The individuality that is never polluted

June 15, 2022 | 21 comments

Have you ever felt adulterated by something you did and later regretted, or from being exposed to an environment of thought alien to your values?

You have a spiritual individuality, made in the likeness of God, that is never polluted or contaminated by evil of any kind.

I explain how to find spiritual freedom from feeling materially compromised in this vlog that was filmed in Salmon Lake State Park, Montana, where my wife and I camped in September 2021.

21 thoughts on “The individuality that is never polluted”

  1. Thank you Evan for reminding us of our spiritual ..’out’.. from the seeming magnet of mortal errors.
    Mrs Eddy says in S&H pg260…’ If we look to the body for pleasure, we find pain; for Life , we find death; for Truth.we find error; for Spirit, we find the opposite, matter. NOW reverse this actio. Look away from the body into Truthand Love the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality.
    Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionally to their occupancy of your thoughts.’
    Stirring sense then brings Soul to the surface.
    Happy Day all❣️

  2. The beautiful surroundings and wonderful message of this vlog ~ thank you,
    Evan, for taking the time to inspire us with such treasures ~ makes me think
    of the sun and how we are all, like rays, shining forth our perfection. In
    reality, we can not un-shine, as we are part of God, Love’s warmth and
    nurturing oneness. No matter if it is a cloudy day (stirred up and muddied
    water), the sun still shines, although we can not see it.

  3. Love this, thanks Evan. By claiming our inherent goodness we leave no room for and can’t be led to believe in any seeming “magnate of mortal errors” (as Barbara aptly says).

  4. The only thing that can touch me (or any of us) is the right hand of God, good. Anything else is the unreality offered by material sense (error). Thanks Evan for sharing that lovely spot on the lake. I’ve heard Montana is one of the least populated states. The thought of so much open space, very appealing to a city girl. Love to everyone!

  5. Thank you, Evan – a beautiful vlog very clearly expressed, with beautiful scenery.

    I have been hinking further about about this analogy.
    as I have done when I have read what Mrs. Eddy says on page 540 of Science & Health:

    “:In Isaiah we read: “I make peace, and create evil. I the Lord do all these things;” but the prophet referred to divine law as stirring up the belief in evil to its utmost, when bringing it to the surface and reducing it to its common denominator, nothingness. The muddy river-bed must be stirred in order to purify the stream.”

    So if we seem to have got entangled with something that stirs our thoughts and makes us feel
    unhappy with ourselves, these thoughts have really come to the surface to be destroyed by the spiritual facts we already know are the real. It would be futile to try and fight off the pollution, if we realise the spiritual fact that we are made pure in God’s likeness. We know then that the pollution
    trying to invade our thoughts is not from our beloved Father-Mother God, and therefore not any part of our true being. All we need to do is to still our thoughts, be like a calm lake of thoughts, and let God’s allness fill our consciousness with His pure thoughts for us, and the seeming pollution will separate itself from us, and will be reduced “to its common denominator, nothingness.”

  6. THANKS MUCH Evan.
    When you stirred up the lake water with a stick– and the water became muddied– then clear again — that’s such a simple, super visual example of what Mrs. Eddy tells us on page 540:5-11
    Right! The water remains naturally clean.
    Our thoughts cannot be disturbed by the muddy waters
    of error. Mortal turmoil is not from God. So it MUST stop impressing us! It just seems to be pollution like Maggie said so well
    . Pure consciousness of GOD, GOOD is ever present, is real, and natural! And “All we need to do is to still our thoughts — like a calm lake– and let God’s allness fill our consciousness with His pure thoughts — and the seeming pollution will separate itself from us
    — and be reduced to “its common denominator, nothingness.”

  7. In her distinctive poetic fashion, Mary Baker Eddy so beautifully describes the solace and consolation promised to the anxious and troubled soul in her Message for 1902. “To the burdened and weary, Jesus saith: “Come unto me.” O glorious hope! there remaineth a rest for the righteous, a rest in Christ, a peace in Love. The thought of it stills complaint; the heaving surf of life’s troubled sea foams itself away, and underneath is a deep-settled calm.”

    Thank you Evan and all for your heartfelt sharing that stirs thought, and brings a reservoir of calmness and peace to the surface.

  8. When I found Christian Science, I learned that we are truly ALWAYS INNOCENT ❤️
    In many other faith-beliefs, we are considered “sinner” forever condemned… not so in this wonderful Truth- Revelation!
    What a relief!
    What joy, as you describe today- that we are not, CANNOT be, either temporarily or eternally damaged!
    Thank you dear Evan & this dear SpiritView family ❤️

  9. Showing us, Evan, with your movement of the stick in the shallow waters of the lake, it proves that the false picture really does not exist and all returns to clear and uncluttered waters. Thanks for this visual example and thanks for the thoughts shared by each person today.
    “God is, this isn’t and that’s that!” Love this quote!

  10. Resonated on a very deep level for me Evan!!!!! a deeply healing message for those that seem to have a past where “sediment” has seemed to be actively mixing. But the promise of purity reestablishment is clear in your expressed truths as that mountain lake water was in your example. Great way to think about true identity likened to that pure water, even if sediment is mixed in, once let settle down to the earth, is wiped out from that pure water!!!!! Thanks so very much for this sharing!!!!!

  11. I’m so grateful to read this today. So helpful and just what I needed. The comments really hit the mark as well. Thank you so much. Evan and all!

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