New beginnings

January 2, 2009 | 5 comments

The greeting “Happy New Year,” has been flowing freely and abundantly this past week as people anticipate a new set of months to twirl through on their calendar. When the past has been a struggle, as it has been for millions, it’s heartening to embrace the possibility of a fresh start and a new beginning in which difficult challenges are left behind and happier healthier times are foreseen.

This morning, as I lay in bed a few moments preparing to rise and begin an active day, I thought, “It’s more than a new set of months that brings freshness and renewal. It’s new thinking that brings progress into one’s life.”

“Happy New Thinking!” I exclaimed. And up I bounced for the day.

Happy New Thinking! I like that.

God’s is the source of all renewal and restoration. The blessings of divine Mind don’t enter our experience through the door of time, but through spiritual mindedness, consecrated prayer, receptivity to truth and a love of goodness. It’s new thinking that leads to new views and fresh possibilities.

Do you want a new body, a better attitude, a healthier portfolio? It all starts with gaining a better understanding of what you have already in spiritual fact. And that better understanding comes from devoted prayer, commitment to spiritual growth and daily deeds that confirm the new views gained. And that all comes down to new thinking!

As we begin the annum 2009, I extend a Happy New Year greeting to you…

Happy New Thinking!!!

5 thoughts on “New beginnings”

  1. Not only is that a wonderful written message, but I love the picture of 2009!
    Thank you so very much.

    Maggi in Baton Rouge

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