Take time for a healthy laugh

May 29, 2017 | 11 comments

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

~ Victor Hugo

If life starts to feel a bit tense and we tighten up inside, it might be time to back off and regain our perspective that no matter what we see going on around us, God is still in control and will have the final say. A good hearty laugh at the error trying to mesmerize our attention can help.

11 thoughts on “Take time for a healthy laugh”

  1. When in my
    ‘right frame of thought’,
    I realize my role
    and purpose in life
    is the same as Creator’s…..

    To bring goodness,
    to bring Love,
    to bring kindness,
    To bring the healing,
    of Truth… realized and
    demonstrated …..

  2. Thank you, Maximo. Wonderful reminder.

    Funny thing, though: sunshine doesn’t need reminding to reflect the Sun!!

    As God’s Reflection, we, in true being,
    don’t either. Knowing this is our work in
    the so-called human dream.

    What a relief to realize we truly can’t BE
    Anything but God’s reflected Light, joy, harmony, goodness!



  3. Oops! Forgot to thank you, Evan, for this Post
    Reminding me of one of my favorite things: Laughter!
    Wouldn’t want to, or know how to, live without it!

    Hugs to you, Josef

  4. Thanks, Evan—and Maximo, too. Laughter definitely chases away the blues and fills our thoughts with joy. Hope you all have a beautiful day!

  5. Thank you Evan. And to a big thank you to Maximo, and Spiritviewfan for the joyful truths expressed.

  6. Oh I love the idea of laughing at “the error trying to mesmerize our attention”! Sometimes it seems like one thing after another – and some of those things are pretty laughable when seen as mesmerizing errors!! Thanks.

  7. Yes, love laughing!! My mom’s C.S. teacher once said , “To give error the old horse laugh.” 🙂

  8. Yes indeed. A little example:
    In a raging cloud of resentment I was trying to clean up, make dinner, and care for two needy children on my own when my husband walked in. I barked at him to help.
    In mock surprise and hurt he said, “But Hon, your tone of voice isn’t worshipful!”
    I doubled over laughing and laughing and laughing. Yes. Worshipful it wasn’t!
    He did more than he knew, for the cloud vanished. The sun was out.
    I never did “bark” at him again.
    God, divine Love, will always have the final say.

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