God gets our attention

December 27, 2008 | No comments yet

Here at our cabin, I have an office next to the workroom downstairs. In the workroom there is a space heater with a fan we leave on while the cabin is vacant in order to keep the plumbing and water heater from freezing in the winter cold. It’s set to run when the temperature hits 40 degrees.

Last Tuesday, I was working in my office and I heard the heater turn on.

I thought, “That is odd. The heater is set to run at 40 degrees, and it’s over 65 in that room. Why is the heater running?”

I went to the room to inspect the heater and found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It turned off when I picked it up and every part appeared in working order.

As I puzzled over the oddity, I glanced across the room and saw a pond of water at the base of the water heater. What a mess! I dropped all concerns about the space heater and raced to deal with a mini-water disaster about to form. To make a longer story short, the leakage is contained, we have a plumber on the way, all is under control, and we still have hot water. I’m grateful for that!

Later, at dinner, though, I was rethinking the series of events that afternoon, and commented to the family how odd it was for the space heater to turn on at such a high temperature.

Then the pieces fell together.

I decided that the noise of the heater was God’s way of getting my attention. Without it, I would have remained oblivious to the Lake Erie about to appear in our basement and spread into adjoining carpeted rooms.

Sometimes it surprises me how God works, but I’m grateful every time I see divine wisdom in action.

God has a way of getting our attention, if necessary. Of course, we have to be listening! That’s our job… And I was listening at the time, actively engaged in prayer for patients near and far. I think I’ll keep working at it…for it helps not only them, but me too!

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