The angels in your life

April 17, 2017 | 18 comments

Do you fully appreciate all the angels in your life?

Angels are God’s helpers coming to our aide. They may come in the form of inspired ideas and insights that guide us in our work. But they may also come in the form of other people who help us in time of need. A hand-up when we feel stuck, a smile when we’re feeling down, a tip that gets us headed in the right direction, are all forms of God’s angels showing up in our experience.

Angels can come when we least expect them. They do not come by accident or chance. God sends them. And God’s timing is perfect.

God may also send you on an angel-mission to help another in need. Be ready!

“The wings of angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people.”

~ Eric Honeycutt

18 thoughts on “The angels in your life”

  1. I love these angel thoughts, Evan. Thank you. I had an elderly friend who lived a distance away and she always used to say, “You’re my angel”, before we would end our conversation. She has recently passed on, but sometimes when I miss her helpful (motherly/sisterly) guidance and support on decisions, I still can hear those words and can actually feel her love and comforting thoughts. Angel messages are all around us, even if we don’t see them.

  2. Thank you Evan for putting in perspective what I have always believed. Many times I have entertained “Angels unawares” and realised it afterwards, as children who came to me unexpectedly, or a young lady accompany me for a few moments in time of need.
    Hymns come to mind with a message.
    Or a statement in Science and Health, with key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Or the Bible.

  3. An Angel thought:
    Being the creation of a mind so great
    as Gods Mind, I rest in the peace
    and comfort that that all I need
    to be sustained, is present, for this Mind
    having created me, surely knows and supplies
    all that is needed to sustain its reflection,
    Walk in peace and joy for this is True reality.
    walk in peace and joy even among those
    who are still wandering on the road of separation, fear, anxiety, for the day is guaranteed, when they too shall find Love and Peace
    in This amazing journey we call Life

  4. Thanks, Evan. Yes, I’ve experienced angels, God’s thoughts and inspirations, guide me to do the right thing at the right time—being told in actual words what to do at a particular moment. God is present with us all the time, guiding and guarding us. Angels can also come in the form of our sweet pets who are led to come to us when we need their comfort. I’m so grateful for all the “angels” in my life—friends, family members, God’s loving messages. Thanks again.

  5. “He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in ALL thy ways” (Not an exact quote from Psalm 91.) I pray throughout the day to listen for God’s angel messages to guide me in everything I do, and for the wisdom and strength to follow through.

  6. Many angel messages over the years, and oh so many helpers. Easter Eve one of my sons, his wife and 2 sons (1 in college and 1 in high school) did my grocery shopping, as well as theirs for Easter dinner at their house. They also stripped, turned, and made my bed. Put my wash clothes in dryer. Because of the challenge I have right now there is need for a walker. Because of that and the 5 steps down to their powder room I asked if they would just bring me a plate of Easter dinner. Without hesitation they said no to plate, they would bring Easter dinner to my place and notify my other son and grandson of location change for dinner!! True angels. ” Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” MBE

  7. All my life I have been surrounded by angels and angel thoughts but never did I fully understand without studying Christian Science. My recent angel came to me just last week in finding the perfect family to take my beloved pet sheep. Over a year ago my husband and I decided that we would scale down and move from our “hobby farm” to a bigger city with a smaller home in a subdivision. Knowing that I needed to find the Perfect family for my pet sheep was a constant worry for me. Someone that I knew started e-mailing people and as things go I got a call from an interested lovely family that had kids, lots of property and other farm animals. They assured me they would not eat my sheep (very worrisome outcome for me) and that they would love and care for them. I met them and KNEW that they were wonderful people and that my sheep would have a wonderful home. Two days later they came by, loaded them up and off they went. Everyone thought it would be hard on me but I KNEW that God had this all under control and that my “Angel” friend was instrumental in this marvelous demonstration. All things work together for good, indeed!!

  8. Thank you so much Evan. You are right, angels come to us in every form, i.e. just in that form we do need at the moment.

    Yes, thank you Daphne, you are right, angels also come through pets, as they are God`s creatures as well.

    I remember the CS hymnal no. 9 verse three:

    “O longing hearts that wait on God
    Through all the world so wide;
    He knows the angels that you need,
    And sends them to your side,
    to comfort, guard and guide.

    I love that song, and it helps me when I need angel thoughts.

    Thank you all commenters for your loving comments! 😉

  9. I love the presence of angels in my life.
    I always acknowledge and thanks for all the grace they bring. I’ve collected several angels serious and whimsical.
    They all bring me comfort and help us to know without a doubt that Love is always present!

  10. I am so grateful for the angels in my day – such blessings they bring. Thank you Evan for this blog and to the commenters for the beautiful messages. Blessings to you all.

  11. Thank you so much Evan for being the Angel who daily provides us with lovely ideas, which nourish, sustain, enrich, guide, protect and heal us. So very kind of you indeed.

    Mrs Eddy’s write up of “ANGELS” is so helpful in our daily struggles of life… I like to keep referring to it, when I feel discouraged or hassled..She mentions that Angels are spiritual ideas that lights our path, God gives His angels charge over us. He gives us His spiritual ideas and in turn they give us our daily supplies. We should never ask for tomorrow; it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help and if we wait, never doubting, we will have all that we need every moment. A glorious inheritance is given to us through the understanding of all present Love. What more could we ask for… Ever present God, our loving father from whom we inherit all good is with us through out our journey on earth. This is a sweet assurance which enables us to silence all human fears and sufferings of every sort.
    So grateful to Mrs. Eddy for this lovely article..Its so encouraging and good.

    We need to understand God’s pure and unconditional love. In His love for us He sent us so many angels – Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy, Christian Science. These angels comfort, guard, guide, love, protect, inspire and heal us. We are truly very rich, healthy and happy with so many angels, not forgetting our Angel dear Evan.

  12. Sometimes I think of the angels that came into my life when i knew nothing of their existence. the good was overwhelming at times.

  13. Our spiritual thoughts are blessed with our needs and the Angles are the love being expressed.

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