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  1. Interesting! That is exactly what I was thinking after waking too early with thoughts racing and not able to fall back to sleep…

  2. Thanks Evan, that’s great. When we hold someone’s hand tightly, it’s natural for that hand we are holding to hold onto ours just as tight! Hold tightly to God’s omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient hand, moment by moment. We are so blessed.

  3. I love the phrase from a hymn “blow winds of God blow the mist of earth away.”..
    It helps me to feel Truth is the power and reality working for me.. In Galatians it speaks of “ye are know of Truth.
    My goal is to daily increase my awareness of Having my hand in His and He has His grip on me today and eternity.

  4. “Aye, darkling sense, arise, go hence!
    Our God is good.
    False fears are foes—TRUTH tatters those,
    When understood”

  5. This reminder so necessary to hold in thought. Thank you Evan. We must resist any erroneous thought that tries to separate us from our understanding that it is the Divine Mind that governs…always.❣️

  6. “Twas the Turth that made us free, And was found by you and me in the Life and the Love of our Lord.”
    Words from “Communion Hymn” # 298 – 302, by our leader in Truth, Mary Baker Eddy.
    We hold on to Truth, when we deny a lie.
    Lies cannot stand when the Truth is known, voiced, practiced.
    Truth designates, illuminans and leads the way. Truth heals.
    Thank you for helping us adhere to the Principal of knowing, practicing, and holding on to eternal Truth.
    Thank you God for those who are annointed with Truth and help us see it here on earth.

  7. Thank you Evan! And thank you Angie, for that helpful line from hymn 49. Really good reminders, and it’s nice to know we have the ability to stick close to God, because that is our God given nature. Thank you!!

  8. This reminds me of a time many years ago when there were buses with a conductor, and sometimes the buses were crowded so that people were standing inside. The conductor rang the bell for the driver to continue. Then when everyone was packed in, he always shouted out just before he rang the bell: – “Hold tight!”. Then every person standing would grab the back of a seat, or a rail and hold on tightly, as it was sometimes a bumpy ride. So when we find out lives looking to be somewhat bumpy ahead of us, then it is wise to hold on tightly to the iron grip of God’s hand – i.e. stay firmly with the calm Truth and the ever-presence of divine Love to keep us safe and secure throughout the bumpy conditions of the material senses. and safely and gently guide us forward to our desired destination. Thank you Evan, and all who comment – it is good to always keep this in mind and be ready to hold on when the going seems as if it is going to be tough.

    1. Thank you, Maggie, for sharing that lovely memory. “Hold on tight to GOD’S might” – my mantra for every morning for the rest of the week.

  9. Thank you Maggie and all commenters, especially Evan, as I sit here next to my beloved Sister who is beginning to pass away. She was a devoted CS all her life in spite of enduring many struggles. Her family, husband and daughter are struggling with the thought of her passing and I am trying to be as much comfort to them as one can. Perhaps this isn’t the proper forum for me to be writing but may I ask each of you to say a little pray for us all. I have been away from my home and family for over a
    week and feel torn although I feel much support from my husband a few states away. I am trying desperately to hold to the Truth but must admit seeing the material picture is conflicting. Thank You all and I am so grateful that we all have Christian Science in our lives and Evan to provide each of us with the Truth!

    1. Debbie, the “Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking”. The Christ is the “Way, the Truth and the Life”. As you and your dear sister are both walking in this “Way”, you are continually being led upward, both before and after what is called death. The Christ is with you both right now and remains within each of all of us, to comfort us, guard us, and guide us in our individual journeys. The journey continues as we go home to God by following the Way. Life is eternal–never beginning and never ending, but continual wherever we are. Love encircles and enfolds all of you.

      I so appreciate all of the contributors and all of Evan’s wonderful guidance in this and other blogs and vlogs. Thank you all. Holding tight to the Way.

      1. I get so much from a sermon by Mary Baker Eddy titled “LIFE” that was reprinted in the February 2, 1918 CS Sentinel. A wonderful resource.

      2. Dear Debbie, My prayer is to know that your sister cannot pass away from Life – she is immortal and God is holding onto her tightly, as we hold onto God’s Love for her. Much love to you, your sister and your family. I’m also thinking of the hymn 53: “Everlasting arms of Love, are around, beneath above;
        God it is that bears us on, His the arm we lean upon”:
        And the last verse:- “From earth’s fears and vain alarms, Safe in His encircling arms, He will keep us all the way, God, our refuge, strength and stay.”

      3. Dearest Debbie,
        I live alone, to human sense, and when I woke up, felt the need for God’s love and presence. Normally I don’t do this, but was impelled to give myself a hug. The angel thought came, “I love and am with you always.” This is true for us all, including your beloved sister and family. Yesterday I felt so embraced by this ever-present while walking and listening to a talk given at Arden Wood by Dr. Tom Fuller. He shared how are lives are represented by a circle, rather than a line segment with beginning, middle and end. The circle represents eternity. Our time here on Earth is just a spec on the circle of infinity. He also told a story about Mr. 4 who was feeling less than he used to be, perhaps a 3.5 or so. Since 4 is a spiritual idea, it can never be less than its original, full expression. This is true for us as well. The talk can be found by googling Arden Wood Dr Tom Fuller. Also available on Peace Havens website. Our hymns are so helpful during challenging times. We can sing along with hymn 340 and rejoice in the wideness and kindness in God’s mercy knowing we are held in Love’s infinite embrace FOREVER!!
        Thank you, Evan, for the inspired command and the heart-warming photo–love it!! So grateful for this community and all your loving and helpful comments!!

    2. Dear Debbie,
      I know that your dear sister, you and all your family are enfolded in Divine Love now and forever. That Love is the rock you can lean upon. When my mother passed on it was obvious she had a joyous homecoming. Your sister is going from life to Life. Your love is expanding as you unselfishly give to your sister and family. There is so much Love going on and all truly is well.

    3. Bless you Debbie. You and your dear sister are in your rightful place. Life Under God’s Contol CD quote, ” The material picture is not the last word.” I rely on that idea whenever the material picture seems overwhelming. It doesn’t matter what the material picture is showing. That is not our truth. What God is knowing and seeing is the truth. Your sister is on her journey, with God holding her hand and gently leading her forward. She is wrapped in Love’s care. What better place could she be? We are all moving forward with God.

    4. Dear Debbie, Sending much love and light to you and your precious family. All of you are the beloved of your loving Father-Mother God. That is unchanging because God is the same yesterday today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8). Nothing is changing, but it can seem so hard to see that at times like this. You don’t have to manufacture that understanding humanly, ask God to bring you that peace and knowing that “passes all understanding.” Love to you.

      And thanks Evan for the reminder that we hold on to God and He holds on to us and nothing can come between Perfect God and His perfect creation — and cowardly error flees in the presence of Truth.

  10. What a perfect photo. A baby’s grasp of its parent’s finger is, in my experience, stronger than one would think it was able. They have absolute trust and hold tight.

    When we in child-like trust hold tightly to Truth, error –or the lie trying to hold onto us– is exposed and dissolves into nothingness because a lie can never be a part of Truth. It has no “grasp” of it.

    Thank you Evan.

    1. What a lovely idea that error has no ability to grasp … we mentally give error all the ‘grasping power’ it has … what a good idea to stop wasting our time and thought space on giving ‘nothingness’ power over us!!

  11. Dear Debbie, please know so many hearts are focused on you and your sister at this moment. Countless prayers are being said on your behalf. And Evan’s original words of this posting: “Hold to Truth with an iron grip” couldn’t be more personally offered to you at this time. God is All.

  12. Hi Debbie, God loves you and your family eternally and does not leave you alone with that situation!. Life, God is eternal. Much love to you and of course i have a healing prayer for you and your dear ones!
    Thank you Evan, it is very needed that we have an iron grip on God’s Hand!!!
    Thank you Angie for the link to that article. It maches totally with this SpiritView toppic. It is a wonderful testimony and for me very helpful. 🙂
    Much Gratitude and Love for SpiritView! 🙂

  13. Again gratitude to EVAN & fellow thinkers.
    Debbie, you & yours, are enveloped in God’s Kingdom, now & always. None of us have ever left the Kingdom of Heaven…
    It is within us. Truth is never separated from God’s perfect child.
    I too appreciate the picture with today’s true thought.
    We have our work today…watch & pray!

  14. Hymn 134 has this line “ Thy presence fills my solitude ,
    Thy providence turns all to good,” This is the Comforter And
    Sunbeam can never be separated from the sun nor can man ever be separated from God. Dear Christ ForEver here and near are the truths Iam applying today.Hold fast that which is Good

  15. Dear Debbie .For you and your family it is an honour to pray for you all to feel the ever presence of Divine Love and Life ever lasting.
    ‘ The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. ‘ Deut 31 v8.
    Hold tight to the true identity of yourself , your sister and all those around you . God Bless❣️

  16. Dear Debby,
    You are reflecting the Divine Comforter. I have witnessed these tireless acts of kindness and abandonment of self for the good of another, You will see what others aren’t prividledged to see.
    The transfomation of mortal belief to the immortal understanding of infinite Life.
    Your compassion moves us deeply. Certainly you are not alone in this very compassionate effort. Tabitha is certainly arrising, you are giving her your hand. I’m sure that she has made many garments. Do not weep. Love will show the way. We will all pray.

  17. To all of you who have comforted me, I want you all to know how truly grateful I am. I am, including my dear sister truly blessed to have the comfort of the teachings of Christian Science and the warmth and LOVE you all express. This is just what I needed today, again THANK YOU!!

  18. Dear Debbie the first theought that came to me was Hymn 412, “O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking.” This is what your sister is doing and you and your family can also be joyful.
    Cathryn in San Diego, I also listened to that very inspiring talk by Dr. Tom Fuller at Arden Wood. My brother worked with him at the Publishing Society.
    And lastly, Angie, thanks so much for that article. It brought back memories of a trip to the White Mountains with my family when I was just a teenager.
    What a blessing this SpiritView family is!!!

  19. Dear Debbie and all, a friend used to tell me that when a loved one seems to be passing, they’re not going anywhere except “from glory unto glory” as Hymn 65 tells us. Sorry it’s so late in the day now, but singing this hymn will bring comfort, I know.

  20. I love that picture and your lesson today. I have been having some hand issues and easy to think old age is creeping in so I am change my thought — I have an iron grip on Truth. That thought makes me strong. Thank you Evan

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