The most important work you do

May 26, 2017 | 18 comments

The most important work you do today will be the love you express.

It’s often tempting to measure success in terms of how many material accomplishments we chalk up. “Did I get through my to-do list?” the human mind asks. “Did I earn enough money, achieve sufficient fame, or impress my boss?” the list goes on.

We all have jobs to do, errands to run and tasks that need to be accomplished to keep our lives in order. But what we accomplish materially is of small significance compared to what we accomplish spiritually.

What we accomplish spiritually sticks with us forever. What we do materially passes away.

Mortal mind may get through its to-do list, but what happens next? Another to-do list appears, and the cycle is never ending.

Genuine accomplishment is work that gets us out of the repetitive cycle of material want to finding wholeness and completeness in God. And this is accomplished through love.

“Love God with your whole heart,” the Bible instructs. And “love your neighbor as yourself.” Obedience to these commands leads thought to the kingdom of heaven where there is spiritual completeness and no material want. It brings gain into your life that blesses you forever.

If you have a to-do list, put loving God and your neighbor as your number one priority! The love you live, feel and express will make you a better person, add joy to your day, bring you closer to God, and bring you gain that lasts.

Jesus Christ taught,

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!” Matthew 13:45,46, NLT.

Divine Love is the “pearl of great value.” Nothing of the temporal world even begins to compare.

18 thoughts on “The most important work you do”

  1. Thanks Evan for the lovely inspiration. I just needed this today.
    Spiritual progress is surely more important than material gains. It’s not always easy though to love someone who let’s you down all the time. Following the path of Truth, it becomes imperative to love and forgive. Loving and forgiving surely gives us entry into the kingdom of God, thereby gaining much good. The feelings of anger have drained away and are replaced with forgiveness after reading the lovely post today.
    If we want to be on God’s side it’s always important to let go, to continue loving under all circumstances. If we do so, we have made our day and the ‘To do list” is complete and done with.
    “At all times and under all circumstances overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you. “

  2. I have a question, in regard to your statement: “Love God with your whole heart,” the Bible instructs. And “love your neighbor as yourself.” Obedience to these commands leads thought to the kingdom of heaven where there is spiritual completeness and no material want”. If one feels that they are not loving God with the whole heart due to fear and doubt, how does a person LEARN to love God in this way? Thank you Evan, and all the contributors. Visiting SpiritView is an important part of my day.

    1. When one opens themselves up to the spiritual, divine principle of love, as the rose would open to the morning dew, one realizes that your are one with the whole and that is when you realize you are loving God with your whole heart.

        1. Dear Anna!
          Go down to the Subject Index of this page and select Anxiety. Evan has some awesome blogs that are so helpful in dropping the fearful, doubtful thoughts and learning to trust God with your life. You just can’t help but love God more when you begin to see only good. Otherwise, just stick to the first sentence of today’s blog as earnestly as you can and see what happens! 😀

          1. Thank you Christineo! When I get in from work I will check Evan’s blog entries for anxiety. And I think it good advice to stick with the first sentence of today’s blog. I often make things way over complicated, and find that keeping it simple works best–not trying to overthink things.

  3. A sleeping reflection
    dreaming a life that doesn’t exist

    This is what I’ve been
    until now….
    that’s changing…..

    Reality is knocking
    and I’m about to answer
    the door…

    God is here and Love
    wants to dance…..

  4. ‘What’s the use, ….I couldn’t demonstrate now……
    it’s too much to ask….. I’m not ready…..’

    “Now is the accepted time,

    Now is the day of salvation.

    Look unto me and be ye saved…,

    all the ends of the earth.”

    Turn your love and affection
    to God…..your hopes and fears to him….
    Lovingly He runs to greet you and
    celebrate your return …..
    Return to knowing all things are possible in Spirit…..
    Now… Today…. This very moment……

  5. wow! thank you Evan. this is just what I needed to hear. It’s so nice to know our only job is to love and all else falls into place. 🙂

  6. I am very appreciative of Evan’s words of wisdom and everyone’s comments today. I have been barraged by suggestions of not being enough: not capable of Sticking with my CS study over the long haul, not strong enough, focused enough, faithful enough, spiritually minded enough, or have enough understanding…on and on. I just don’t have what it takes to win the battle. Reaching out in prayer for help I find inspiration and hope here. Thank you all!

  7. I have an infinite list of good to do. I used to make lists, but recently I’ve found more success in beginning with divine Mind and allowing my morning to be guided by loving thoughts that encourage me to accomplish those goals that allow me to grow more spiritually. The daily chores and items I used to list out become accomplished effortlessly by relying completely on God. I guess Love knows me completely, knows when and what I need to accomplish in accord with all her other children. This has reduced my daily stress or anxiety significantly. I highly recommend this direction to everyone. As a bonus, I’ve also been progressing in my healing more by leaving those concerns to Love as well. I’m so grateful for our loving Mother/Father God. I’m embracing divine science in every way I can, while I’m learning further how to understand it more each day. I’m truly grateful to this blog and everyone’s loving comments.

  8. I am very grateful for today`s blog, that reminds us to put GOD first on our to-do-list, as Divine Love is the greatest Diamond there ever exists – yes and love our neigbor as our self.

    thank you all for your loving comments 🙂

    1. Hi, I just want to add a little but profound sentence from S&H page 475 from recapitulation: Man is idea, the image of LOVE. Doesn`t it mean, if the man is the image of LOVE, its the God given nature of man to love, i.e. to express God`s Love always. So the most important sentence of Evan today – the first sentence of this SpiritView could be fulfilled naturally.
      Am awfully grateful for today`s SV as it shows us very practical and lovingly the nearness of God, Divine Love – so comforting 😉

  9. Maximo I always enjoy your poems and today is no exception. I especially love the first section and where you say “God is here and Love wants to dance”. Thank you ☺

  10. Dear Evan, thank you for guiding.

    Dear Nargis,

    You express your thoughts so well.

    best wishes, hufrish

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