Mastering fears about the pandemic

November 16, 2020 | 14 comments


I recently recorded a Sentinel Watch program on “Mastering pandemic fears with spiritual truth,” published November 2, 2020, on JSH-online. I share many ideas on how to conquer fears surrounding the pandemic with a spiritual perspective, and how to pray for protection from contagious conditions.

You can find the edition at this link, “Mastering pandemic fears with spiritual truth.”

14 thoughts on “Mastering fears about the pandemic”

  1. Thank you Evan!
    Truly a blessing listening to you and Tony Lobl first thing this Monday morning after dealing with error all weekend and thoughts of others coming to my surroundings. I want to continue to be clear of my understanding of this truth so when others come into my space I am able to respond in helpful ways. I am thankful for my ongoing lessons I learn from reading and listening to Christian Scientists.

  2. One perk I have from working at home are my breaks to walk my dogs.
    With my phone and ear buds, I have regular listening time to CS podcasts.
    I enjoyed listening to you and Tony Lobl. thank you. CS does so many wonderful things, embracing
    technology and its ability to communicate and reach people easily.

  3. “Shepherd show me how to go…”
    EVAN continue to Shepherd your vlog flock. It is so appreciated by the “flock.”
    (A note for Elaine from several days ago.)
    “This Is Enough to Know”. by Francis T. Clark & music by Elizabeth Ogden. Published by Miller Music Company, NY
    The sheet music cost 75 cents, so it is long ago.

  4. What a wonderful podcast Evan! I so enjoyed listening to all those spiritual truths you emphasised with helpful comments and questions from Tony Lobl. It stood out to me also that even though the original subject was about dealing with the pandemic, understanding CS teaching covers everything …whatever the false belief anyone is praying about. Indeed , I try to just make understanding Divine Science my way of life.❣️

  5. How can we thank you enough, Evan, as well as Tony, for this wonder-filled healing podcast? God’s healing power is most certainly “at hand” for all people on our beautiful.planet. I’ve recently enjoyed listening to talks given at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions. We can all sing a verse from one song, “The greatest moments are still to come”. God is blessing all Her children NOW with health, freshness, usefulness, equality, equity, justice and abundance!

  6. Like Nadine, I also listen to Sentinel Watch through my phone and ear buds while walking my dog. Evan, this podcast on protection from the pandemic is one I am so grateful to hear for the second time. Your clear spiritual perspectives and life examples are so helpful in keeping thought aligned with the real immunity from contagion that we own as God’s ideas. Thank you for the powerful reinforcement you bring to mine and other’s stand for the truth of being.

  7. Evan I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this podcast.

    I listened to it yesterday throughout the day and completed it before bedtime. Planned to recommend it today to all SpiritViewers (the flock, as Shirley nicely put it) regardless of what your topic turned out to be. And you read my mind and made it the actual topic—- love the synchronicity!

    It is so powerful, clear, pure and simple. Christian Science is not complex or hard to “get,” though mortal mind might try to make it seem so.

    I started to really see with new eyes at my job yesterday, based on what you shared in the podcast. I’d been praying for a while to feel freer and safer at work, to be a shining light in that setting and see those around me as the children of God, never the source of anything harmful. You said it all and I finally began to feel that freer, lighter sense of being. Just imagine what we’d see in the world if this podcast could go out and be heard everywhere even a fraction as much as the news we hear everyday.

    Again thank you, thank you, thank you, also to Tony Lobl who was just great as well.

  8. Wow utmost wonderful dear Evan!
    It is so healing.what you uttered in your talk on Sentinel Watch on 2nd November!
    When you mentioned that God loves everybody we meet at the grocery or so, and He cares for each of His children, I was very uplifted by that comforting and so convinced explanation .I had a seeming problem with somebody. And when you uttered that truth my seeming anger turned into Love towards this person. I saw the situation now in a more scientific and loving view.
    Oh I love my friend very much who years ago advised me to subscribe to Evan’s so precious SpiritView Blog as it is so very good, as she said!
    Thank you deeply Evan , for this wonderful endless fountain of spiritual ideas you open us up for learning and healing !♡

  9. I enjoyed the podcast as it pertains to the children and the way to alleviate their fears.
    I loved the filtering of a erronious ideas as compared to the filtering of the masks we wear in public.
    Finally I loved the way to extend prayerful thought to uplift everyone throughout the world.
    The waves being experienced are an indication of the end of this error. Darkest hours just before dawn.
    Thank you for forwarding healing truth to the listeners of Sentinel Watch.

    1. Thank you David, I agree with what you said about the end of error, it cannot stand, but flees as a coward in the Presence of Truth. We are always in the Presence of Truth, held safely. The only “waves” are waves of Love passing between and circulating among the children of God, as Evan said.

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