The Land of Oz

March 25, 2006 | No comments yet

Mortality is no more real than life in the Land of Oz as depicted in the classic book, “The Wizard of Oz.”

After reading the book or seeing the movie, the characters and place of Oz take graphic form in thought. It’s easy to picture the lion, the tinman, the scarecrow, the wicked witch, and the yellow brick road. Yet, in reality, these images have no substance, no concrete form, and no reality. They are products of
imagination. Harry Potter and the Hogwarts school of Magic are contemporary examples of the same phenomenon. They do not exist. Yet, for those who read the books and see the movies, it’s easy to picture these characters and places in thought.

Mortality, too, often makes a strong impression on human thought, building up images of disease, suffering, evil and misery. When held to, these images appear real, concrete and unyielding.

Jesus Christ demonstrated that images of evil could be changed and distilled. He removed disease from people’s bodies and stilled the storm by changing thought with spiritual truth.

Mortality is not the fixed existence it appears to be. With a spiritualization of thought, mortality will lose its foothold in the human consciousness and yield to the ultimate reality of all things.

God is Spirit, and God is all. All is spiritual. In Spirit, there is no disease, no suffering, and no mortality. Life is good. Life is immortal.

The sooner we view mortality as no more real than the Land of Oz, or the Hogwarts school of Magic, the sooner we see through its illusion.

Like Dorothy waking from her dream while safe in her bed in Kansas, we too can wake from the dream of living in matter, and experience Life in Spirit.

It’s a more enjoyable place to dwell.

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