The benefits of a clear spiritual view

November 18, 2020 | 22 comments


If you ever have a hard time finding God’s love, health, and abundance it could be that a material sense of things is acting like a mental mist to keep you from seeing it.

In this vlog, I share ideas on how to clear that mental mist from thought so God’s love and care is more readily found.

A spiritual view is the clear view.

I recorded this video in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park, when Kathy and I visited the park last October.

22 thoughts on “The benefits of a clear spiritual view”

  1. Beautiful vlog Evan with the encouragement for us to keep seeing what God wants us to see in everything.
    Thank you too to Angie…the article you have given the link for just adds another dimension to understanding the nothingness of error.
    I remember, at Sunday School thinking how marvellous it would be for ‘faith to move mountains’. Especially as we always seemed to holiday in the Welsh valleys and spent so much time climbing mountains! Fortunately, in time I did see the spiritual interpretation of what these ‘mountains ‘ really were and have learnt many lessons along the way of overcoming human obstacles. I’m so grateful for Gods Love and protection for both myself and everyone.❣️

  2. Thank you again, Evan, for another wonderfully clear, inspiring, supportive sharing! I so appreciate all the healing insights you share on SpiritView, as well as in your many articles, talks, work for Church, blessing each one and all!

  3. Thank you very much, Evan. I too am grateful for this, and for all the strong, healing thoughts you share so graciously in SpiritView and through the Christian Science publications and other Christian Science Church-related activities. Your good work blesses all.

    1. Thank you so much Evan. This was an eye-opener for me. And Angie thank you for alerting us to that article.. it was great.. I thought it so helpful

    2. Thank you so much Evan… loved that blog.
      Also thank you Angie for alerting us to article about the big black cloud!! That was a great article.

  4. And the voice of the wind rose higher and higher
    whispering against the human
    and…behold…it blew the mist away!

  5. From sense to Soul
    My pathway lies before me,
    From mist & shadow
    Into Truth’s’clear day;
    The dawn of all things real
    Is breaking o’re me,
    My heart is singing:
    I have found the way.
    Hymn #64 Verse #1

    Thank you EVAN and all… Genesis 1 contains no mist & man is given dominion by God…Bless us all!

  6. I also want to thank Evan for this clear view. Thank you Angie for the link, I have been trying to get around a “big mountain” lately and this article is really helpful in seeing it for what it really is, an illusion. Evan, your articles, and your recent talk with Tony Lobl, have been steadily revealing the Truth that is blowing away the mist, and has been steadily helping me to see through the “big mountain” to the wonderful Truth that God is showing me the way. The gentle reminders help to keep my thought going in the right direction. Thank you Evan and all.

  7. Thank you Evan and All! So often it’s easy to be tricked into thinking I’m over here and God is over there (or UP there). In that frame of thought it’s easy to think we need to ask God to help us or that we have to use our own strength and alertness to continually know the truth to see things clearly or that we need to do something to bring a situation back into harmony. But I read something recently that pointed out that in reality, we don’t think OF God, we think AS God. We each reflect or manifest the one Mind in a unique way. Jesus said “I and my Father are one. John 10:30 (and the “my” was inserted by the translators, so literally translated Jesus is recorded as saying “I and Father are one” which to me makes it clearer that there is One Father we all express.) Therefore, we act as God, think as God, love as God, live as God, etc., with no separation or interruption from God whatsoever. How revealing and freeing is that!

    1. Love those beautiful thoughts shared, Brian. Oneness is probably the most important concept for us to understand!
      Thank you for another great vlog, Evan. Yellowstone should be a pilgrimage for every American!! It’s such a magnificent gift from our Father and Mother Creator. Every time one turns a corner, one discovers another brilliant manifestation of Infinite Creativity. I hope you all get a chance to experience it!!

    2. Thank you Brian, your words today are powerful. It always helps me to be reminded that we are not to try to use human will or human effort and struggle to make things happen or to see the Truth. No Separation. God does the heavy lifting as we reflect only Him. I liked, “We think as God, live as God, act as God.” Takes a big weight off to know this.

      Also thank you Evan and all who share comments, ideas, references etc. — that is Love in action!

  8. Thank you so much for the Sentinel article link Angie. It has helped clarify my path forward through the “mountains” of fear, and stress.

    Thank you Evan for your clear explanation on demonstrating Science with more confidence.

  9. We are all spiritual travelers striving to attain more elevated peaks in consciousness. This instructive blog is a firm rock supporting our clime through the illusive mountains of material sense,- piercing the mist as we journey to reach the summit of Truth and Love. Evan, you are such a catalyst for good!! And so grateful for all the shared links and spiritual-sense responses from SV supporters that “pour in truth through flood tides of Love.”

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes! Let’s all keep climbing and expressing joy on our spiritual journeys! Remember the song from Sound of Music, “Climb every mountain”? I think I’ll youtube it today!

  10. Thank you so much Evan and everyone for your contributions. It amazes me how this Vlog and all the comments have met my need today. I love the idea “a spiritual view is the clear view”. I also love the idea Brian shared: “we don’t think OF God, we think AS God..” What support and fellowship I feel.

  11. Evan, Thank you very much for this beautiful vlog! It brought much inspiration “into Truth’s clear day” and is exactly what I need to accompany my studying. I’m very grateful. Blessings to all.

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