The light and the closet

March 29, 2006 | 4 comments

People wonder how they can keep a perspective of goodness when there are so many bad things going on in the world.

Christian Science teaches us to know God as omnipresent good. The more we know God’s ever-present goodness, the more of that goodness we experience everyday, and everywhere we go. It improves the mental environments our thoughts rest upon.

There’s a story…

A discussion was going on between a lightbulb and a closet in a very unique bedroom. Each was extolling its own virtues.

“Look at my brilliant shine,” said the bulb to the closet. “Isn’t it a beautiful sight to behold?”

“You do have a bright glow,” the closet replied. “But you should see my handsome darkness. It’s some of the highest quality most desirable darkness eyes have ever beheld.”

Becoming curious, the little light queries, “Really! I’d like to see some of that darkness. Will you let me take a peek?”

“Sure,” said the closet, as it door swung open. “Come on over and look.”

The lightbulb, glowing in all its bright glory, looks into the closet, but everywhere it looks, there is only light. “Where’s the darkness,” the bulb protested. “I don’t see any darkness. I only see light!”

In the same way a lit bulb illuminates its surroundings with light, our spiritual-mindedness illuminates our mental surroundings with love and peace.

“Let your light shine!” Jesus instructed his followers.

A light is not impressed with darkness. A light just shines, and the darkness goes away.

Be a faithful light!!

4 thoughts on “The light and the closet”

  1. Wonderful message! Shining our spiritual joy and gratitude in our lives and communities brings light to God’s Kingdom here on earth (just as it is in Heaven)!

  2. This very simple concept expressed in this story helped me a great deal. We have to keep remembering….if it feels dark, turn the light on. Ultimately that light will stay on all the time.

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