The after effects of Christmas

December 26, 2008 | 5 comments

On the radio, I was listening to lamenting and bemoaning over the “after effects” of Christmas by talk show hosts and call-ins complaining about gaining too much weight over the holidays and accruing heavy debt from gift purchases.

After a bit, I halted the aggressive negativity trying to captivate my attention with a mental outburst of, “Eating too much food and acquiring debt has nothing to do with participating in the true meaning of Christmas! Christmas is about celebrating the Advent of Christ. It’s about experiencing more of the power and presence of God everyday in practical meaningful ways. It’s a spiritual event, designed to leave us in a better place spiritually and humanly for having participated!”

Christmas is a totally positive experience when seen in its proper light. Yes, if one views Christmas as a time to overindulge sensually through food, purchases and inactivity, the final result may not be good at all, and rightfully so, for there is nothing becoming and beneficial about gluttony and trusting deeply in material sense to bring happiness. But none of that is Christmas.

Christmas is not a sensual indulgence. It’s a divine experience! It’s about growing spiritually, becoming a better person, learning to love others better, dissolving conflict in family relations, finding better health, curing disease and dropping old sins.

Christmas is about recognizing Christ in one’s self and in one’s neighbor.

I could not think of any negative after-effects from celebrating the real meaning of this holiday. Christmas is all positive! As far as I could see… No ill comes from bearing witness to the activity of Christ in one’s mental neighborhood, and living true to the love of Christ in one’s thoughts and deeds.

Everything about Christmas is good!

So, I ask you, “What progressive developments occurred in your life this Christmas from having participated in the true spirit of the Day?…”

5 thoughts on “The after effects of Christmas”

  1. Can you comment on Christmas as a year-long event and not just a day? It seems the problem of “after- effects” would not take place if it were not viewed as a singular 1- day event.

    Also, can you explain what is meant by recognizing Christ in one’s self and one’s neighbor? What is Christ?

    Finally, if Christmas is not to be seen as a 1 day event,and I agree with this 100%, why is there so much emphasis placed on 1 day?

  2. Christmas has always been a special time of the year to me. From a very early age I always loved the idea that we each express the Christ and it was Jesus that taught us and showed us how to live it by his example.

    This year, with the help of my sister, I put together a different kind of gift for my whole family. Each family member received a small box and on the top of the box was written the person name and this little poem “If ever you’re a bit down or feeling a bit blue…. Open this box.. and see what other’s think of you.” Inside each box were qualities that I found this individual expressed. Each card inside the box had one quality. One card might say, “Patty is Patient” and below this would be the definition “Quietly, steadily, preserving: diligent”. Choosing a definition that best fit what you saw expressed.

    When my girls and their families arrived for Christmas at my home this was the first gift we opened all together. I explained that through out the year we could add to each other’s boxes as well as to our own. It was at that point that everyone wanted to hear what the other had in their boxes. We each shared three of our favorites. Everyone was delighted to share. Even my eight year old grandson and five year old granddaughter received a box, and shared. I certainly saw the Christ being express at our Christmas celebration this year. What a joy! I am expecting to see more of God’s wonderful qualities expressed through out the New Year.

    Evan, thank you so much for all your posting, they have been so helpful to me this year. I look forward to your wonderful insight and wisdom in the New Year.


  3. To Patty,

    Wow! What a great gift for the family. Your present turned the gift opening activity into a much higher experience than ripping off the wrappers as fast as possible…And it’s likely to have a long term positive impact with it’s definite spiritual aspect. Thanks for sharing.

  4. To anon,

    Christmas to me is worship of the things of Spirit. That’s what Jesus came to teach us, to go to Spirit, away from matter, for happiness, wealth and life.

    Christmas is seen as a one day event when the focus is on the human birth of Jesus, which obviously happened on a singular day 2000+ years ago. CS, however, takes the birth a few levels higher to the spiritual significance of Jesus’ birth. It’s not about a singular event in time, but a spiritual development of Christ in human consciousness throughout all time. People are still experiencing the “birth” of Christ. Birth is symbolic of new beginning, appearance of, dawning of, etc. The relevance of Jesus Christ’s birth is more than a birthday, but the spiritual transformation we experience when truly accepting Christ into our life and living true to Jesus’ teachings.

    Christ is the power and presence of God active in our lives.

    Christ is in everyone. But it can take prayer work to see beyond sin and disease in humans to behold that Christ presence. This is the work of Christian Science, to see beyond the errors, prove them unreal, and demonstrate health here and now.

    Mary Baker Eddy wrote that we are to “cherish the babe of Christian healing.” Christmas is about cherishing the babe of Christian healing, or living out the healing truth Jesus came to teach.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Sometimes spending more than they can afford on presents is someone’s highest understanding and expression of love and generosity, sometimes providing way too much food is someone’s highest understanding of providing love and comfort for their family.
    I know these are imperfect expressions of love and so on, but many are acting up to their highest understanding and should not be just condemned outright for greed and materialism.

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