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March 21, 2006 | No comments yet

“I need more money,” a man struggling with debt lamented. “Can I expect my prayer to produce more dollars to pay bills?” He wondered.

Have you ever wondered the same?

When people see bills piling up on their desk, the temptation to conclude they need more money runs high. More money will pay the bills, but for a permanent solution to debt, more than dollars is required.

Wisdom, intelligence, order, discipline, foresight, honesty and integrity are the assets that meet financial needs over the long run.

Many people have received windfalls of cash, only to see it spent in short order because they hadn’t yet gained sufficient knowledge and understanding on how to manage funds wisely.

It’s not currency, in and of itself, that makes one rich. Intelligent ideas and their inspired action is what enable people to manage their economic affairs with prudence and economy and see financial needs met permanently.

So, if praying for more income, pray for an income of wise ideas and perspective. These ideas come from God, and they are coming in abundance. As we listen, we hear.

God sends His angels to your side, and they in turn inspire you to do whatever is necessary to exercise financial dominion. The primary need is always spiritual. Money is a secondary factor.

After miraculously being fed by a spiritual multiplication of loaves and fishes in the wilderness, a multitude of seekers sought out Jesus wanting more. Jesus fled their pursuit. When the crowd caught up with Jesus, they asked him why he had left them behind. He said it was because they were comforted by the loaves and fishes rather than by the Word of God which he preached. He rebuked their pursuit of material gain, and told them it was spiritual understanding they should be seeking. “Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life…” he instructed.

Yes, it’s okay to pray for supply, balance, and abundance in your life. But pray for these qualities to be manifest in your attitude, perspective and state of thought first. The intelligent decision-making and funds that manifest these qualities outwardly will follow.

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