto–you!

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